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Cannabis festivals every stoner should experience at least once

As an avid promoter of marijuana and its recreational appeal, it’s hard not to enjoy going to cannabis festivals.

This year holds a slate of upcoming cannabis festivals on the horizon for you
to indulge in. From the various activities to enjoy, to excellent smokers merchandise to add to
your collection. Each festival provides a different spin on ways to convey marijuana to its
consumer.So have a seat on a blanket, get a nice bowl packed and come out to enjoy a few of
these upcoming festivities.


Have you ever asked yourself the question, why is marijuana illegal? Well by attending
the freedom rally you can become a part of the solution to the legalization of marijuana. Located
in the city of Boston, this daylong event allows people from all over the country to rally in a
peaceful environment. Known by locals as the Hempfest, this rally provides a platform for local
bands to showcase their talents throughout the venue. So if you’re set in your convictions that
marijuana should be legal. Come be amongst your fellow advocates who are pro marijuana and
make your presence known.


See things you never thought were possible at the cannabis cup.

Probably the world’s most well-known cannabis festival.

If you’re an avid pot smoker, you should be well familiar with High Times publication and
the limitless amounts of knowledge they provide the cannabis culture. This cannabis cup goes
to various locations educating people on the use of marijuana. This celebration of ganja
originally began in Amsterdam but now has blossomed into different cities around the world.
This festival allows you to gain key insight through acclaimed seminars, headliners, and parties.
However, the main event is the marijuana competition, judges award trophies to growers with
the best strains and products determined by several different categories.


Nostalgia can be an amazing feeling at times, so allows yourself to travel into the wonderful
imagination of Disney. As well travel into this magical place full of wonders we will bring our
sack of grass as the subject matter. Cannabis in Wonderland is an “Alice in Wonderland” themed
festival that highlights the multiple uses of the marijuana plant. Health conscious vendors are in
abundance selling hemp food, also activist and advocates provide information about cannabis
and its valuable uses in modern society. Being able to speak freely is key for a stoner and this
seems like the right atmosphere to get things off your mind if you need to. In addition, the ability
to network and establish relationships with different people is a huge asset that can prove to be
valuable years down the line.


This Weed festival is a nonstop joyride that fuels the city of Wisconsin with Grade A smoke.
Lasting for three days, this marijuana-minded event is filled with tons of educational
opportunities. Genres of music very as well ranging from rock to reggae. So if you’re in the
mood for a little bit of Bob Marley, but your fellow smoker wants Willie Nelson, this festival
provides a great chance to vibe out to some awesome tunes. Advocates are welcomed to speak
into the mic, also the marijuana vendors provide samples of some of the new strains that are
about to hit the market.


Known to some as the California holy grail of cannabis cups, the emerald cup promises a
triply experience unlike any other cannabis festival around. The live music is constantly going with major and local bands.
Just to display this events celebrity star power, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube have both attended
this festival in the past few years. Themes of this venue display Caribbean-driven art and
artifacts with an influence of American culture as well. As marijuana continues to grow and
evolve, the emerald cup provides a platform for the most recognized names in the industry. This
is one of the longest going marijuana cups and it’s an enjoyable time for everyone.

One of the coolest things about meeting people is being able to enjoy a nice joint while making their acquaintance.

Most of these festivals focus on educating people about the industry and ways to make money.

Everyone understands the recreational use of marijuana but to provide people with the knowledge of how the industry works can only push the culture forward and allow it to continue to grow.

Also, encourage musicians to use this platform to get their music out to the masses, These cannabis festivals are always looking for new talent to help bring entertainment to their festivals. Also, the ability to be able to establish business relationships with people all over the world is a great way to continue to grow your own brand and product too.

Cannabis festivals are a key instrument in allowing stoners to come together in a peaceful environment and continue to promote the culture and educate people on the ways that marijuana can be used to save lives health wise as well as a lucrative way to make money through merchandise, hemp food, and fashion apparel.

The Holy grail, King’s bread, Girl Scout Cookies.

These are just some of the rare strains of marijuana you can try at these various cannabis festivals, these are highly uncommon plants that you probably won’t be able to experience on a daily basis so take full advantage. Cannabis cup is a cool way to display the competitive side of the culture but it’s all in good competition fun for everyone to enjoy.

So if you find yourself in one of these beautiful cities in the country stop by and trade and take in knowledgeable about an ever growing industry.

One thing for sure, your memory might be a bit hazy, but rest assured that you had an awesome time.

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