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Best stoner activities and fun things to do when you are high

09/30/2019 | Jonathan Hunter | Lifestyle

Everything is better high, but we look at the best stoner activities and things to do while blazed

Being blazed pretty much makes everything better and once you become a stoner you may be doing everything a little stoned including waking up. But sometimes you may get ultra high and be too high to even think of something to do. For those occasions we got your back as we go through some of our favorite stoner activities and fun things to do when you are high.

#12 – Cleaning the house

Something you may not think about when getting stoned is cleaning. But you should. Cleaning while high will make you more thorough, is a great way to zone out and will leave your house or flat clean making you feel great. Once you have cleaned up your space you will feel like you accomplished something. A great feeling while stoned. Once the space is clean roll another one. You deserve it.

#11 – Listening to tunes online

Often when you get blazed you may forget to even put on a track. Other times you are probably well prepared. But the best stoner sessions are often one with a good mix in the back ground. The best music to listen to while stoned is either something old or something new. We prefer listening to a chilled stoner mix on youtube or a radio station so that we do not have to constantly have to worry about the music or pick out tracks to listen to. While you blazed you want something that will play without disturbing the mood or change through genre’s too rapidly.

#10 – Brainstorming the next way to take over the world..

A great way to spend your time stoner activities stoned is brainstorming. Wether you are thinking about your next business venture, your CS:GO strategy or take over the world, the best thinking sessions are on weed. Some of the great minds smoked pot including William Shakespear and Steve Jobs. When you are stoned you will be able to visualize your goals more clearly and see a different perspective than when you where sober. Be sure to re evaluate the plans when you ARE sober as sometimes plans while high can be a little outrageous and unrealistic. If you are brainstorming with others while stoned make sure you do not get off track or you may find yourselves talking about Trump rather than getting work done.

#9 – Fast food and soft drinks

We are pretty sure Burger King was designed just for stoners. A burger and chips just tastes right after a spliff and one of the best stoner activities. Maybe it is the salt. Maybe it is the fat content. Whatever it is it just tastes great to eat junk food while stoned. Soft drinks like Coca cola and pepsi just taste better too. And the caffeine content gives you a little kick to stave off the lazies. But perhaps fast food just makes sense for stoners as who wants to really cook a large meal baked out of their minds. Plus the pizza man delivers for free in most places. So does your dealer.. Uhh.. what where we ordering again?

#8 – Playing indie video games

Playing indie video games stoned is one of the ultimate stoner activities to do while high. If you have not installed steam do yourself a favor and get it. It has a lot of demo’s and awesome paid indie games you will become addicted to right away. . Playing video games high seams to be more engaging and draws you in to the story line a lot more. We found we could play for hours (While smoking more joints during obviously) and appreciated things more such as the soundtracks and small quirks you sometimes forget while sober. The only downside was getting pawned while trying to play a few rounds of DOTA. Smoking pot and playing First Person Shooters and strategy games is only for the well trained stoners and pro gamers. If you want to play something more relaxed check out If you want to play on your desktop or don’t want to download an app check out smokingwithstyle.com‘s games like Grow Pot Plants.

#7 – Kicking it on the streets

You may not think exerting energy is the best strategy after smoking some strong kush, but we found playing some soccer, roller hockey or throwing a football while high one of the top things to do. Not surprisingly the dopamine released from moving around and doing something with your body can kick off a chain reaction that makes you feel on top of the world. Blazing another one after a heavy round can also feel amazing! Keeping yourself active will make you feel better about your sessions and the activities you do with your stoner friends. Blazing indoors all the time can lead to laziness and depression so get outside a little.

#6 – Watching movies and binge watching series

An age old favorite amongst stoners is watching movies and binge watching old series that you have never noticed before. While stoned you may find yourself scrolling down through netflix wondering what to watch and come across a new (But old) series that you have never even noticed before. The joys. You smoke a joint and end up watching the 2 full seasons by the end of the day. How on earth did this happen you ask? You got high of course. The best stoners amongst us all know the feeling.

#5 – Planetarium

Getting high and going to the planetarium is fantastic. Zone out and look at the stars. Looking at the universe while stoned will give you a greater appreciation about life, the universe and everything. Normally the planetarium will have set times and shows narrated by Morgan Freeman and will blow your mind while stoned. Take some edibles with incase you need to re dose during prime scenes.

#4 – Having Sex

Sex is one of the top things to do sober so it goes without saying having sex while high is one of the ultimate stoner activities. Marijuana is known to make sex better and couples that smoke are proven to have better and more sex. Make sure you have plenty of liquids to rehydrate during and eat some fruit after to get your electrolytes back.

#3 – A day in a Theme park

Being high at a theme park with your friends can be fun. We even take a fully loaded vape with so we can re dose between rides as the adrenaline rush from some of the roller coasters can over ride the buzz. Theme parks have it all for stoners from cotton candy and hot dogs to fun rides and roller coasters. Be sure to go during off seasons as being packed in a crowd while high is not so fun.

#2 - Browse our guides

We have a cannabis guide for almost everything you need to know including:

#1 – Smoke another one

The best stoner activities and things to do while high is to get more high. Roll another one and enjoy it. Who says you have to do anything else. Just carry on rolling those joints or racking those bongs and have a smoke session that lasts for hours.

What is your favorite thing to do while stoned? Let us know in the comments below.

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