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What is it like living with a stoner?

09/30/2019 | Jonathan Hunter | Lifestyle

With the growing number of states that have legalized marijuana, the stoner population also continues to grow. Just like any normal personal, stoners also create relationships and friendships. Living or dating someone that smokes cannabis is different. That then raises the million-dollar question, what is like living with a stoner?

Here are some of the things you’ll notice when you date or live with a stoner?

#1: Stoners tend to be creative thinkers

Unfortunately, there’s a perpetual stereotype that stoners normally sit on their couch throughout the day giggling incessantly and/or spouting nonsense. This is far from the truth. Majority of the stoners I know run successful businesses.

Weed stimulates the brain to think outside the box. It also helps to relax an over-active mind. While stoned, imagination tends to run wild with inspiration for creative food pairings, theories of existence and even inventions.

#2: You form a stronger bond or deeper connection

Living with a stoner helps you to form a special kind of bond. In fact, even drunken adventures or living with drunkard cannot come close to simulating. While a drunken friend may leave you in a club that is the last thing a stoner would ever do. Chances are very high that your stoned friend or partner will fall asleep on the couch after many hours of deep conversation.

Smoking weed tends to open up someone to be more honest and vulnerable. After smoking cannabis, you will inevitably have extended conversations regarding mystical and mundane matters. Living with a stoner will help you appreciate to be endearing and incomprehensible.

#3: At times, they’re on a spiritual path

Sadhus are holy men in Hinduism that reside in the mountains to practice renunciation and meditation. They smoke ganja to assist them focus on the divine. Since pot is an introspective drug, it’s handy when it comes to raising the awareness of the subconscious, which is similar to the deep meditation practices. Paranoia is the name some people give to this phenomenon. However, when harnessed properly, it can turn out to be a valuable experience to confront the thoughts that rest below the surface. While not every stoner is on a path to enlightenment, perhaps it’s the maiden step in that direction.

#4: Smoking is their favorite hobby

Smoking is the favorite hobby of a stoner. Therefore, you should expect lots of smoking. From going to the shower, to eating or heading to the grocery store, most stoners are into smoking first. They find it rewarding to do it before doing anything else. While some who don’t smoke might like this attribute of a stoner, it’s a great thing if both of you are cannabis enthusiasts. It can turn out to be something that both of you do on a daily basis. In fact, stoner coupled bond through smoking together and enjoying the company of one another.

#5: You’ll know how to chill

Every stoner knows that there’s no better way to spend an afternoon or evening that being cozily ensconced at home surrounded by food and friends. Weed not only calms one down but also slows the pace of life in a way that gives you the chance to perfectly enjoy the present moment. The beauty of it all is the fact that you don’t have to do anything or go anywhere to have a splendid time. All you require is some rolling papers and music.

#6: At times, they act differently

When living with or dating a stoner, you’ll notice that they tend to act different that they would when they’re sober. They are still the same person but probably more relaxed and high. Well, surprisingly, this can be a great thing sincesmoking pot actually relieves stress. According to some folks, smoking marijuana makes the relationship stronger and last long since you’re more collected, cool and calm. Stoners can also be deep at times. That makes them excellent people to talk to.

Final Thoughts

Marijuana is a central part of the lives of many people. The beauty about weed is the fact that it lends itself naturally to a particular lifestyle. Living with a stoner shouldn’t be as challenging or complicated as many people put it. The above are some of the things you’ll appreciate or know when living with a cannabis smoker.

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