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Black Leaf Glass Bubbler – The Right Choice for Noobies

Black Leaf Glass Bubbler – The Right Choice for Noobies

Black Leaf Glass Bubbler


The search for a smoother smoke is neverending for those who like to vape concentrates. One of the downsides to concentrates is that it tends to dry out the throat more than smoking herbs- especially with long-term use.

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  • Easy transport and storage
  • Quality borosilicate glass
  • Low price


  • Cleaning can be difficult
  • May not be enough for heavy dabber
  • Not amazing looking

That’s led to all kinds of devices which use ice or shower-head percolators to cool and soften each draw.It’s a problem that German brand Black Leaf have set their sights on with the Black Leaf double bubbler. Rather than focusing on the diffuser, this bubbler recycles vape twice through the chamber to deliver silkier hits from concentrates and herbs.

A bubbler for beginners

The Black Leaf bubbler looks like a science fiction cocktail maker. It’s Multi-layered with various tubes sliding in or jutting out. There’s a reinforced concentrate stem as well as a curved mouth-piece to make pulls easier. It’s all constructed from borosilicate glass but it does feel a little thinner than some of the other pieces on the market. Black decals and highlights top off what is an exceptionally complex looking piece of equipment.

When it comes to using this bubbler it’s as simple as anything else available. A glass nail is provided to heat wax in the glass bowl. I mentioned already that the glass seems a little thin and you have to use the nail externally to avoid warping and cracking the glass. It’s not a huge sacrifice to make but it is important to get the best lifespan from this product.

As you draw, the thick vaper travels down the stem where it passes through a built in diffuser. From here the smoke wraps around coming back into the water where it is filtered again- this is what Black Leaf call the recyclable element. From here the double filtered vapor travels up to the curved mouthpiece ready to be inhaled.

A dab rig that you can enjoy with friends

This bubbler is definitely a party piece. It’s fun to watch the smoking curling in and out of the main chambers with each draw. When it finally arrives at the mouth-piece you’re treated to a noticeably flavorsome puff, that’s easy on the throat and feels cool. For herbs, the delivery is even smoother and I love the versatility of this product straight out of the box.

Black Leaf was established out of legendary gear producers Near Dark. The idea was to differentiate their smoking gear by applying unorthodox designs to classic concepts. This bubbler achieves that without attracting a huge price-tag. You can pick one of these up for less than a hundred bucks and, for the amount of work gone into to sculpting this, that’s impressive.

When it comes to reviewing products like this, it’s always important to consider its performance over time. The bubbler is a complex concoction of glass tubes which are fixed in place. I see that being an issue when it comes to cleaning plus the glass seems a little fragile- even with the structural reinforcements. Travelling is a no-go but the fact that this doesn’t cost the world looks amazing and delivers clean smoke everytime it’s a product worth adding to your gear collection.