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With the legalization of cannabis sweeping across the globe, cannabis related products such as CBD are on the rise and the choices in the market are growing at a rapid rate. The cannabis industry is set to grow at a enormous pace in coming years and we aim to bring you the best guides and latest blogs so that you always know which new weed products are best.

What we have discovered is readers not only want to know what is on offer, but want to get an insiders look at the product and people behind the company in order to know if their cannabis product holds up in the community. The stoner community is brutally honest, and only the finest suppliers of CBD, vaporizers, dab rigs, online headshops, grinders, air purifiers and cannabis accessories make our list.

Find the best online headshops, dab rigs, cbd suppliers, vaporizers, & grinders or simply scratch these items off your stoner bucket list with our guides and latest blogs.

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10 Stoner Problems and Fears that Stoners Experience

You may be wondering what stoner problems are. Here is a list of the 10 most common stoner problems.


What is 420 and where does it come from?

420 is a phrase that has grown into an international counterculture holiday where marijuana advocates not only consume pot but also advocate the decriminalization of cannabis.


Why a Hawaiian Hotbox Should Be 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

The idea is to steam up a bathroom using a hot shower and then hotbox the room. We take you through the perfect Hawaiian hotbox you can try at home.


Easiest Way To Make THC Vape Juice At Home

Making the best thc vape juice at home can be easier than you think. In this post, we show the easiest way to get your vape filled with homemade e-juice.


5 States Angling to Vote on Recreational Marijuana In 2018

The five states that angling to vote on recreational marijuana in 2018. The cannabis industry is growing just like the plant.


Smoking Cannabis After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Getting your wisdom teeth removed can be very painful. Luckily, with marijuana, it can mitigate the pain leading to a more euphoric experience minus the dangerous side effects.


Can Pot Help One Get in Shape? 7 Ways It Does

Unlike in the past, today, cannabis is associated with folks who are active, healthy and have a positive influence in the society.


What is Vaping? The Basics for Beginners

Did you know that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking? Also, vaping can help cigarette smokers quit. With these basic tips, you are becoming an expert.

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