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How to Properly Pack a Bowl of Weed

For most people, their very first experience with cannabis involves smoking it. A lot of us pretty much start off lighting up a blunt before anything else. Knowing how to properly pack a bowl of cannabis is one of the most quintessential lessons that any enthusiast can ever have. You can greatly benefit from knowing how to properly pack your own bowl of weed and there is also a great sense of accomplishment that comes with it as well.

Whether one is looking to pack a bowl for personal consumption or for a party, knowing and understanding this principle can help one go a long way. It will also make the overall bowl smoking experience that much better.

In this article, we are going to show smokers of all experience levels how to properly pack a bowl of cannabis. With that said, let us get down to business.

Understanding the Weed Pipe

Also known as “pipes”, bowls are the most commonly used accessory for smoking cannabis. They come in all shapes, designs, and sizes. Most pipes these days are made using borosilicate glass as it has proven to be quite a versatile material. Not only do pipes vary in shapes and sizes, but they also vary in functionality, complexity, and availability.

Most pipes use water to filter the smoke from cannabis and cool it down before inhalation. These pipes are known as bongs. Other pipes take a more basic shape and are commonly referred to as “spoons”. Spoons are the most preferred pipes for novice smokers as they are easier to handle, small and not as expensive.

Things to Consider Before Packing and Smoking a Bowl of Cannabis

Before one can start packing and smoking a bowl of tasty strains like Pineapple Express, a few very important and very essential items are needed. Besides the pipe or bowl, one will also need to have a heating element on hand. Butane lighters are perhaps the most basic heating element and usually work quite well, although there are plenty of other non-butane heating elements to choose from.

Always go for effective lighters or heaters as they will allow for better heating control whenever one vaporizes or ignites a bowl of ganja. When lighting up the bowl it is advisable to use some hemp wick as it can be easily ignited and does not leave behind any undesirable aftertaste.

A glass wand is another heating element that smokers use because of how it can be heated until reaches a point where the weed will become vaporized upon contact. This eliminates smoke combustion altogether while still maintaining the weed’s flavor and cannabinoid content through lighter hits.

One other important factor to consider is using a screen for the pipe. Screens are used to prevent burning bits of weed from getting inhaled. In case you don’t have a screen, here are some other alternatives that can be used:

  • A piece of paperclip or wire twisted into a coil
  • Screens from faucet heads
  • A small dry rock that is the same size as the bowl

Even though some smokers use other materials like aluminum foils, soda cans and or window screens on their pipes, it is not recommended by most experts. They are coated with dangerous materials that can cause some potentially deadly health hazards.

Knowing how to properly prepare weed for smoking in a bowl is essential as it can help optimize airflow through the pipe and make the smoke as even as possible. Grinding the herb is a very crucial step towards achieving this. Properly ground weed helps create a homogenous flow of air through the bowl that allows smoke to pass through it evenly.

Packing the Bowl

Now it is time to get to the best part of the article – the part where we show readers how to pack a bowl of weed. The first thing you want to do is to make sure that the bowl of weed has been evenly broken down. Hand pulling the weed is a very basic way of doing it but using a grinder can make everything much easier. Remember that cannabis can be broken down in many different ways, so smokers should not be afraid to get creative when doing this.

Once the cannabis has been broken down, slowly place the contents into the bowl and use your fingers periodically to make sure that the contents are packed in evenly. Remember that the main aim is to not pack the bowl too tight or too loose. The ground bits must be evenly packed, but not too pressed down to the point where drawing on the pipe will become difficult. A perfectly packed bowl will stay lit and is much easier to inhale.

In order for the cannabis to maintain a “cherry” or burn, the smoke has to be dense and this can be done by packing the weed lightly at the bottom while keeping it a bit denser on the top. This allows for better inhalation minus the clogging.

One can also use a stem or medium-sized calyx at the bottom of the bowl to keep any particulates from passing through. This will also help promote better airflow from the bowl. Don’t forget to press the herb with the thumb to make more compact as it will burn better this way.

As you can see, packing a bowl of weed is as simple as it gets. Just remember to always follow the rules of smoking cannabis when lighting the joint up. Now go out there and have fun packing your own joint.

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