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Crucial Information on DIY Bongs

A sprinkle of creativity, a dash of ingenuity and a serious need can produce some really cool things. Forget about indoor plumbing, or virtual reality or the iPhone; focus on how to get baked when a need arises. For sure, jonesing for some pot can be such a powerful motivator.

From folks creating pancake bubblers to pizza bongs, DIY bongs with DIY dabs these are the new craze. With every Instagram post one-upping the next, the most creative methods to smoke pot are being unleashed by the day. The creativity keeps getting weirder as each day passes. Stoners are constantly looking for new smoking methods.

The following are some of the best DIY bongs you should try:

#1: Lego bong

As you might already know, you can use plastic building blocks on almost anything. Making a cannabis bong is not an exception. Actually, when the need arises and you don’t have anything else, it becomes inevitable. You can use these favorite toys for kids to come up with a really cool bong. Ever heard of the aphorism,

Give a monkey adequate time, and it’ll type Shakespeare?

I think it definitely applies in this situation.

On a serious note though, the builder boasts some pretty interesting features. For instance, it has windows at the back for you to see whatever is happening inside. The hole at the stack’s bottom acts as a carburetor.

#2: Fruit bong is always fun

In just a pinch, all you need is an apple to create a pretty useful bong. Obviously, you must hollow out the fruit in order to have a path for the weed smoke to travel. Fortunately, after conquering the engineering hurdle, you should be able to have a festive and fun bong that forms the basis of your weed party. By adding other fruits such as watermelon and pineapple, you’ll certainly have a distinct bong, which everyone will appreciate. That is for sure.

#3: The gravity bong

Two plastic bottles are needed to make this bong. One of them must be thicker compared to the other. The other thing you require is a sharp knife to cut the bottles. So how do you go about it?

The first thing you need to do is cut off the bottom part of the skinner bottle. Secondly, cut off the top part of the wider bottle. To make the bowl, follow these steps:

Now put the bowl at the top part of the skinny bottle. Ensure it’s easy to remove the bowl. Depending on how you’ve made the bowl, there might be needed to poke holes for airflow. Next, fill the wider bottle with around three-quarters full water and then put the skinner bottle on top. Afterwards, load up the bowl with some chopped pot.

As you light the weed, gradually draw the skinny bottle from the wide one with water. Removing water will create some space that should be filled with smoke. Once the smoke reached the water’s edge, remove the bowl and then inhale the bottle full of smoke.

#4: Consider winter bongs

Winter bongs are everywhere. Actually, talking of winter, it’s just around the corner. Even when you’re spending your snowy night in the wilderness, it’s possible to enjoy some weed. At times, you might find yourself on a camping trip in the winter and all you have is a camera, a bag of pot, and clothes on your back. Even with that, you can still get baked. So what’s the cleverness of this bong? It’s two-fold:

  • You have to build water into the bong
  • Just like with most of the other DIY bongs, you can easily dispose your winter bong.

One of the most inspirational attributes this bong is the utilization of natural materials and actually making them work even with the harsh winter weather.

Check out this guide to learn more about a winter bong.

Final Thoughts

Every stoner has been there – caught bong-less and unprepared at the most crucial time. It’s at that point that the true-genius of a marijuana smoker reveals itself. In fact, many people don’t realize how gifted ganja connoisseurs they are until they run out of a bong.

Regardless of the preferred method, stoners are always finding new ways to burn their weed. The above are some of the most popular DIY bongs that every stoner should try.

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