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Top 5 Marijuana Stocks for Your Portfolio

Interesting 420 stocks to have an eye on 2018

The marijuana industry has been experiencing tremendous growth in the recent years as most state and federal governments continue to reconsider their restriction laws. Consequently, most companies are taking advantage of the recent developments to invest in the industry. The demand for both medical and recreational marijuanahas gone up, and this means that marijuana stocks are also doing well in the stock market.

There are many investment opportunities for individuals and companies that want to invest their funds in the lucrative cannabis market. Although marijuana stocks may be risky due to legal uncertainties, it is important to know that there are some stocks that can guarantee good returns as we begin the New Year.

The following are the top 5 cannabis stocks to consider for your portfolio in 2018;

Investing in Cannabis Stocks.

1. AbbVie Inc

AbbVie Inc is an American pharmaceutical company that specializes in research and innovation. The company uses advanced science to come up with quality treatments or medications for curing some of the dangerous diseases and conditions in the world. AbbVie Inc has a market capitalization of $155.4 billion, and this demonstrates its market strength.

AbbVie Inc has in the recent years ventured into the marijuana industry due to the increasing need to develop new more effective therapeutic and medical applications. The value of its stock has increased significantly after the company began producing cannabis drugs. With a stock value of $6.13B, the company guarantees the best marijuana stocks in the market.

2. GW Pharmaceuticals

This is another top cannabis stock to consider in 2018. The biotechnology company produces cannabinoid therapeutics and other products derived from marijuana. Its impressive position in the market is attributed to its massive investment in intellectual property portfolio and innovative development processes.

The company’s most successful product is a cannabidiol known as Epidiolex. GW Pharmaceuticals stock was relatively stable in the last quarter of 2017, and it is expected to increase in value in the first quarter of 2018. Therefore, investors should consider the company’s stock when looking for marijuana stocks.

3. Phillip Morris International

The company is traditionally known for the production and sale of tobacco products but is the introduction cannabis-related products that took the company to the next level. The company continues to experience massive gains in sales and this has consequently increased the value of its stock. Currently, Phillip Morris International is one of the leading distributors of cannabis products in the United States.

The company’s stock is expected to increase in value by over 7% within the first quarter of 2018 making it a viable marijuana stock for investors. Generally, the company is expected to record a 40% growth in projected earning, and this makes its stock to remain as one of the best marijuana stocks in the market.

4. Canopy Growth Corporation

This is a Canadian company that cultivates, processes, and sells medical marijuana products. The company’s total revenue is estimated to be $50 million and is actually one of the leading marijuana companies in the country. Its stock is the largest in Canada and has been performing well when it comes to global exports.

Moreover, Canopy Growth has the best grow facilities in the world. The company is expected to experience strong growth with the continued legalization of both recreational and medicinal marijuana in most countries. As the year progresses, the company’s stock value is expected to record significant growth.

5. American Green Inc

American Green has generated a lot of buzz in the recent days especially after it bought over 120 acres of land for marijuana farming. This a clear sign of an ambitious company that is trying to move to the next level. The company cultivates and distributes both recreational and medical marijuana, and has one of the most active stocks.

It is estimated that the company trades over 140 million shares per day. The volume of its shares increased significantly after investors heard about the acquisition of a new piece of land in Nipton, CA. The new acquisition is expected to increase the company’s revenues in 2018 leading to significant gains in the value of its stock.


In conclusion, is important for investors to be very cautious when looking for cannabis stocks to buy as most of the stocks are high-risk. However, most marijuana companies continue to register significant growth after the legalization of marijuana by most state and federal authorities. Some of the recommended marijuana stocks for investment in 2018 include AbbVie IncGW PharmaceuticalsPhillip Morris InternationalCanopy Growth Corporation, and American Green Inc.

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