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A Guide to THC Cartridges: Everything You Need to Know

A Guide to THC Cartridges: Everything You Need to Know
Pax Era

$ 99.99
Dank Vapes

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Brass Knuckles

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As the cannabis industry begins to grow, more and more people are looking towards a better and more effective way of smoking their weed. Today, vape pens and THC cartridges have become one of the most popular forms of using marijuana.

So, if you're a newbie looking to learn more about vaping and THC cartridges, then you've come to the right place.

The Juice to Your Vape Pen: What Are THC Oil Cartridges?

vaping thc cartridges in 2019

Have you ever wondered what’s the best gift you can give your fellow ganja lover? A vape pen and THC oil cartridge of course!

As smoking marijuana begins to grow in popularity, people all over the world are in search of better ways to make use of this green delight.

No doubt, one of the greatest methods of using marijuana today comes in the form a little compact cartridge.

A THC oil cartridge is merely a little canister that is designed to hold concentrated cannabis extract. These canisters may appear small, but they certainly do pack a punch!

But First, What is Vaping?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty about THC cartridges, we first need to get a good understanding of what is vaping?

A vaping pen is a rechargeable electronic device that you can purchase to either online or from an authentic vendor.

Now, vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling a concentrate that has transformed into an aerosol. All vaping pens or tools will contain a simple mouthpiece, a weed cartridge which will hold your delicious THC juice, and a battery that will heat the THC concentrate in the cartridge.

Tips on How You Can Find the Best THC Cartridges!

No doubt, there’s a lot of science behind crafting the perfect THC cannabis cartridges. And, unless you’re a professional dabber, the art of selecting the best THC cartridges can be quite a daunting task!

But, rest assured we at 420smokers are here to make your vaping journey a whole lot easier! Here we have compiled our top tips on how to find the best THC cartridges.

  1. Don’t fall for cutting agents: THC concentrates which contain 85 to 90% pure THC will be very viscous ( it’s too thick). So, these types of concentrates will often be quite difficult to vaporize. However, many companies have begun using cutting agents like PEGs and MCT to liquefy concentrates. Unfortunately, research has shown that when these cutting agents encounter heat then you get the formation of compounds such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. Both these chemical compounds are known to be extremely toxic to human health.
  2. Avoid butane based extracts: As we mentioned above, butane based THC concentrates aren’t the healthiest cartridges you can get. Ideally, you would want to choose a THC cartridge that has been created using carbon dioxide.
  3. Save some time and choose a pre-fill cartridge: Pre-filled vape cartridges are often the best choice when it comes to vaping cannabis. Pre-filled cannabis cartridges will be a lot easier to use as the user will not have to worry about loading their vape pens. In addition, pre-filled cannabis cartridges will offer better control when it comes to dosing and inhaling your marijuana oil. So, you really won’t have to worry too much about going overboard!
  4. Look at the liquid: If you want a concentrate that is at its purest, then have a look at the liquid inside each cartridge. Ideally, it should be clear with no evidence of color; this would indicate that the product has undergone proper distillation.

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Pax Era

$ 99.99

Here's the full review and all the details you would like to know about the Pax Era vape pen and cartridges. These pod mods are gaining popularity these days, and the Era is one of the best pod mod for cannabis users.


Dank Vapes

$ 25+

If this evaluation were based solely on personal experience then Dank Vapes cartridges would be a solid 4/5 product. They have been great tasting, carried a good clean high and enjoyed a decent lifespan - pretty much ticking all the boxes.


Brass Knuckles

$ 10+

Anyone who enjoys their cannabis cartridges ought to be familiar with the Brass Knuckles brand. Until relatively recently it was considered one of the strongest, smoothest and most reliable on the market.

Cannabis Oil Cartridge and THC Oil Cartridge: The CBD Vs THC Battle!

CBD oil cartridges and THC oil cartridges are as different as night and day. CBD is the acronym given to the compound cannabidiol which is a chemical produced by all cannabis plants. When used alone, cannabidiol can have many health benefits which are of great interest to the medical community.

Cannabidiol is known as an anti-inflammatory, an analgesic, and there's much research suggesting that cannabidiol can be used to treat ADHD and anxiety. One critical fact to note is that products marketed as pure cannabidiol will not contain any THC. So, this means that it will not make you high!

However, on the other side of the spectrum is THC oil cartridges. THC is a psychoactive compound that is present in all marijuana plants. This chemical compound is responsible for producing the high effects experienced when smoking marijuana.

Now, if you are after the health benefits of marijuana then check out our article on CBD online buyers guide 2019, for our selection on the best CBD oil.

Could the Weed Vape Pen be the Future for Cannabis? Why You Should Use a THC Oil Cartridge

Rolling a joint or smoking weed through a bong can be a pretty time-consuming job. Imagine how enjoyable your marijuana experience can be when you don't have to worry about grinding your buds, rolling up a joint, or cleaning your bong?

Well, if you're utterly exhausted about having to do any of these, then your next best friend is going to be vape pen, more specifically the THC cartridges that go into a vape pen.

It’s a lot healthier than smoking!

First things first, don’t be fooled. Regardless of whether you choose to smoke or vape cannabis, both methods are going to be unhealthy. Nevertheless, vaping is certainly a lot less damaging to health.

So, why is that? Well, it’s actually really quite simple!

You see, the process of burning plant matter is a combustion event. And, the process of combustion produces smoke which can not only cause lung cancer, but it can cause be quite damaging to your airways. Vaporization is not a type of combustion, rather, the process involves heating the cannabis oil to a temperature low enough to cause the oil to transform into steam which is a lot less harmful to your body.

