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G-Spot Dab Rig – Ultimate 420 Anthony Vapor Bubbler

G-Spot Dab Rig – Ultimate 420 Anthony Vapor Bubbler

G-Spot Dab Rig


If you’re a regular vaper, you might find the harshness on your throat putting you off your Vape pen for a few days. It’s a common issue that comes with vaping with the smoke feeling dry and harsh- especially if you’re drawing through a small chamber.

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  • Glass design
  • Easy to clean
  • Will last a lifetime
  • Pin heating
  • Titanium material
  • Wide base
  • Portable


  • Top end of our budget
  • Looks a bit boring

Glass bubblers are becoming almost as popular as bongsfor home usage and smoking with friends. They work in much the same way using water to help filter and cool each hit. G-spot has produced an affordable dab-rig for exactly this without sacrificing on material quality.

The perfect rig for bigger hits!

The striking feature of the G-spot dab rig is the elongated stem which takes the whole piece to a dizzying 31cm. Whether or not this long stem actually helps with the vape quality is not clear, but it sure helps when you’re passing it around friends. It also lets you draw for a long time, whilst getting more air circulation in with each hit, reducing harshness.

Like most of these products, the G-spot is made from thick borosilicate glass. It’s thick and shatter-proof, but I particularly like the reinforced joints which won’t wear over-time. The ground stem is an astonishing 30mm wide so you’ll have no problem loading the bowl for bigger hits whilst the main chamber is large enough for 250ml of water for maximum filtration.

G-spot has designed this rig for home use and it’s certainly large enough to pack a decent punch. The filtration system uses large slits rather than a percolated system which won’t filter vape as much but is a lot easier to clean. The base is also wide and thick enough that it stays flat and steady or can even be used on your lap.

Well set up for frequent usage

Over long use, the vapor from concentrates tends to build up in the joints and mouthpiece. This is especially true in glass material construction which begins to look like the inside of a fish-tank after a few months. With this bubbler, you can take all the pieces apart to maintain and clean it. It breaks down into four main parts and the only part I can see being tricky to clean is the mouth stem. Other than that, this piece is well set up for regular usage.

Although the G-spot is relatively cheap in this market, it’s not the cheapest. The reason for that is it has a secret weapon in the form of a Quartz pen. Quartz heats up a lot faster than either titanium or ceramic plus it tends to last a lot longer over-time. Where ceramic sometimes adds a flavor to the smoke, Quartz doesn’t and this makes it the finest material for concentrates. You pay a little extra for a feature like this but, in my opinion, it’s more than worth the money in the long term.