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The Ultimate Guide to Joint Holders, Roach Clips and Filter Tips

Every stoner has needed a joint holder, roach clip or filter tip at some point in time…

Be it the time you ran out of anything to make filters out of and had to roll without one, or the game of Fifa you were about to win were or not for the spliff between your fingers. Perhaps the time you burnt your lips trying to squeeze out that last puff.

Well, we scoured the internet to find some of the best joint holders, roach clips and filter tips we could find.

We also found some awesome DIY ideas to make your own if you don’t feel you should spend your bud money on something so frivolous.

Joint Holders.

A trusty joint holder can do a few things, some better than others:

  1. Hold you joint while your hands are busy. (Gaming, scrolling through facebook or cutting up weed for the next joint.)
  2. Allow you to smoke right to the end of the joint. (If you roll with no filter tip)
  3. Keep your hands from smelling like dank.
  4. Cleaner way to smoke. (If you sharing joints and do not want to get any germs from people’s lips)

We found a few items on the market for just that purpose and then take a look at some DIY options.

Toke Ring – The Sanitary Way to Smoke.

While it may look cool on the surface, this one got terrible reviews from buyers. From “not worth a dime i hate it it not what it looks like on here”, to “Just not handy”, I would stay clear of this product.

While on the surface it seems this concept of a joint holder could work, this manufacturer clearly misses the mark within the stoner community.

We liked the idea of the Toke Ring though, so sought out a better alternative.

Smokeey –  The Ultimate Smoke Ring.

The Smokeey joint holder looks like no bullshit, simple and flexible.

They do not try hype it up and the pictures look like they pictures of the actual product.

We have seen this product going around on facebook and it seems to be getting some good reviews. It comes in a few different colors and is made from very durable plastic.

We have gone and ordered a pack of these and you can too in the International Highlife shop here.

Metal Cigarette Holder – Classic Cig Holder.

A timeless piece that can be turned into a joint holder with ease is the metal cig holder.

While the curvature of the cig holder does not really work unless you roll thick joints or roll with a thick filter, this may not be the best choice either.

We just like the look and pretend to be in a godfather movie when we see someone using one.

Raw Double Barrel & Raw Trident – Multi Joint Holders.

I have never really seen the point in the Raw double barrel or trident until I read some of the reviews.

Holy catches ya by the boo boo don’t it????!!!!… This thing hits like a beast! Yes built with only cones in mind..all three burn evenly! And oh so hard! Be ready to cough this is great for the hard serious smoker that appreciates it! Wish I had this my two trips to Colorado ( in three months) lol…ENJOY!!!

Once I tried it I knew what this guy was talking about. The trident hits smooth and burns evenly all the way through surprisingly.

It only works with cones but I tried blocking up the two side holes and used it for one joint and it seemed great as well.

For best use, get yourself some raw pre-rolled cones as they fit perfectly in this bad boy!

DIY Solution:

There are a few good DIY options if you don’t feel up to spending a few dollars or if you don’t want to wait for shipping. You could carve one up out of wood yourself if you a master craftsmen or put the joint into the hole in your pipe or bong, but the best method we have found online is the top of a Grolsch beer bottle as it is made from ceramic and has a hole drilled through it.

Roach Clips.

If you roll your joints or blunts without a filter tip, a roach clip is essential.

While we found a few for sale and a few DIY options and these are the best and cheapest solutions by far:

  • Grab some of these alligator clips and attach the bottom to anything. (Cork, wood, lights, etc)
  • Grab this telescopic alligator clip. (It’s pretty much perfect. )
  • Use a keyring and slide the joint into the ring.
  • Use a pin but be careful to not poke yourself.

I am sure as a stoner you have made yourself a good deal of roach clips or at least tried it out. Hopefully, these give you a few new ideas if you looking for them.

Filter Tips.

Do you roll a lot of joints but always running out of cardboard to make filter tips from?

OG Tips Combo – Original And Slim Glass Filter Tips.

My personal favorite tips are the OG slim glass but sometimes you may be with friends and want to roll up something fatter, or perhaps enjoy a blunt.

Well the OG Tips combo comes with 2 slim and 2 OG original filter tips so that you can pretty much roll a joint of any size with one or the other.

They pretty cheap so not too much of a stress if you break them, as the glass is perhaps not as thick as it could be. For the price though they worth it.

Raw Pre-Rolled Tips & Raw Tips Book – Enough Tips For A Good While.

For the ultra lazy stoners, Raw has brought out these cool small boxes of pre-rolled tips.

Great for those that are struggling with motor ability or if you just cannot be bothered to roll your own tips.

Personally, I prefer the Raw Tips Book. It makes a cool coffee table piece and there are plenty of tips (480 of them..) about enough to last me a month.

DIY Solution:

The most creative tips we have seen are made from pasta. Grab yourself a bag of corkscrew pasta and be set for filters for quite some time. These look like they draw pretty well and are the perfect size for king size joints or single blades.

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