THC cartridges are more potent!

When you roll your marijuana buds into a joint and smoke it you're not getting the entirely affects of the THC.  This is because the process of combustion does not only destroy a good 50% of cannabinoids, but it also dilutes the effects.

The great thing about vaporization and THC cartridges is that depending on what type of cannabis cartridge you choose, you can get up to 85 to 90% pure THC.

The Science of Cannabis THC Concentrates: How Do Cannabis Cartridges Even Work?

Inside an oil cartridge, there’s going to be one of three things, THC and/or CBD and distillates. Cannabis oil cartridges will also contain either food-derived or cannabis-derived terpenes.

The cannabis plant can naturally produce terpenes. And, it is the cannabis terpenes are responsible for creating not only cannabis strains distinct aromas but also its flavor.

Terpenes will also play an essential role in determining what high can one get with a specific strain. For example, some terpenes can enhance and promote relaxation, while another may be able to strengthen concentration and acuity.

Now, the process of extraction is crucial when it comes to creating a cannabis oil cartridge. Depending on what manufacturer you choose, there are different methods of extracting the oil from a cannabis plant. Nonetheless, all cannabis extracting methods follow a solved-based extraction system.

To put simply, to produce an oil, the cannabis plant must be dissolved with a solvent. This solvent can inlcude anything like carbon dioxide, butane, and ethanol. When the plant matter has been completely dissolved we get an oil that can contain anywhere from 90-100% THC.

Types of Vape Cartridge Concentrates

Cannabis manufactures will often use a variety of solvents during the extraction process. While there are many different solvents a company can use, we will focus on the top 2 solvents.

Butane Hash Oil

Also known as dabs, cannabis cartridges containing butane hash oil will often produce the best flavor. This type of cannabis oil is made through extracting terpenes and THC with butane. Concentrates containing that were created through butane will be a lot less expensive compared to CO2 oil or full-spectrum cartridges. However, a downfall to butane hash oil is that it can to be a risk to your health.

CO2 Extracts

CO2 extracts have grown in popularity, particularly in disposable vape cartridges. Now, there’s a reason for this! CO2 extracts are not only healthier, but they are also very easy to work with. The reasoning behind this statement lies in understanding what CO2 is. CO2 exists naturally in our environment, as such the FDA even consider CO2 as the safest solvent when it comes to extraction.

Concentrates that have been created through the use of CO2 will often taste a little less “plant-like,” and this is because CO2 can pull out substances such as chlorophyll. There are only really two downfalls to smoking concentrates that have been extracted through CO2; one major downfall is that these concentrates can sometimes be less flavourful and more expensive than that of a butane-based concentrate.

3 Tips on How To Spot Fake THC Oil Cartridges Brands

how to spot fake thc oil cartridges brands easy

Counterfeit cannabis cartridges is a growing problem in today's world. And the unfortunate problem is that more and more people are spending their money on these products. Spotting a fake THC cartridge is not as easy as you might think. Even an avid dope smoker may struggle to tell what's fake and what's authentic. But, here are a few ways you can identify and avoid a counterfeit cartridge.

  1. Counterfeit manufacturers may choose to market mainly on social media platforms like Instagram. So, avoid purchasing THC oil cartridges directly from these vendors.
  2. Depending on which country you live in, companies that produce THC oil concentrates will have a compliance test result label on their products.
  3. If you choose to purchase online, it's important to see if the company ships to any location where cannabis is still illegal. Authentic cannabis vendors are legally not allowed to ship to regions where marijuana is illegal.

The Types of Marijuana Oil Cartridges You Can Get!

the 4 types of thc cartridges review

There are generally three types of THC cartridges you can purchase for your vape pen. These are plastic wick cartridges, metal & glass, and pax pods.

Plastic Wick Cartridges

Plastic wick cartridges are undoubtedly the most popular type of THC cartridge on the market. And, this is mainly because it's pretty cheap to produce on a per unit basis.

Pros about Plastic Wick THC Cartridges

  • It’s cheaper than glass & metal cartridges
  • It’s ideal for concentrates that are a lot less viscous (less thick).

Cons about Plastic Wick THC Cartridges

  • Plastic-based cartridges are very likely to disrupt the flavors and aroma of the cannabis concentrate
  • They aren’t eco-friendly!

Pax Pods

Nicknamed the cannabis cartridge meant for millennials. Pax Pods are THC cartridge which can be controlled from an app on your phone.

Pros about the Pax Pods

  • Millenials rejoice! If you were to accidentally lose your pax pod then you’ll be able to lock your vape pen and the cartridge through the pax pod app.
  • You can easily adjust the temperature setting
  • With a sleek and futuristic design, you will feel really high-class

Cons about the Pax Pods

  • These cartridges are made of plastic and metal. So, you’re really just going to be paying a lot more for its look and features.

Glass & Metal Cartridges

If you’re willing to spend more money on the ultimate experience, then you’ll need to invest in a glass and metal cartridge.

Pros about Glass & Metal Cartridges

  • They preserve the flavor and aromas of your concentrate
  • These THC cartridges will last longer compared to the plastic wick cartridge

Cons about Glass & Metal Cartridges

  • They are a lot more expensive.

What About Full-Spectrum Cartridges?

A rarity amongst cannabis cartridges, products labeled as full-spectrum cartridges contain every part of the cannabis plant. This means that full-spectrum cannabis cartridges will contain the cannabis natural terpenes as well as the entire cannabinoid profile.

If you don’t want to spend money on THC oil cartridges, then check out our fun DIY article on the easiest way to make THC vape juice at home!