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With the legalization of cannabis sweeping across the globe, cannabis related products such as CBD are on the rise and the choices in the market are growing at a rapid rate. The cannabis industry is set to grow at a enormous pace in coming years and we aim to bring you the best guides and latest blogs so that you always know which new weed products are best.

What we have discovered is readers not only want to know what is on offer, but want to get an insiders look at the product and people behind the company in order to know if their cannabis product holds up in the community. The stoner community is brutally honest, and only the finest suppliers of CBD, vaporizers, dab rigs, online headshops, grinders, air purifiers and cannabis accessories make our list.

Find the best online headshops, dab rigs, cbd suppliers, vaporizers, & grinders or simply scratch these items off your stoner bucket list with our guides and latest blogs.

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Air Purifiers For Indoor Smokers – Enjoy Clean Air with No Odor

There are a wide variety of air purifiers and cleaners that remove the odor produced from smoking indoors as well as improve the poor air quality.


CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum CBD

Understanding the difference between CBD isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum can be quite confusing. So, we decided to sum up all the key points that you can understand exactly how a CBD isolate differs.


CBD Oil for Horses: Things You Need to Know

CBD oil for horses has a very broad safety margin and can be safely used for horses that suffer from pain and inflammation, anxiety, stress or poor appetite. CBD does not seem to cause adverse effects in horses.


CBD Dosage Guide for Beginners

Some people find it difficult to pick the optimum CBD dosage for themselves. In this article, we bring clarification to this commonly asked question. There are some important factors to consider that will influence your dosage rate.


Things You Gotta Know About CBD Flowers (2020)

Using CBD flowers is one of the most common ways to consume cannabidiol. In today's article we are taking a closer look at some of the most popular CBD strains for 2020 and general information that you gotta know.


CBD Products for Pets: An Important Safety Guide

CBD for pets is not a cure-all alternative medicine. Although research shows that cannabidiol can have many positive benefits on a variety of conditions, it is important to remember that the data remains inconclusive.


How to Introduce Cannabidiol (CBD) to Your Pets

We discuss all you need to know about how to introduce CBD to your pets. As the industry begins to grow, pet owners are conflicted with how and how much cannabidiol should they administer to their pets.


Does Cannabidiol Affect your Weight?

Consumption of cannabidiol leads to lower levels of dopamine. This means that you’re less like to consume high-calorie foods. But how do THC and CBD affect our bodies? Read on to improve your knowledge.

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