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Cannabis Products: What can we expect as cannabis is legalized?

Harkening back to the days before the early 1900’s, when the plant became demonized by government propaganda, cannabis was a massive part of everyday life for an individual living in the United States. Along with its medicinal properties, being cost-efficient, durable, and fairly easy to grow made cannabis and hemp the clear choice in making basic necessities such as medicine, clothing, and paper. With over half of the United States now passing laws legalizing the use and cultivation of medicinal and/or recreational cannabis, it’s not too far-fetched to imagine legal weed becoming a mass-produced staple in our society as it once was. Listed below are just a few of the industries and their products where we are seeing cannabis being utilized, and where we hope to see even more options and availability as legalization continues.

Bud Beauty

Cannabis’s therapeutic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties position the plant to be one of the next popular beauty treatment trends for combating common skin problems such as puffy, tired eyes and irritated acne. Exciting products like Apothecanna’s and Kush Creams’body and face treatments are showing promise for the future of cannabis in the beauty industry, and we’re enthusiastic to see what new products arise from legalization to mix up our daily beauty and hygiene routines. Just imagine – cannabis-infused soaps, lotions, toothpaste…talk about a cleansing, refreshing wake n’ bake!

Hip Hemp

Hemp can be manufactured into countless environmentally friendly items, and we’re eager to see their influx. As we continue to further the legalization of cannabis, as well as the growing of industrial hemp, we are likely to see a dramatic increase in the production and sale of home goods, including linens, furniture, and decor, as well as clothing and accessories made with more sustainable and cost efficient cannabis-based materials. Fibers produced from hemp are quite cheap and resilient, and in time these products will presumably turn more our expensive wood-derived commodities into luxury items. You’ll soon be cozying up with your bowl of cannabis on your cannacouch in your cannapajamas. #Goals.

Ganja Gas

Research has shown hemp could be a viable source of fuel, and it could definitely make a dent in our dependence on fossil fuels.

Munchie Madness

Legalization has raised the bar on snacking to an all time high (pun intended). We’ve already seen the introduction of some great cannabis edibles, condiments, and beverages; amongst many other favorites, KIVA Confections has continued to impress consumer’s tastes with their perfectly packaged and deliciously creamy chocolates. However, the variety of cannabis-infused food is limited; the majority of edible products currently available are sugary treats. We hope to see full legalization bring about a wide array of food and beverage options as consumer demand increases. We’re just waiting for the day where picking up a batch of pot brownies from the bakery or a cannabutter-brushed sandwich from a café is the worldwide norm.


Lastly, we can’t forget about the traditional toker favorites; in legalized states, there is a plethora of top notch options when it comes to your classic buds and concentrates. Quality brands like Solstice have set a remarkable industry standard, and how full legalization would allow cannabis companies expand on our favorite products is an exciting thought.

We’re likely to see an incredible cannabis-filled future where popular items like dabs, flowers, and pieces have made their way out of dispensaries and head shops and into the mainstream market. Pre-rolled joints will sit proudly in competition as they are stocked beside cigarettes behind every convenience store and grocery counter. Your shopping trip will be far more exciting when your grocery list goes something like “eggs, milk, bread, cannabutter”. What are some of your favorite existing cannabis products, or what industry are you looking forward to having cannabis influence? Do you think more widespread legalization will allow cannabis to return to being a staple item in everyday life?

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