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How to Clean a Vape Pen

Do you want to get a pure flavor each time you use your vape pen? It needs proper maintenance and cleaning.

One of the factors that determine the quality of flavor you get when using the vape pen is the quality of the vaping material. Another factor, which is often overlooked, is how clean your vaporizer pen is before inserting the vaping material.

A common concern when cleaning anything is time. However, a vape pen is easy to clean. Vape pens are small and are come with a simple design.

In this post, you will find useful information on how to clean a vape pen.

Why Cleaning a Vape Pen is Important

I have already mentioned one benefit of cleaning a vape. Vaping with a clean vaporizer improves the quality of the flavor in the heating chamber.

Then there is the issue of health. After a few uses, residue builds up in the herb chamber or liquid cartridge (depending on the type of vape pen you have). Cleaning the chamber ensures that the vapor you inhale is fresh, clean, and healthy.

Another benefit of cleaning the vape pen is improving the performance of the device and making it last longer. As you use the vape pen, residue builds up on the coil or heating element. The clogging reduces the effectiveness of the coil. If you do not clean it, the coil will spoil rendering the vape pen useless.

If health, quality of vapor, and the lifespan of your vaporizer pen did not convince you to clean your vape pen, then consider the warranty. In the terms and conditions of the warranty, manufacturers require the vape pen to be properly maintained. That is to say; if you do not regularly clean your vape pen, the warranty will be void in case the pen malfunctions. Actually, most vape pens come with a cleaning kit.

Know the Type of Vape Pen You Have

Vaporizer pens are classified into two main categories, which are based on what the vape pen vaporizes; oil/wax and dry herb. You do not clean an oily surface the same way you clean a dusty surface. Therefore, these different types of vape pens require different methods of cleaning.

Understand the Different Parts of Your Vaporizer

Before cleaning a vape pen, you need to disassemble it. Therefore, you need to know the different parts of a vape pen.

A typical vape pen has three parts:

Heating Chamber

The heating chamber, also known as the herb chamber or oil chamber, is where you put the vaping material. This part has a heating coil that vaporizes the vaping material.

The coil is a sensitive and crucial part of the vaporizer pen. If it malfunctions, the whole vape pen will not work. Therefore, be careful when cleaning the heating chamber. Do not insert a sharp object in the chamber and avoid using a wet cloth to clean it. Use the cleaning kit that came with the vape pen or a cotton swab.

Consider warming up the vape pen before cleaning it. Heat helps loosen the residue from the interior of the heating chamber.


The mouthpiece is the part you put in your mouth when vaping. This part is easy to clean as it does not have any electrical component. However, it does attract a lot of residues since it is next to the heating chamber and it is the pathway of the vapor.

Wipe off any residue on the mouthpiece using a cotton swab. You can deep clean this part by rubbing it with alcohol. But before doing that consult the user manual.

Another way to thoroughly clean the mouthpiece is to soak it in isopropyl alcohol for about 20 minutes and then rinsing it with water.


A battery pack powers the vaporizer pen. The battery is often located at the rear end of the vape pen. This part requires little to no maintenance save for the regular charging. Still, you should check the battery pack at least once a week to remove any thin films, wax, oil, or concentrate that may have leaked.

How to Clean a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizers produce a lot of residues, but they are the easiest to clean.

Step 1: Detach the mouthpiece and the heating chamber.

Step 2: Empty the content of the heating chamber into a trash can by merely tapping the closed end of the chamber. In fact, you should do this after every use of the vape pen.

Step 3: Use the cleaning brush that came with the pen to clean the inside of the heating chamber. If your pen did not come with a cleaning kit, then use a cotton swab. Do not use water or rubbing alcohol to clean the inside of the chamber.

Step 4: Clean the mouthpiece under running water. However, make sure it is completely dry before attaching it back to the pen.

Step 5: Put the pieces back together and clean the exterior of the pen using a cotton cloth. You can use rubbing alcohol or water. Take care not to get any water to internal components.

Cleaning an Oil/Wax Vape Pen

Oil or wax vape pens are difficult to clean because of the sticky residue in the chamber.

Step 1: Detach the mouthpiece and heating chamber.

Step 2: Use the provided Q-tip or dab tool, or cotton swab to clean the interior of the empty chamber. The Q-tip (or whatever you will use to clean the chamber) should be dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Rub the inner lining of the chamber with the Q-tip until you remove all the residue. The chamber has an oil wick. In some models, you can detach the oil wick, which you should do to avoid damaging it as you clean the chamber. Avoid rubbing the wick with alcohol or water. Do not clean an oil vaporizer with water. Water makes it difficult to rub off the oil residue. Remove residue off the coil by gently rubbing it with the dry Q-tip.

Step 3: Use the Q-tip to rub the inner lining of the mouthpiece.

Step 4: Put the parts back together and clean the exterior of the pen. Allow enough time for the parts to dry before using the vape pen.

When to Clean Your Vape Pen

Conduct a simple clean of the pen before changing flavors. A simple clean involves emptying the heating chamber. The residue of the previous flavor will compromise the flavor you want to enjoy.

You should clean your device once every few weeks. We recommend cleaning it after two weeks. If you use your vaporizer pen many times (more than a few times a day), you can deep clean it every week.

It goes without telling that each time your vaporizer is not giving the best performance, you should thoroughly clean it before concluding that it has malfunctioned or needs replacing.

Cleaning your vape pen is very important. It will improve the quality of your vaping experience and increase the lifespan of your vaporizer. Follow the guidelines above to clean your device properly. After cleaning the pen, vape on!

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