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Hilarious Stoner Questions That Will Make You Feel High

It is but human nature to be inquisitive of their own nature, that of the things around them and why some things are the way they are.

Many people try to reason about some of the most awkward things that ever crossed their minds. But has it ever occurred to you that the world is full of inexplicable things that neither science nor history can give answers to?

Therefore, every day of your life could be a day full of questions. But most people choose to ignore them.

There are millions of stoner questions that make you think, considering that the world population and rough tally of stoners is well over the millions.

It is also a fact of reasoning that as human beings, we all tend to have different mindsets, ideas and therefore a varied understanding of things to think about when high.

A question that could be bothering me could be something you understand more than I do myself. However, the following seven questions are not about reasoning better or having different mindsets.

They are about leaving behind reasoning and trying to think outside the box in the most eccentric way.


Gravitational force is the force that pulls everything towards the center of the earth.

It is responsible for the earth’s gravitational balance; therefore, we can swim, run, jump and even walk without toppling on our sides or rolling over.

It could be confusing how this happens, especially when your mind is cleared and that’s the first thing that pops up.

Logically, we would not be able to walk from one end of the earth to another without dropping on our heads.

But even ants are able to walk all over a rounded body without falling, and it is all due to gravity.


Astronomers have determined the earth’s age to be around 4.5 billion years.

A stoner could reasonably argue with the logic that the sun existed before any of us did. Therefore any results about its age could either be faulty or inaccurate.

This could be the reason why the sun’s age is an approximation and therefore tends to have different varying values in the range of 4.5-4.603 billion years.


Does anybody ever high question this?

Our whole whole existence is based on theories like creation, evolution and even tradition.

These theories do not provide all the answers to the questions that a human brain can think of.

For instance, just the fact that all the planets have names yet they existed before us is quite puzzling.

What were they called before our existence? It is also quite interesting how everything in the world is systemic as if someone told us exactly what to do, when to and why.

Yes, education and civilization changed the world by a great deal. But all those were the result of human choices which would not have happened had there not been order.

Science has tried to provide answers to most of these questions.


The common phrase, “catch a cold,” could be the reason for a rough mind battle. It is usually used to refer to contracting a cold which is an infection that causes the inflammation of mucous membranes.

There is no such phrase as, “catch heat,” yet cold and heat are direct opposites.

This is so since there is no infection called "heat." But why was the infection in question, named "cold?" It could fit logic that cold often attacks in times of cold weather.

But it could as well happen in the summer heat. So why not, “catch heat?”


high stoner thinks that black hat hackers actually wear hats

Black hat and white hat hackers, the common types of hackers, could make one stop to wonder about their names and what they do.

Why they are called black hat and white hat is simply as a representation or code name of what they do, rather than how they do it.

A black hat hacker retrieves unauthorized information for malice and at times personal gains while a white hat hacker tries to do good by surpassing networks’ security systems, but just as a test of their vulnerabilities.

They do not necessarily have to wear hats as they do so, and they are not called so because they wear hats.


The word scene and several others which share similar characteristics like ‘scenario’ and ‘scent’ have spellings which may raise questions during pronunciation.

If S is to be omitted for pronunciation’s sake, the three words will still sound perfectly the same. This would also be the case if the letter "c" was to be removed. So, which of the two letters is silent?


There is always a stoner’s state of confusion in which they can’t tell their rooms from paradise. It is more confusing when you are convinced that you are around so much calm and peace that you start doubting if that really is your home.

Trying to figure out how exactly to get home is probably something that may linger in your mind all night before sobriety kicks in and you realize you were there all along.


This is probably the most panic-striking question you can ever ask yourself out loud.

With an incomplete state of mind and clouded judgment, you may not notice even the clearest details of where you left your device.

It could even be in your hands or pockets. What could give you a worse scare, however, is if your phone is off and you imagine that probably it’s dead or broken while it could just be that it ran out of charge.

Most of these questions are logical while some are not. That is the point of it all anyway. Most people will often question existence, right from creation or evolution to how the earth exists and other celestial bodies.

Some will question the things around them like food, clothing and even vehicles, while others will question nature like the rain, sun, and wind.

It all depends on who is questioning and how high they are.

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