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Marijuana May Reduce Need for Pain Killers

Pain is a symptom that signifies that something is not all right within our bodies. As the alarm of disease, pain may arise from an accident or illness and when this happens, the affected person always ends up seeking medical help.

At the medical facility, medical experts will begin by diagnosing the patient. A series of tests will be carried out to find the root cause. To relieve pain, doctors will opt to prescribe painkillers.

It is common for patients to end up abusing prescription painkillers while in pursuit of relief. As a result, some have overdosed leading to death. Over the years, researchers have been looking for answers to help people experience relief from pain while using substances like marijuana or CDB oil.

Marijuana and Pain

In a 2011 study carried out by the University of California San Francisco, researchers found out that patients experiencing chronic pain can experience pain relief if their doctors started prescribing cannabinoids.

As you already know, the cannabinoid is the main ingredient found in medical marijuana. Researchers discovered that cannabinoids can offer pain relief after undertaking a small scale study with the aim of finding out how an opiates-only treatment can help to prevent dependence on opioids while relieving pain at the same time.

According to the researchers, pain is a huge problem in the US and many people suffering from chronic pain seek help from the nearest medical facility. In the study, 21 chronic pain patients were surveyed. 10 were kept on sustained-release morphine while 11 were kept on oxycodone.

From the start of the study, researchers exposed the chronic pain patients to vaporized marijuana for four days. On the 5th day, they (researchers) checked the patients on the level of opiate in the blood.

What they discovered was that the level of morphine was lower while the level of oxycodone remained the same. Patients who were given morphine were assigned a pain score of 35 which reduced to 24 after the fifth day.

For patients in the oxycodone group, they were assigned a pain score of 44 which dropped to 34. According to the researchers, all patients displayed great relief from pain after the study.

In a 2015 paper, it was noted that medical marijuana patients reported pain relief from chronic pain associated with musculoskeletal problems and others. The researcher also discovered that marijuana is a great substitute for people suffering from chronic pain and are in need of relief. In the paper, the researcher assessed the relation between the legalization of marijuana in Washington DC and other 29 states in the US.

What the researcher discovered is that states permitting the use of medical marijuana experienced a significant decrease in opioid abuse and overdose death. That is not all. The researcher also found out that providing access to medical marijuana in the US will surely help in the fight against opioid abuse and overdose deaths.

In another 2018 study to find out how effective medical marijuana is in managing chronic pain, researchers surveyed 138 medical marijuana users. Each person was given a 20 question survey to fill. The survey questions focused on the rate of medical marijuana use, what form each individual took, the effect of marijuana toward pain relief and if the participants were able to reduce their use of painkillers.

After the survey, the researchers presented the following findings. 18% of the participants reported that marijuana reduced their pain moderately, 20% reported extreme pain relief while 27% experienced complete relief. 91% of the participants said that they would recommend medical marijuana to other people.

Can CBD oil help in the alleviation of chronic pain?

A 2008 study revealed that people suffering from chronic pain have been using CBD oil to reduce pain and discomfort. As you already know, CBD oil is a by-product of marijuana. As a cannabinoid, it is a chemical commonly found in hemp and marijuana plants. Unlike marijuana, CBD oil does not make the user feel high.

Experts have been studying CBD oil and chronic pain management for a few years now. From the findings, there is a great promise. Not only is CBD oil slated to offer great relief from chronic pain and anxiety but it can help to prevent overdose deaths common among opioid users who abuse the drugs.

How can CBD oil help to relieve chronic pain

CBD oil works by interacting with receptors in your immune system and the brain. As you already know, receptors are tiny proteins which attach to your cells. They receive signals (chemical signals) from different parts of the body which allows your body cells to respond.

Thanks to the bonding that occurs between CBD oil and receptors, it helps to create anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects. This helps with chronic pain management. As a result, CBD oil is beneficial when it comes to relieving pain for instance chronic back pain.

Which are the best cannabis strains for relieving chronic pain?

Marijuana is now legally dispensed by dispensaries across the US. In a web survey to find out which marijuana strains are great for relieving chronic pain and other symptoms, researchers surveyed 95 participants.

In the survey, researchers carried out a two-sided chi-square test. This was followed by a Bonferroni post hoc multiple comparisons and a Fisher exact test. From the anonymous survey, the researchers discovered that the majority of the participants preferred Cannabis indica over Cannabis sativa when it came to pain management.

For improved mood and energy, the participants preferred Cannabis sativa.

Final Thoughts

Multiple studies have been carried out in relation to marijuana as a replacement for opioids and painkillers. These studies have helped to reveal the benefits of marijuana in alleviating chronic pain.

According to these studies, marijuana is more effective than opioids which makes it a great replacement not only for chronic pain relief but for opioid prescriptions. While there are side effects of marijuana such as getting high, the good news is that they (side effects) are minimal and manageable.

Although the exact composition of marijuana that will ensure chronic pain relief is yet to be found, it is advisable for marijuana users to keep using a low dosage.

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