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How to Use CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (short form CBD) is one of the more than a hundred naturally occurring compounds known as cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. It is an organic substance found in the secretion of the plant. The most popular cannabinoid THC is psychoactive. However, with CBD, you do not expect to get high. Research shows that CBD is not psychoactive.

The one thing that draws entices people to CBD is that it relieves pain and some symptoms without causing mind-altering effects like marijuana and some pharmaceutical drugs.

Extracting Cannabis oil

As a stoner, you probably know about the oil even though you may not have used it before. The oil is an extract from the cannabis plant. When unprocessed, the oil contains more than a hundred active ingredients. The ratio of these active substances varies depending on the strain of cannabis plant from which you extract the oil. As you probably know, CBD and THC are the primary active substances in Cannabis plant. The hemp varieties contain more CDB and deficient concentrations of THC while Marijuana contains more THC than CBD. Therefore, if you are looking for CBD, you should go for the hemp plant extracts.

You can extract CBD by producing fine chops of the plant's buds using a grinder or a knife. Bake the chops for 90 minutes at 220 F to decarb the active compounds. Once done, place the buds in your preferred vegetable oil (coconut oil, sesame oil, hemp seed oil, etc.) or alcohol. Heat in a closed container. The oil acts as a carrier for CBD oil,i.e.,the cannabinoids dissolve in the hot oil. The last step entails filtering and concentrating CBD oil.

However, you may not need to produce your own CBD oil at home. There are some commercial CBD oil products in the market that you can find. The products are easy to use as discussed below.

1. Sublingual

This is one of the simplest ways of using CBD oil. While using the sublingual route, you place CBD oil under the tongue and hold it there for about ninety seconds. The mucous membranes in the oral space will absorb the active ingredients in the oil. The oil goes directly into the blood capillaries in the mouth and straight into the bloodstream. This method is excellent for consuming pure CBD oil, tinctures and concentrates of CBD. You place a drop under the tongue or along the cheeks and way for CBD to get absorbed. After sometime, you will swallow the product but remember you must allow it sometime to absorb into the bloodstream before swallowing.

The benefit of the sublingual method is that the CBD oil does not go through the digestive process. The absorption goes straight into the bloodstream without undergoing any metabolism. This means that the onset of action is quick. The sublingual method is the best for those who want to experience the effect of CBD oil quickly.

Be careful when using tinctures, to avoid losses when the drop falls on the tongue or spills to cause a mess. The sublingual method is also excellent for concentrates. The downside is you may not find your favorite flavor in the market,and you will have to settle with the natural flavor, which many people do not like. Some people find the packaging of concentrate like syringes a bit intimidating. However, your interest is on the effectiveness and not the packaging.

2. Topical application

Some manufacturers formulate CBD oil products for topical use on the skin. Some brands now incorporate CBD oil in products such as creams, lotions, salves and even lip balms. When applied topically, CBD products get absorbed through the skin so that they affect the cells near the surface without reaching the bloodstream. CBD ointment is the ideal solution if you are seeking isolated pain relief or you want to deal with a skin condition. The benefit is that you can apply the product directly to the affected area of your skin.

CBD topical products help with conditions such as acne, chronic pain, inflammation, psoriasis, as anti-aging among many uses.

You can also find a number of daily healthcare products if you do not have skin problems. You can find CBD oil baths as well as other body care products including body wash, conditioner, moisturizing lotion, and shampoo.

3. CBD Capsules

Many people consume CBD capsules as supplements. Capsules offer the easiest way of consuming CBD. Like vitamin supplements or another pill, you simply take them with water.The daily supplements often contain 10-25 mg of CBD per capsule. Before you include the supplement to your dailyregiment, it is crucial that you understand your daily dose. One pill daily is enough,but you can adjust to suit your needs.Pay close attention to the concentration of CBD in the capsule and amounts of CBD you consume via other ways.

4. Vaping the oil

You can also inhale CBD oils by vaporizing. You are just inhaling the CBD vape oil. Your vaporizer heats the oil to release the active compounds,but the heat is not enough to activate the harmful byproducts caused by direct combustion. When you vape CBD oil, CBD enters your lungs and is absorbed directly into your circulation. CBD gets into your system much faster because it does not go through the digestive system. You also find maximum absorption during vaporization than when you ingest CBD oil. As opposed to ingesting CBD, Vaporizing the oil yields effect much faster. The good thing about concentrates is that they contain the highest amount of CBD oil than any other product.

5. CBD oil Sprays

CBD oil sprays contain the least concentration of CBD oil compared to other CBD products you can find in the market. Often they have a concentration of about 1 to 4 mg. With spraying, it is usually a challenge to determine the exact amount of dose which makes CBD sprays very inconsistent. CBD sprays come in handy when you want to use them while on the move. You will find the sprays easy to carry and you can use them almost everywhere. Sprays are also very easy to use; just spray the dosage into the mouth,and that’s it. About two to three spraysare enough. Always follow the instructions on the spray before using it.

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