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To Consume or Combust? Cannabis Edibles vs Smoking

Nothing beats taking the day off, relaxing, and having a nice pot brownie or other form of edible marijuana.

Yet, eating too much cannabis can result in an overdose and a less than spectacular experience.

Oral cannabis is notorious for it’s ability to produce long lasting heavy highs. The high produced from consuming cannabis is different from the typical smoking high.

Aside, from a difference in duration, the effects of oral cannabis are different.

Continue reading to find out the difference between edibles and smoked cannabis highs.

Method of Absorption

Cannabis method of absorption (Edibles vs smoking)

One of the most obvious ways in which smoked and oral cannabis differ is the rate which the effects come on. The difference is due to how the body processes the THC from each method of delivery.

When you smoke cannabis the THC vaporizes when you apply the heat of the flame.

The vaporized THC travels into your lungs. Here the THC comes into direct contact with blood vessels inside of the lung’s alveoli.

These blood vessels absorb and transport the THC throughout the body. The rapid absorption causes the effects of cannabis manifest within a few minutes. The stomach breaks down and converts oral cannabis.

The process takes much longer resulting in a longer come up time for effects.

It’s Science Man

The main difference between the effects of smoking and ingesting marijuana is scientific.

When you ingest cannabis your body processes it into a different chemical than when you smoke it.

THC occurs in the plant as THCA before converted to THC by heating. When you ingest cannabis the THCA converts into 11-hydroxy-THC. This chemical is a more potent version of THC and crosses the blood brain barrier and a much quicker rate.

11-hydroxy-THC causes the intense effects that users feel when they ingest cannabis. Since, 11-hydroxy-THC is a different chemical it has different effects than THCA.

Many users confirm that 11-hydroxy-THC has a much more psychedelic feel than THCA. It is unclear whether this is due to 11-hydroxy-THC’s greater ability to cross the blood brain barrier, or if it is due to the way it affects the brain.

Body vs Head High

Body vs Head High (Edibles vs smoking)

The high from cannabis edibles is more focused in the body. Compared to the edibles, smoked marijuana tends to center its high more in the head. This is due to the body producing 11-hydroxy-THC when it breaks down THC.

The effects produced from this metabolite of THC are more analgesic than the effects produced by THCA. Eating preparations of marijuana is a great natural safety alternative to pain pills for pain management.

To Each Their Stone

When choosing whether you want cannabis edibles or smoked cannabis it comes down to preference. Oral cannabis is capable of producing a much stronger high than vaporized or smoked cannabis. Though less intense effects can be achieved with oral cannabis, dosing is tricky and often times users end up taking more than intended.

I never recommend consuming edibles in social situations (unless everyone else is okay with you getting high).

I made this mistake once by eating a brownie at lunch on a Friday.

By 3:30 my eyes were bloodshot and I couldn’t stop my legs from quivering.

It was uncomfortable to say the least, and could have costed me my job!

Because of its intense effects, oral marijuana is best suited for recreation, or for those with chronic medical conditions who medicate daily.

Cannabis Edibles are For The Health Conscience

Oral cannabis has less harmful physical side effects than smoking cannabis.

Inhaling any kind of smoke into your lungs is bad and cannabis is no exception.

Though it is less harmful than inhaling tobacco smoke, the smoke created by cannabis does still irritate the lining of the lungs.

Vaporizers are better for your lungs than smoking.

Though often the vapor is still hot which can irritate lung tissue.

Edibles are without a doubt the healthiest way to consume marijuana.

Consuming oral cannabis also prevents psychological addiction due to having to dose less often.

Join in discussing the difference between oral and smoked cannabis and share your experiences with us.

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