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Best marijuana vaporizer for beginner hands down!

On looking for the the best marijuana vaporizer we immediately came across the magnificent PAX 3 Vape Pen.

This impressive dual-use marijuana and wax vaporizer from Pax Labs is truly a thing of beauty and makes it the best marijuana vaporizer for beginner. The small, portable, yet sleek design are satisfying, both visually and in experience. Medical grade materials, a rechargeable battery, and a 10 year warranty make this a believably wise investment.

Pax Labs, manufacturers of the most popular vaporizers in recent years, just raised the bar even higher with the release of their new PAX 3, the latest generation of herb and eax vaporizers.

What does the best marijuana vaporizer look like for beginner?

The overall appearance of the PAX 3 is sleek and classy often referred to as the Iphone of vape pens. The case is polished and comes in a choice of four colors. LED lights serve as real-time communication for the device with each leaf indicating remaining power level. Temperature settings and power are all available at the touch of a button.

Ease of use.

The initial heat preparation time is around 15 seconds, which is substantially less than the other units of this type. After initial heating, subsequent use is instantaneous. A vibration lets the user know when the unit is ready which we thought was a nice touch. It heats when it is brought to the lips and cools upon release.

So whats this I hear about dual use?

Loose leaf or extract? No problem for the PAX 3. And one of the reasons why we chose this bad boy as the best marijuana vaporizer for beginner. In seconds, one can change from one to the other and be satisfied with the dense vapor in either form. The battery technology powers an oven with twice the strength of the PAX 2!

The oven has two modes for Dry Herbs. Full and half oven settings allow the user to adjust their temperature to individual preferences, not just preset factory settings. The lower setting allows smaller or lower intake without losing the flavor of the full oven setting. One will not have to pack a full oven every time.

This is a great feature. With other units, if one does not finish the material in the first session, the latter sessions are not as tasty. Less waste and better taste! A magnetic lid keeps your oven loaded and the goods in place.

If one opts for concentrates, the “Concentrate Mode” heat settings and the oven insert turns this beauty into a high end Concentrate Vaporizer. The PAX 2 attempted this feat, PAX 3 set the bar.

PAX 3 Features:

Works with Dry Herb and Concentrate / Wax
Pax 3 offers 3 selectable oven options:

  • Full-packed Oven
  • Half-packed Oven
  • Concentrate Oven

Heating time: 15 seconds
Internal accelerometer for energy and material saving
Lip sensing technology
Full color LED indicator
Free Smartphone app available for iPhone and Android. App allows to control settings and also has pre-defined settings for certain situations and includes games
Mirror polished anodized aluminum body
Colors: Black, Gold, Silver, Limited Edition Rose Gold
Warranty: 10 years.

Today, just as in years past, smokers want to be able to smoke on the go without being obvious about it and rousing suspicion.

PAX Labs has been a ground-breaking innovator of smoker tech presenting a unique and discreet way to vape anywhere.

Their innovative devices are increasingly surprising and efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing devices ensure the user a quality vaping experience, bar none. The added BLE connected app, concentrate support, and improved heating times will be sure to make a believer out of even the most die-hard opponent.

The controls for this device are all within a single, easy to use button. The four petals of the RGB LED indicate power level. Holding the button down for a few seconds opens the temperature settings, while a quick push turns it off or on. The BlueTooth enabled app helps adjust the temperature down to the degree.

The operating modes are accessed by rolling the unit around as an ear of corn, holding on to the ends and turning it. Party mode reduces the temperature so it is easier to pass with less waste. The light modes and games, such as Simon, turn this device into a light wand.

Heating the PAX 3

The four heat settings are:

360F / 182C – 1 Green LEDs      (16 second pre-heat time)
380F / 193C – 2 Yellow LEDs      (16 second pre-heat time)
400F / 204C – 3 Orange LEDs      (17 second pre-heat time)
420F / 215C – 4 Red LEDs      (18 second pre-heat time)

The PAX 3 uses conductive heat, as do most models made by PAX Labs. The heating element warms the oven, air flow through the chamber pulls out the vapor. Other models, such as the Firefly, generate heat outside the chamber. Airflow pulls the heated air through the materials.

Do not expect to see hefty plumes of vapor upon exhalation. The efficiency of the unit ensures tuned puffs, not excessive clouds.The cooling space allows the vapor to cool without sacrificing flavor.


In today’s market, a 10 warranty on anything electrical is pretty amazing. Most vaporizers offer, at best, a 2 year warranty. The warranty covers the unit itself and the heating elements. Should this unit stop working due to mechanical failure, it is completely covered. Please note this does not cover accidental damage, however.


With the BlueTooth enabled app, the customization of this unit is easy and interactive. Adjustments can be made to the temperature, giving the user control down the the degree. It also allows the user to lock the device completely as well as change the LED colors. Firmware updates are receivable through the app, as well. The games, standard within the app, are fun and can be even used at parties. The developers at PAX Labs have thought of just about everything one would want or need in a dual use vaporizer.

Overall, what makes it the best marijuana vaporizer for beginner?

The PAX 3 is the best marijuana vaporizers on the market for beginner from everything we have mentioned and more! The quick heating ovens and sleek design of the unit are sure to enhance any vaping experience. The added features of the temperature settings and customization put this at the top of the most finicky vaper’s Christmas list.

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