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CBD Online Buyers Guide for 2019

CBD Online Buyers Guide for 2019
The CBD Distillery

$ 35
CBD Essence

$ 48
Diamond CBD

$ 12.99

Which online providers supply the best CBD products?

CBD products are among the fastest growing health supplements online. Available in liquids that can be vaped or in a whole plethora of topical creams, sweets, pet foods or drinks, the growth of the industry is rapid and it seems nobody is quite sure what the best-selling product will be. 

What CBD vendors such as CBD distillery and others do know is that people want CBD products, a lot of people. But, from a customers perspective, how do you find the best vendors? There's a lot of choice on offer and, due to CBD products being treated with (unjustified) suspicion by payment providers like Paypal, there's more than a few companies posing as legit suppliers.

How to buy CBD online

An illegitimate CBD provider will at best, give you a poor quality product. At worst, you'll never see your money again. To find the best online CBD providers you should first check if their website is legitimate. It should have the small bolt next to the URL which indicates the site is secure and registered with https.

The next step is to look at the products. A third party endorsement is a valuable asset and ensures the ingredients in your CBD are pure and well-sourced. The website should be able to tell you exactly where their hemp was sourced from and the scientific process behind extraction.

Finally, price is an important indicator of quality. We all love a bargain, but not when the product isn't worth buying in the first place. Quality CBD products cost money because the baseline ingredients should be organic, non-GMO. Then manufacturers have to refine and test the purity.

All of those processes cost money, so a CBD oil selling for a dollar a bottle is not going to be processed correctly, and may contain no CBD at all! Although, the vast majority of suppliers are legit, it's important to do a bit of research before parting with your hard-earned cash.

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The CBD Distillery

$ 35

Founded in 2016 and growing to be one of the leading brands in the industry, award winning CBD Distillery strikes a balance between excellent products and affordable prices.


CBD Essence

$ 48

CBD essence sources it's produce from Europe and the US. The raw materials are then sent to their labs to produce pharmaceutical grade quality CBD oils and juices.


Diamond CBD

$ 12.99

Offering a carefully selected range of scientifically perfected CBD oils, sweets, eLiquids and tinctures, Diamond CBD is searching for the purest CBD products around. 



$ 49.99

Hempbombs have all the points covered when it comes to CBD. Available in Exotic Watermelon and Sweet Mango flavours, as well as gummy bears for those that don't vape.



$ 19.99

CBDFX is a fun CBD brand that is similar in many ways to eLiquid manufacturers. With a full range of fruit flavours alongside specially made CBD vape pens, gummy bears, drinks and pet tinctures.


CBD Pure

$ 29.99

CBD pure is something of an outlier in the industry. Rather than gun hell for leather with a range of product types and flavours, CBD pure have gone back to basics with a small range of just three CBD oils.

Top 6 CBD Oil Producers for 2019

By now, practically everybody has heard of the benefits of CBD Oil. Unfortunately, it can be a little difficult to get high-quality CBD oil for a good price. Some manufacturers can cut costs which decrease the efficacy of the end product. This is why it is important to verify exactly what it is you are buying.

Below are 6 of the best CBD oil retailers on the market so you don’t go wrong when buying your favorite item.

1. The CBD Distillery - Award Winning CBD Oil

the cbd distillery full review

This affordable CBD oil company was established in 2016 and has been running successfully since. CBD Distillery is one of the more well-known brands in the industry and this award-winning retailer provides a wide range of items for purchase. The company is based in Colorado and all CBD oil products from this brand are high-quality and recognized. You know what you are getting and they offer a wide range of accessories, including starter kits for new smokers and CBD oil users. Customer satisfaction with this company is off the charts and prices are reasonable.

2. CBD Essence - Only the Finest Ingredients

cbd essence full review

If the quality of the product is your highest concern, then look no further than CBD Essence. This company sources its ingredients from Europe and the USA, which is then transferred to their labs to produce pharmaceutical grade CBD oils. All items are pesticide free and non-GMO, so you are really getting the high-quality organic experience with CBD essence. Obviously, for the best quality material in the market, you can expect to pay more than anywhere else, which is the only real drawback to CBD Essence products. You are not only paying for superior ingredients, but also a sophisticated refinement process using state of the art technology.

3. Diamond CBD - Professional Products and Services

diamond cbd full review

Diamond CBD shares many of the same characteristics with CBD Essence. The purest quality products are provided, though at a premium cost in many instances. Ingredients are non-GMO and the items are pharmaceutical grade. Diamond CBD has a large range of products in its stockpile and ingredients are sourced nearly exclusively from Kentucky and Scandinavia. They also have a taste for innovation with a wide variety of new products being brought onto the market. With the possible exception of accessories (such as vaping pens), they are a one-stop shop for cannabis connoisseurs.

