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Introducing Smoke.Network, A Cannabis Network YOU Control!

09/30/2019 | Jonathan Hunter | Lifestyle

Tired of spending tons of time on social media while corps sell your personal info and spam you with ads?

Well, we are tired of that too and are out to change all that!

After spending the last few years growing 420Smokers.us, at the back of our minds, has always been on how we could grow the community and incentivize everyone to work together to change the world.

Now when you set out to change the world there are always a few concerns. Namely, how do you bootstrap such a change? How do you incentivize the masses to join in? How do you reward contributors? And how do you judge valuable contribution?

We believe we have the answers.

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have allowed people from all over the world to transact with each other securely and cheaply without the need for banks or intermediaries.

Currently, Bitcoin miners have received over $2billion dollars in ‘rewards’ to keep the network operating. This money is largely going to waste. The Smoke.Network utilizes the much cheaper, and faster EOS blockchain. Thus the rewards in the Smoke.Network go to those that contribute the most valuable work directly. At a market cap of even 1 / 100th of Bitcoin, the Smoke.Network would distribute over $50,000 per day to its users.

The Smoke currency has not been released to the public as of yet, and the alpha runs using a currency called Steem. Users can earn Steem that can later be traded for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or SMOKE.

Alpha users are able to post images, review strains, share stories as well us up vote, follow and curate others content via a simple up vote or flag system. Users are pseudo anonymous and reputation is based on social trust. Rewards are issued to users who make a subjective contribution to the community.

Next Steps.

The Smoke.Network contribution period will take place soon. Learn more by going to the website, checking the alpha and earning Steem, or by reading the Smoke.Network White Paper.

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