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Small but mighty, the E-Clipse dry herb vaporizer contains a powerful lithium polymer battery for extended life and high temperature vaping.

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  • Ultra-fast heating technology


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The E-Clipse Dry Herb Vaporizer features ultra-fast heating technology that makes it possible to use in just seconds. The generously-sized, easy-to-read OLED temperature display screen makes setting and maintaining the temperature simple and straightforward, and the ample ceramic heating chamber creates the potential for bowls as big as you please.

The body of the vape itself measures 90 x 40 x 20 mm (about four inches tall) and fits easily into a backpack, suitcase, or even a pocket for vaping on the go. It is subtly trapezoidal in shape, with a slight narrowing at the base and a flare towards the top of the unit. The rounded corners and the sleek, glossy black finish give the unit a modern look and feel (and make for easy cleaning). It fits comfortably in the hand, without feeling too bulky or looking excessive.

The ceramic heating chamber within the unit is separate from the external casing, preventing hot surfaces and overheating of the unit. The chamber itself is made of high-quality ceramic and is cylindrical in shape, measuring ⅝” deep and ⅜” in diameter. We found the chamber to be amply sized, allowing both deep bowls and a few puffs worth of herb without compromising vapor quality or airflow.

We especially like the clear, bright OLED display, which shows the exact temperature and the battery percentage remaining. The 2200 mah lithium polymer battery powers the unit to reach temperatures of up to 435°F in just 30 seconds. The temperature is adjustable down to a single degree, giving you ultimate control of your dry herb vaping experience.

The E-Clipse Dry Herb Vape includes the unit itself, an extra glass mouthpiece, four silicone rings, a cleaning brush, a packing tool, the compatible USB charger, and the User Manual. The E-Clipse ships for free anywhere in the US, with Priority, Signature Priority, and International shipping options available. The package includes everything you need to get started vaping right away there are no extra parts or adapters required for optimum performance.

Using the E-Clipse is simple. To start, make sure that your dry herb is ground into small, even pieces. We find it is better to use an 4 piece grinder for this, as opposed to the manual breakup method especially for particularly dense or sticky flower. Once your dry herb is prepared, remove the glass mouthpiece from the top of the heating chamber by gently pulling it off (there are no screw threads to mess with, which we like). This will expose the heating chamber.

Next, fill the ceramic heating chamber with your prepared dry herb to your desired level. Be sure to tamp down the flower material so that it is loosely compacted. Be careful not to force the bowl down too much or you will restrict airflow through the bowl, limiting your ability to draw satisfying vapor. Once your bowl is packed to your satisfaction, re-insert the glass mouthpiece to the top of the heating chamber.

After you have prepared your E-Clipse for use with your favorite dry herb (and charged it according to the directions in the User Manual), it is time to turn the unit on and start vaping.  The E-Clipse has a safety feature in place: to turn the unit on, you will need to press the power button five times in rapid succession.

You will do the same thing to turn off the unit after you are finished using it, though it will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity. If it turns off on you, simply press the power button five times again to turn it right back on and resume vaping.  These features were implemented to ensure that the E-Clipse does not continue to operate in a bag, pocket, or somewhere else while not in use.

Once the unit is turned on, you can then start to adjust and read the temperature settings. When the vaporizer is powered on, the OLED screen will display two temperatures: the current temperature of the unit, and the desired temperature. To adjust the target temperature setting, use the arrow buttons to increase or decrease the temperature accordingly. Single presses will adjust the temperature by a single degree, so hold down the button to set higher temperatures more quickly.

As the chamber starts to heat, it will display the word “HEAT” on the OLED screen. Once your target temperature setting has been reached, the screen will change to display the word “WARM.” If you would like to change the temperature units from Fahrenheit (°F) and Celsius (°C), press and hold the power button for three consecutive seconds. The E-Clipse is also equipped with a memory data function that stores the last temperature setting. When you turn the vaporizer on again after a previous use, it will automatically begin to heat to the last temperature setting you used.

When it comes time to charge the E-Clipse, the OLED screen will display a flashing red light indicating low battery. If the battery reaches critical levels, the E-Clipse will shut down until it is charged. Charging is simple: plug in the included USB cable to the micro USB port located on the side of the device. It is important to ONLY use the charger included with the unit: any other charger could be dangerous and cause serious damage to your device.

A blue light will blink as the device charges, and will display solid blue when the device has reached a full charge. We found that it took about three hours to reach a full charge from an empty battery, but make sure not to overcharge it or you may diminish the battery life over time. Please do not leave the unit charging overnight, and of course do not use the device while it is charging.

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