4. HempBombs - Blowing up the Market

hemp bombs full review

Hempbombs represent a good tradeoff between price and quality. While not quite as reputable as Diamond CBD or CBD Essence, CBD oil obtained from this vendor is going to be the real deal. Ingredients from Hempbombs are organic and certified as safe to use and free from heavy metals. They are relatively new to the market and could be a good bet for those who are not willing to pay top dollar for their marijuana materials.

It is impressive that organic products from Hempbombs retail so cheaply and if more companies like this come to market, it could bring down the overall cost of premium CBD oil. Hempbombs has a diverse product range and is rapidly expanding its business presence and product line.

5. CBDFX - Have Some Fun With Your CBD

cbdfx full review

CBDFX is a niche brand focusing on alternative cannabis products with a distinct novelty effect. They have a wide range of items for sale in different sizes and flavors. The best analogy is that CBDFX is an adult toy shop for CBD products. They have a whole range of vaping products which is what the company is focusing on right now. But despite a focus on novelty items, all ingredients are certified organic so consumers know they can trust the brand. Produce is grown in Europe before being shipped to the USA for testing, refining, and processing.

6. CBD Pure - Simply the Best

cbd pure full review

The exact opposite of CBDFX, CBD Pure are focusing on a range of just 3 CBD oil products. As they only have 3 items, you can be sure that they are of the highest quality. Each of the 3 CBD oils is organic and tested by a third-party. They have gone for a more professional appeal as a provider of CBD health products, as opposed to being a provider of fun and entertaining recreational items.

A lot of consideration has gone into the creation of these 3 bottles of magic, each one cold pressed and free of any artificial impurities. They even go a step further than other high-quality CBD oil providers with their testing and refinement processes. A third-party tests for Terpene, Pesticides, Microbiological substances and Residue. Expensive, but the very best of the very best.

Differences between CBD brands

There's lots of new CBD brands cropping up all serving different needs and with different products. But the core principals of well sourced, refined and pure ingredients is the same regardless of what end-product the vendor is producing. Loosely there's two broad groups: health supplements and recreational.

Health supplement brands tend to be slightly more expensive, but offer a more stringently tested end-product. These might be in the form of oil, tinctures or tablets. Generally speaking, health supplement brands will have fewer products with a greater focus on the quality of their ingredients.

Recreational brands are instantly recognisable. They tend to experiment with fun products like gummy bears, soft drinks or flavoured vape products. You'll find smaller concentrations of CBD in their products but often at cheaper prices.

If you choose CBD to relax and have fun then a recreational site is the one for you. If you're looking at CBD products to help alleviate long term medical issues then opt for a health brand with higher concentrations.

Things to consider

When looking for CBD online some things to keep an eye on are: 

  • The mg content. This refers to how many miligrams of CBD per mililiter (mg/ml) and is indicative of strength
  • The type of product, be it drinks, topical cream, oils or flavoured
  • Where the hemp has been sourced from. It needs to be organic non-gmo to be safe
  • The price vs. quantity. High mg contents of CBD can cost upwards of $100 so be aware of the average costs by checking more than one website.
  • Any certification or awards that have been given to the product.
  • Is it a health supplement or designed for recreational use?

Other things to remember are:

  • Does the product sell in stores? A store product will be higher quality and easier to trust but cheaper online
  • How long has the website being run for and is it secure
  • What are the shipping times and costs

Reasons to shop for CBD online

Wondering why you should order online rather than shooting down to your nearest dispensary?

  1. Selection - Shopping online has a larger selection with a lower price than in store.
  2. Quality - Some of the best quality CBD manufacturers don't have physical shops, yet.
  3. Products - New products will always appear online before instore. Be the first to try them.
  4. Delivery - Getting CBD delivered means you can spend more time on the sofa!

Online CBD Providers F.A.Q.

Will CBD get me high?

CBD does contain THC (the pyschoactive ingredient in marijuana) the concentration levels are below 0.03%. That means they're legal in all 50 states and won't get you high. Although, users do report increased levels of relaxation and it has been used to help treat anxiety among other things.

Is CBD dangerous?

CBD is all natural and poses no risk to the majority of uses. In some rare cases a person may be allergic, should you feel any nausea, rashes or other signs of allergy, stop using immediately.

What does MG mean?

The milligram to milliliter ratio refers to how many milligrams of CBD there are per milliliter. It's indicative of strength and runs from as low as 20mg to as high as 1000mg in most products.

How can I take CBD?

CBD is just a plant extract. The products themselves will define how to take it. Many users of CBD enjoy vaporizing it and inhaling the vapor. Others will eat it in sweets or apply as a topical cream. It's really up to you.

Why do I need Organic, non-GMO CBD?

CBD products should be as pure as possible. Residue from pesticides, metals or other external influences could make it dangerous to ingest, vape or use. Most good products will be organic, non-GMO as standard.

top trusted cbd provider

 With the low quality being sold in stores, it is often a better option to purchase your CBD online and have it delivered to your door.