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8 Super Deep Thoughts While High

Imagine if you would have to write your thoughts whenever you were high!

Being high is a great feeling, and high people are fun to talk to and hang around with because they have interesting deep thoughts.

Holding a conversation with someone who is stoned will give you a lot to ponder on, because they think about stuff one wouldn’t think about when sober.

If you are surrounded by hilarious stoners, you may have heard them talk about their astonishing thoughts and high questions.

1. Humans must be Hitler to chicken

Wohoo! Have you ever felt guilty of enjoying your sumptuous bucket of fried chicken wings or some nice stuffed full chicken?

If you haven’t then you should probably get high.

Coming to think about it, had it not been for humans, millions of chickens would still be alive. But wait, we are also the reason that chicken exist in the first place.

Farmers work very hard to grow chicken for everyone else to eat, chicken that wouldn’t be alive if they had not grown them in the first place.

So, we can conclude that there is nothing to worry about, because unlike Hitler, we replace every chicken we eat. Gross – right?

2. 100 years from now Twitter and Facebook will be filled with several dead people

Ha! If you have never thought about this, then you should get high some day.

According to WHO the world’s life expectancy of the population in 2016 was 72 years.

Well, we hope we will get to 100 years though. Assuming that most people on social media are in their teens and early twenties, it’s clear that 100 years from now everyone will be in another world.

So, what happens to all those profiles you ask?

I guess we just have to wait and see how this goes down.

3. What if dreams are real and life is fake?

We all love a good night’s rest; and better still one that has magical dreams.

While all dreams are valid, what if dreams were real and what we are living is all fake? This thought might steer both positive and negative feelings.

You will feel good only if your dreams are better than your real life and terrible if your real life is awesome and you would not ask for more.

4. How comes your feet smell yet your nose runs?

This is so genius!

Literally speaking, the nose smells while the feet run.

How this gets to change into “I have a running nose” and “Your feet smell” is something that nobody can figure out – well, at least a smoker can’t.

Someone should look into this and bring everything back to order. All the same, it might be all a matter of the Englishman playing some game with our minds.

5. Is everything usually this funny?

is everything funny while being high

One thing that’s for sure with every stoner is the idea of laughing at everything.

If you have ever been high, you know that it is possible to laugh at nearly everything.

You laugh at a comedy, at the conversation you are having with your friend, at the music, and even at the idea of being high.

If you do something crazy, you might put those around you into stitches. The worst part is where you are unable to stop laughing and your ribs ache so much.

So, it’s obvious to wonder whether everything is usually that funny. Trust your guts; not everything is usually this funny, it’s just that you are higher than you usually are.

6. What if technology takes over humanity in future?

Considering the rate at which tech is evolving, a time might come where technology supersedes humanity.

After all, robots can do pretty much anything that humans can, besides procreating LOL!

So, if the engineers continue making advanced robots, we might as well be forgotten.

However, this is not a good thing because the robots might forbid humans from stoning, and we wouldn’t want this to happen.

7. Everybody is staring at me

Attracting attention is a good thing, but not always. When you are walking down the red carpet of Grammy awards, you may want everybody to stare at you and take photos of your designer shoes and clothes.

But when you are high, nothing is as scary as imagining everyone looking at you.

All weird high thoughts start flowing though. What’s wrong or right with me? Am I dressed too well? Does my jacket suck? Why is everyone staring at me?!

8. One day, social networking will mean humans scrolling through each other’s minds

We all know social networking as the concept of opening social media accounts and linking up to people from all over the world.

The idea has evolved to the extent that everyone is on social media and we all can’t get our hands off our phones.

Probably one day networking will mean scrolling through the mind of your date, friend, tutor, classmate, child, parent, and even strangers.

Honestly, the mere idea of this happening is scary enough to never want such a thing – ever.

After all, everyone has some secret thoughts like this one here, that we do not want anybody to find out.

Why do stoners have deep high thoughts?

At this point, you can relate with the deep thoughts named above, and probably have some thoughts of your own. That brings us to this: why do we turn into Socrates and think about the subtle enigmas of life when we are lit?

Well, everything has to do with THC.

So, here is a quick science lesson peeps.

Cannabis boosts neural activity in the front cortex of the brain, which is usually where all commands originate. It manages everything from temperament and attention to problem solving skills.

When you spark up, THC allows your brain to create new links and pathways that did not exist previously. Therefore, it guides your thought process into a liberal territory.

THC hypes your brain, making your word association skills to move from the regular to an amazing place. And that my friends; is how your train of thoughts goes berserk!

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