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Why You Shouldn't Freeze Cannabis

09/30/2019 | Patrick Meier | Lifestyle

The heated debate on the pros and cons of freezing cannabis has continued to attract different opinions from the cannabis community. In a bid to maintain both the flavor and scent of marijuana, people have tried out different storage techniques, including freezing. However, there have been different results from freezing cannabis. In this article, we will extensively discuss the benefits and disadvantages of freezing cannabis.

Freezing Cannabis

The popularity of freezing marijuana can get traced with the association of the plant to normal herbs and vegetables that we use in our kitchen. As such, just like freezing extends vegetable shelf life, most stoners expect the same to apply for freezing marijuana. However, this is not true. While else one may think that freezing cannabis has benefits like preventing the weed from aging further, the opposite is true. Here is why freezing of cannabis is not exactly a good idea.

Disadvantages of Freezing Marijuana

First and foremost, after weed is harvested, it is cured and dried. Ideally, weed is made up of a great percentage of water, making it suitable for freezing. However, after curing, the percentage of water is reduced, making the freezing of marijuana unsuitable.

Freezing Affects the Quality of Cannabis

After the curing process, marijuana is usually ready for shelf life. During storage, cannabis goes through the process of decarboxylation. This is the process that transfers the THC- A content into the psychoactive THC which most stoners root out for. On the other hand, lower temperatures slow down the decarboxylation process and in some cases stops it completely. The result is weed with very low psychoactive THC, which translates to poor quality marijuana. As such, freezing is not the right way to store your cannabis.

Another way that freezing affects the quality of cannabis is by causing breakage of trichomes. Trichomes are the fragile glands that are responsible for producing the most beneficial cannabinoid effects, THC, and aromatic tepent. This is one of the major reasons why people get advised against freezing marijuana.

When marijuana is frozen, the Trichomes on top of the buds become brittle and easily fall off due to the low temperatures. As the trichomes fall off, the potency of the weed decreases, and eventually, its cannabinoid effects become less.

Freezing Cannabis Affects its Taste

This particular effect of freezing marijuana comes down to one’s personal preference. All in all, frozen marijuana taste different from one that is stored in other ways.


Since freezing is dependent on electricity, it is not a reliable way of storage. This is because, in case of a power shortage, your marijuana get exposed to a reduced shelf life, which may cost you the user.

So, Can I freeze Cannabis?

Although this is an unpopular opinion, yes you can freeze cannabis in some specific situations. Commercial cannabis dealers are more familiar with freezing marijuana since they handle large amounts of weed. Although other storage ways such as a Kilner Jar are recommended for long term storage, when the ganja requires more than 18months of storage, a glass jar is not your best choice. In this case, freezing will serve your purpose.

Other than that, other situations that you can freeze your Cannabis is, for making ice bubble hash, live resin and other concentrates from frozen cannabis. However, freezing should only be done briefly and not as a mode of storage.

What is the Alternative to Freezing Cannabis?

Now that freezing is not an option of storing marijuana. How should I store my ganja? For quality taste and potency of your herb, the best way to store your weed is by using a Kilner Glass Jar.

A good old fashioned glass jar will store weed for up to 18 months. The trick to using this jar is making sure that it remains airtight. Similarly, your cannabis should be well wrapped to avoid contact that affects trichomes. Other methods include:

Using a CVault

CVault works in the same way as a humidor, which is used to store tobacco. A CVault is quite affordable and comes in different sizes.

Using a Cannaodor

This works just like a humidor as well. However, it is more expensive compared to a CVault. An advantage of using a Cannaodor is that it has different compartments that allow you to store different strains of cannabis. As such, each strain maintains its specific flavor even after storage.

All said and done, the best way to store your ganja is in a cool, dark place away from constant light. Make sure you separate your daily stash from the one you intend to store. Other than that, your place of storage should have the right amounts of humidity to ensure molds do not grow on the weed.

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