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How To Dry Weed Fast: The Definitive Guide

Do you have insufficient weed reserves to make it through the next two weeks or 30 days that it takes to cure buds after harvest? Well, you are in luck. In our informative guide today, you will get to learn how to dry weed fast without losing potency.

Yes, you can harvest, dry and smoke your weed but this will result in a harsher smoke. In addition, you may experience a green taste as you smoke your stash. This is attributed to poorly dried leaves.

What you need to know is that drying and curing are vital stages when it comes to the preparation of smokeable weed. While drying helps to remove water from the buds, curing helps to remove starch and sugar.

In this informative guide, you will first learn what happens to weed when its dried properly and more about how to dry weed fast. Later on, we will give tips for a better smoke, taste and the right way of curing your weed .

What happens when you quick dry cannabis properly?

  • Helps to get rid of the unpleasant smell “similar to cut grass” common on newly harvested weed
  • Eliminates the harshness in buds. As a result, you won’t cough or experience a headache
  • If dried and cured properly, it helps to increase potency
  • There is the less likelihood of experiencing anxiety, paranoia or racing thoughts
  • Helps to break down chlorophyll and improves the smoothness of the buds
  • Helps to bring out the unique smell of cannabis strain

Best Methods To Dry And Cure Buds

Method One – Using simple brown bags

If you have popcorn buds, you can dry them using simple brown bags commonly found in a bakery. All you need to do is place two or three freshly harvested nuggets in a brown bag and place it in a cool place for 3 to 6 days. This will allow you to have a new stash that should last you a few days or weeks until you cure a larger stash.

Alternatively, you can use the heat generated by your laptop to quick dry cannabis. With your buds in a brown bag, place the bag close to the vent where heat is being dissipated. Don’t forget to turn the buds after every 10 minutes. Repeat the process until the weed feels dry to touch. This may take an hour.

Don’t expect a mouth-watering flavor. You will also experience a little harsh tasting smoke.

Method Two – Use an electric or gas powered heater

This method is suitable for weed users planning on drying a large amount of weed. To get started, you need an electric or gas powered heater. Next, you must make sure the room where you intend to dry the weed is well ventilated. What you ought to know beforehand is that drying the buds while close together could result in the growth of mold. This is not what you want. Not only will it spread rapidly but also it’s fatal. Next, avoid drying the weed too quickly as this will result in weed that does not taste good.

If you want to quick dry cannabis, hang your harvest upside down in the dark room. Increase the temperature of the room to around 32% C or 90% F. It is important to pay attention and make necessary adjustments when needed. For instance, if the room is too humid, increase the air flow but don’t decrease the temperature in the room.

It is also important to make sure that heat reaches all parts of your harvest equally.

Method Three – Bake your buds

Another method that will allow you to quick dry your buds for immediate consumption is by baking them. Simply take a cookie sheet or oven tray, place your buds on the sheet or tray and bake them between 125 to 140 F. Allow the buds to stay in the oven for 10 minutes before removing them for 5 minutes and turning them over. Repeat this process one more time.

What you need to note is that the result will have a harsh smoke. Yes, water will be removed from your buds but it won’t taste better than slow cured buds. The good news is that the bud’s potency will not be sacrificed.

Remember, don’t allow your buds to burn, as they will not be good for smoking. In addition, never set your oven above 150 F.

Method Four – Dry your buds in your boiler room

A majority of homes have a boiler room. The water boiler is highly useful as it helps to keep up temperature levels suitable for drying your buds. In addition, relative humidity is minimal. As a great place to quick dry cannabis, there are two ways of doing so. You can place your buds in simple brown bags and leave them in the room for 3 to 4 days. Alternatively, you can hang your harvest using strings and allow for 3 to 4 days of drying. This method is suitable for weed users who have a huge harvest.

What you tought to know is that this method will surely spike your utility bills and the result will not have such a fantastic taste. The good news is that the buds potency will not be affected.

Curing your weed

If you quick dried a large batch of buds, you can cure the rest now that you have a few buds for your stash. To cure your buds properly, take a few airtight glass jars and store the dried product inside. Proper curing takes 2 weeks to 2 months. During this time, the little chlorophyll that was never removed while quick-drying will be removed.

It is important to make sure that the buds are loosely stored in the jars - a most of 2 to 3. Store the jars in a dark place. Remember to check on the jars at least once a day for mold and mildew. In addition, you should open the jars 1 to 2 times a week after 2 weeks have elapsed. Doing so will improve the flavor and a smooth lingering taste.

Remember, never dry your weed too fast. Patience pays!

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