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Kannastör Aluminium Grinder – A heavy Duty Product that will Blow You Away

Kannastör Aluminium Grinder – A heavy Duty Product that will Blow You Away

Kannastör Aluminium Grinder


Trust the guys in Amsterdam to come up with a product that blows away the competition. The industrial strength Kannastör 2.5 inch Aluminium 4-part Grinder comes complete with a clear lid so you can check on the progress without having to pull it apart. Inside, cubic teeth grind anything to dust with a bottomless pit of a pollen catcher underneath.

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  • The ultimate grinding experience
  • Heavy duty magnetized lid that won't fall apart
  • Unique drop through holes
  • Deep well


  • Twice the cost of most products out there

Dutch darlings Kannastör herb grinder

If you've got the next few years in mind, then you really need look no further than the industrial strength 4 part grinder from Dutch darlings Kannastör. This is a weighty beast using cubic teeth to obliterate plants into dust.

Magnetized features

We'll start with the see-through lid which lets you check on the progress of your herb in real-time. There's also a glass band in the chamber so you can watch the dust settle. Beneath that a super-deep well for catching the pollen that gets filtered through its mesh net.

A lot of products feature a magnetized lid, but that doesn't mean they won't fall apart in your pocket. This one is strong enough to survive bouncing down a flight of stairs, so you can pre-grind your product without worrying about losing any.

One of the best build quality grinders we have reviewed

Again, we were blown away by the quality of this product. A superb base material in brushed aluminum with resilient nylon friction rings and sturdy glass chamber. Even the mesh feels strong to the touch. We felt that this thing could survive a nuclear holocaust, so it's more than capable of being a mainstay in your collection for the next decade.

A good investment

Simply put, this is one of the best products on the market, so of course it's great value for money. The glass lid adds a few bucks no doubt, but its the overall build quality combined with a host of interesting features that make this grinder stand head and shoulders above the rest. A super investment for years to come.

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