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How much CBD for a better (REM) sleep?

The herb that heals

CBD (Cannabidiol) occurs naturally as a cannabinoid (one of the 113 cannabinoids found in hemp plants) constituent of marijuana. As of August 2018, the United States’ FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) is yet to approve CBD as a publicly available prescription drug fit for medical use. Nevertheless, CBD has been found to possess pharmaceutical value and heal a myriad of ailments and disorders including insomnia.

It is estimated that close to 70 million adults experience signs and symptoms of a sleeping disorder. About 30 percent more experience insomnia at least once in their lifetime and 10 percent of them adequately deal with cases of chronic insomnia. Therefore, you are probably not alone if sleeping is becoming harder and perhaps you need the potential healing properties of CBD.

With the increasing legalization of marijuana, insomniacs are beginning to dump sleeping pills and opting for CBD oils instead. CBD oils are one of the fastest growing health supplements. Obviously, they come out as a controversial cure. Yet CBD has been found to be highly effective for a range of sleeping disorders while bringing forth very few to no side effects. Better yet, it is not psychoactive, meaning it does not make you “high”.As a result, CBD has won the hearts of the medical marijuana community as a alternate remedy for restoring the natural sleeping cycle.

What is REM sleep?

You might have heard that the brain moves through stages during sleep. To be exact, there are five different ones. One of them is called rapid eye movement (REM). During this stage, your eyes move in various directions. This stage starts usually late at night during a deep sleep.

Counting the drops

How much CBD for sleep?

Even with the increased legalization of medical marijuana in the states, many physicians are reluctant to prescribe CBD and cannabinoids because they are not certain of the exact dosage to prescribe. Most medical schools entirely omit CBD Cannabidiolin pharmacology courses after all. As a result, medical scientists have just starting to develop dosing schedules specifically for medicinal hemp, medical marijuana and their extracts which include CBD.

For this reason, there is no definitive answer to exactly how many drops of CBD oils you should take to achieve REM sleep. The trick is to find it yourself through research and trials and finally hitting your perfect dose. However, clinical the ongoing clinical studies have provided a rough estimate of what quantity of CBD oil you need to achieve REM sleep.

  1. 15mg of CBD oil results in mental alertness and wakefulness moments before sleeping hours. CBD REM sleep can be achieved thereafter. You need to take this dosage not less than 4-3 hours before sleeping hours.
  2. 160mg of CBD oil significantly improves sleep in the insomniacs and helps them achieve REM sleep much quicker than lower doses. In a report published in the Redstorm Scientific Journal, 160mg of CBD oil was found to produce high-quality sleep, long sleep time and much fewer interruptions during the sleeping time. This research was conducted on 15 patients with acute cases of insomnia. It is still unclear whether the results should be taken as standard or the whole effects were placebo. Similar trials are still ongoing.
  3. Other clinical trials show that 400mg of CBD not only produce faster and long lasting REM sleep but also effectively treats anxiety disorders in the process.

The influence of type

While CBD is yet to be explicitly proved to be a sleep inducer, the type of the CBD in use has a more profound influence on the purported effect, whether placebo or not. Lots of its frequent users claim it CBD has greatly helped them achieve REM sleep anyway.

The following 4 types of CBD are thought to be highly effective in achieving REM sleep with just 160mg dose:

  • Pure kana
  • Green Roads CBD Oil
  • Elixinol
  • CBD American Shaman


CBD is a perfect option for medical marijuana users keen in achieving REM sleep without getting stoned. Preliminary results from the otherwise infant clinical studies indicate that 160mg is the best dose for achieving REM sleep. However, taking 400mg can still work for some users, but you need to exercise caution to eliminate the risk of overdosing yourself. 15mg of CBD is great for the overly cautious stoners.

However, the trick to achieving a perfect dose is to conduct your own research and trials at home beginning with 50mg CBD and progressing exponentially to hit your perfect point. In addition, you need to eat healthy food, do exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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