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The Unconventional Guide to Marijuana as an Aphrodisiac

A Little Blue Pill vs A Little Dank Bud…

More and more men are swapping the little blue pill for a little dank bud.

It makes sense, being stoned makes lots of things more enjoyable. Food tastes better, music sounds fuller, so why wouldn’t sex also be enhanced?

Growing up on playboy and how they shaped cannabis experiences, coupled with my own experience over the years certainly verifies that many marijuana users experience pro-sexual effects.

One of the biggest advantages that marijuana has over other aphrodisiacs is that it is all natural. It is also heavily studied and been used for centuries. Other aphrodisiacs can drastically affect the blood pressure. This can lead to all sorts of medical complications especially for those with heart or other pre-existing health conditions.

This makes marijuana one of the safest and most tested aphrodisiacs available.

Marijuana Makes Sex Sexier

Perhaps one of the reasons that marijuana enhances sex so much is due to the effect it has of often making the user feel as if they are seeing the world through new eyes.

When high on cannabis every sense is enhanced like being turned all the way up. Everything from the sight of a naked body to the touch of a lover can take on new altered meanings. This is just one of those insane weed facts you gotta try for yourself.

A lot of problems arise during intercourse due to either partner not being able to fully relax. This is understandable as life is stressful and it is often hard to shift from the work gear to the sexy gear at the flick of a switch.

Stress has no place in the bedroom and only causes problems. Using marijuana as an aphrodisiac can also eliminate this problem due to its relaxing effects.

Marijuana is also unique as an aphrodisiac because it can be shared between partners.


In my experience, marijuana and foreplay were meant for each other. There is no better way to undress your lover than to undress slowly over a shared joint while the room becomes hazy and you relax more and more.

This also allows for you and your partner to settle into a similar mindset and to really get in tune with another. Since marijuana enhances the sense of touch it can allow for much deeper foreplay and better communication of what feels good to each partner. It also prevents rushing and really allows for the experience to develop naturally.

Many people who I have talked to mention that some marijuana strains help with anxiety and makes them feel more empathetic or compassionate. I wouldn’t go as far to say this, but I have noticed that marijuana tends to make me more giving in the bedroom and less focused on getting my own needs met.

Though I’m not sure if that is because I’m more empathetic, or if it’s just because I’m more relaxed.

Other Benefits

One of the main benefits of using cannabis as an aphrodisiac is how it can make the orgasm feel better and different.

I remember my girlfriend’s mom claiming all she wanted to do was keep having sex as she claimed it, “felt better than ever” after she took half of an edible for a migraine and found herself later getting frisky in bed.

This phenomenon probably stems from marijuana’s effects on the dopaminergic system of the brain since orgasms are also related to the brain’s dopamine. I have noticed that cannabis-fueled intercourse lasts longer.

I have confirmed this fact with several close friends who have corroborated my observations in their own encounters. One friend claimed that he believed cannabis gives him more control during sex. And that he is more aware of the sensations within his body allowing him to sustain longer intercourse.

Additional Tips On Using Marijuana As An Aphrodisiac.

I have found that certain ways of using cannabis work better for aphrodisiac usage.

My preference for aphrodisiac use would be edible marijuana. I prefer this because I find the high to be very prevalent within the body which leads to the greatest enhancement of sensations.

For those that do not regularly take marijuana or those with a low tolerance, edible marijuana can be too potent. Make your own weed butter, make some brownies and start small.

Since edibles last longer than smoked or vaporized cannabis they are not always practical. If this is the case I prefer hash/hash oil or a strong Sativa. The sedating effects of an Indica can sometimes be too overwhelming leading to a cuddle session rather than sex.

Everyone’s body chemistry is different, though. The best way to find out what works for you is to start exploring and find out what gives you the best results.

Let us know in the comments below of any success or failures you’ve had with marijuana as an aphrodisiac!

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