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The Best Marijuana Games of All Time

There are plenty of fantastic games out there from football to drinking games which are guaranteed to leave you glued to your phone or television screen for hours on end. However, many people tend to forget that there are also plenty of fantastic weed games which will leave you engaged so much that you won't notice time fly away. If you and your friends have no plans for the weekend, there is no better way to make the most out of that free time than get high on your bud while at the same time play an exciting cannabis game.

Nonetheless, with the long string of marijuana games out there, it might be a little daunting to make up your mind on the right one. Luckily, your weed star is shining upon you because below is a selection of the best cannabis games of all time.

Never have I ever

This is quite a popular one and also one of the best cannabis games around so if you and your friends are stoners; then chances are that you have heard of it or you've even played it. But if not, then you don't have to worry because we'll tell you how to go about it. All you need is two to five of your friends, marijuana in a bowl and a box of interesting questions. You and your friends then form a circle round the bowl and then put one hand up, then say never have I ever, from there you pick a paper from the box of question, and if you have done the activity written on the paper, you fold one finger.

If you or one of your friends or even you end up folding all the five fingers on the raised hands, then they have to smoke the blunts present in the bowl by themselves as the rest of you continue with the game. The cycle continues, and the winner is the person who does not fold all fingers, but chances are there is going to be no winner because it is impossible to have a box of questions with things you haven't done. Either way, this is one of the best marijuana games of all time because it gives you a chance to get high while having fun and by the time you realize it, your weekend is almost over.


If you and your pals are just looking for a way to get high faster, then your search ends here because jammin makes that possible effortlessly. There are no strict rules or requirements because all you need is your marijuana and a good source of music such as a home theater and lastly, Bob Marley’s song Jammin which you need to set on repeat mode. Every time Bob says Jammin on the song then each one of you has to take a puff from your joints hold it and then release. By the time the song is on its third repeat, then most of you will be silly high. The last person who remains standing is the winner. You can also play when you are alone if you want to get high faster.

Weed shop

If you are all alone with your friends hooked up with their spouses somewhere, then there is still hope for you because there are plenty of excellent and exciting marijuana games present online and an example is weed shop. It is available for download both for Android and IOS users. In weed shop, you are the seller, and as you begin, your store is usually empty, so the task on hand is for you to grow and sell quality weed. You have a unique cannabis growing room with water and any other item which you need to develop it.

Your competitors are quite good at their own game, so it is up to you to step up and grow quality hemp to get more buyers. You also live in the shop, and you can find any marijuana, and also you have the opportunity to purchase any useful tools which you may need to make your weed better. Weed shop is an excellent way to eliminate boredom and forget how single you are because it will leave you engrossed in it and once you are done, you can now get your real blunt and get high, or you can do so before you play the game to make it even more fun.

Strip choker

You can already tell from the name that this game is going to be a lot of fun and will also involve stripping, choking and getting high. For this game, you and your friends, you can be a group of three to five people to make it more fun, you need to have something that you can smoke from, such as a vape, hand pipe or any other object from which you can drag from such as a shisha pot. All of you smoke your weed at the same time and then hold it in for as long as you can. The first person who lets it out or coughs loses and she/he has to remove one of their clothing. Therefore, if you tend to exhale faster, then you need to put on a lot of clothes to stay on the safe side if you do not want to end up naked.


If you and your friends are into basketball, then horse sounds like a good idea to pass the time. For this marijuana game, you need your friends, blunts and a basketball court and obviously a basketball ball. The rules are pretty clear, all of you need to take turns in throwing the ball through the ring, the person who misses enough shots to spell the word horse is the loser while the one who manages enough shots to spell the word is the winner. The loser has to roll the blunt while the winner lights it and smokes it. You don’t want to end up the loser because there is no weed for you.

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