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How To Dab Without a Rig or Torch

These new styles of vaporizers are for everyone.

We’ve been seeing a lot of make shift set ups where people are using bobby pins and screws or nails with a straw to work with your wax concentrates. These methods may work a little bit but they are far from being effective.

If you’re looking for the best solution on how to dab without a rig then you should be taking a look at some of the new styles of vaporizers.

Getting higher with concentrated cannabis extracts?

Concentrates are higher in THC than your typical dry herbs. This makes using concentrates more effective and as a result you do not need to take as many hits to achieve the same effect. By not taking as many hits on each session you are helping to limit the amount of smoke and or vapor that goes into your body. Smoke and vapor can contain some harmful tar and carcinogens that are not good for your body.

Using a vaporizer is a step in the right direction and so is using concentrates with higher levels of THC. By using a vaporizer you can typically adjust the temperature while ensuring that you do not exceed a certain limit that you would with a combustion flame method.

How to Dab without a Rig – New Devices

Some of the best new devices on how to dab without a rig can be found on the web. You will see that new technology and innovative devices are being introduced to the market that open doors to new and interesting ways to use concentrates. We would like to mention the Dipper Dab Pen, the Yocan eNail, and the CloudV Electro. These are all new cool ways you can enjoy your concentrates that are different than a typical oven packing vape pen.

What are Dabs

If you are new to the subject we will quickly touch on dabs. Dabs are concentrated cannabis extracts that are higher in potency of THC. Wax dabs are the most popular type of dabs but there are other forms as well. The other types of concentrates typically used are oil, budder, shatter. Even more so there is also concentrates called dust and bubble. They all have one thing in common and that is a high level of THC.

What is a Dab Rig?

A rig is the tool used to hold and transfer the smoke. You are able to place your concentrate in it and apply a heat source while you inhale. Dabbing rigs and oil rigs, or any other type of concentrate rig is similar to a bong. They are usually made of glass that has a cylinder to inhale through that has a mouth piece and a small nail made from quartz, titanium, or glass. To accompany the ‘rig’ you would use a lighter or a torch. This is the component that adds a bit of risk to the process and creates an environment where something can go wrong.

To remove the risk of starting a fire, or burning yourself it is recommended to use one of the newest portable vaping devices. It is suggested to use something that has a regulated battery where the flow of electricity is controlled and the temperature is restricted within certain limits. Most portable vaporizers include this functionality and it is devices known as mech mods that do not. If you are interested in seeing some of the top devices people are using today you can visit this article.

Hopefully we have helped to answer your question about how to dab without a rig or torch.

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