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The 8 Best Marijuana Vaporizers and Wax pens

The 8 Best Marijuana Vaporizers and Wax pens

What Is A Vaporizer?

Vaporizers are smoking devices which you can use to vaporize cannabis or extract instead of smoking it the normal way. Many studies have proven that vaporizing can be healthier than lighting a joint. Here are some of the most important things you should know about vaping:

  • Vaporizing can have a health impact and are maybe safer than smoking marijuana.
  • A good vaporizer can convert more THC into vapor than an average joint.
  • They appeal to non-smokers.

How to Use A Vaporizer?

Vaporizing can give you the strongest effect. Here is how to use a vaporizer step by step:

Step 1: Preheating the Vaporizer. 250 degrees is usually the average vaporizing temperature. You can go slightly higher or lower. It depends on how dry your cannabis is.

Step 2: Grind your weed. The finer you grind the better it’s going to vaporize.

Step 3: Pack it up. Go a head and put the grinded weed in the glass cylinder that goes on top of the heading element. Pack the cannabis slightly and don’t pack it too much.

Step 4: Get ready to vaporize. Take one good exhale and then you can start to inhale.

Step 5: Remove the vaporizer remains. After you’re done the marijuana should have a nice brown consistency and should not be black. If its black you burned it.

Smoking Vs. Vaping Weed

Smoking or vaping? That's the question. Which is better for you? Let’s go back to the basics for a second.

A raw cannabis plant contains over a hundred different cannabinoids. One of them is THC, which is responsible for the psychotropic effects of smoking weed. Then there are others like CBD which gives you a more body high.

Naturally cannabis contain anywhere from 4 to 65% THC.

Now when you smoke a joint, you’re using an open flame which is very high heat and that combustion process activates the THC. When you inhale it, your lungs will deliver it straight into your bloodstream. That’s why you feel the effects of marijuana almost immediately.

Vaporizer on the other hand use a process called conduction heating where either the raw plant or an extract of the plant has direct contact with a heat source but without an open flame. It uses a lower temperature and it heats it up just enough to be able to vaporize the THC.

You still feel the effects of it but without the health problems that come along with smoking. It is still a relatively new thing so its hard to say exactly what the long-term effects are, but you don’t have any outside chemicals to deal with, so it’s still widely agreed to be better than smoking.

Which Wax Weed Pen?

The technology around marijuana vaporizers and wax pens have come a long way in the last few years. Especially recently. Only a few years ago desktop vapes dominated the scene. The only pens available where home-brewed e-cig hacks that either burnt the wax to a crisp or burnt themselves out within the first few sessions.

With the Introduction of companies like Grenco Science, Dr Dabber and Kandy Pens a world of competition has pushed the Wax Vaporizer Pen market into a whole new era of smoking dabs!

We take a look at the top Weed Wax vaporizers for under $50. Now anyone can afford to keep a Wax Vaporizer on hand.


Pax 3 – The Ultimate Choice For Every Heavy Stoner


Pax is a company that has caught the eye of some of the biggest names in journalism. Heralded by the likes of the Business Insider, Maxim and Huffington Post- earning the nickname as the iPhone of vaporizers-the arrival of the Pax 3 has been greeted with a lot of enthusiasm in the vaping industry.


Dr Dabber Light – The ultimate dab pen.


In terms of quality, both build and smoke, the Dr. Dabber Light is leading the way. You get the same coil technology that’s in the Ghost for a lot less cash. If you want a discrete, portable smoke you won’t find a better one.


Pulsar Ninja V4 – Huge hits with a tiny wax pen


The price of this unit puts it on a par with the Dr. Dabber Light. If I had to choose between the two, I would go for this one. The reason is that ceramic coil. You just can’t beat smoking from ceramic.There’s also a larger bowl which means you can load up the bigger hits.


G Slim Concentrates – A stealthy & ultra slim pen


All in all this stealthy mouth-piece is a good buy. It’s inexpensive, looks cool and packs a strong punch. We’d all like the hits to be a little bit bigger, but it wouldn’t be nearly as discrete or portable if they were.


Honeystick Beekeeper – A delicious wax pen


The Honeystick Beekeeper certainly looks cool.It feels great as well with the cool aluminum shell. When you shake it around there is, unfortunately, a rattle whilst the lack of a warranty does concern me. However, once you fire this up you’ll have absolutely no regrets about making the purchase.


KandyPens K-Stick – A beautiful wax pen for anytime!


I like this pen. Granted at this price range it’s hard to get it wrong. There could be a few improvements like a Quartz coil or a temperature controller but when the cost is so low you can’t really complain.


Dube Disposable – A dab pen to go.


So, let’s weigh it all up. A disposable pen is a handy product to find on a store-shelf, that’s for certain. I like the way that you can just fire this thing up straight out of the box as well.


Atmos Q3 Kit – Perfect For Vaping On the GO


This is another great product from Atmos. It is the perfect solution for those vaping on the go. It uses three quartz rod atomizer and because of that, it can heat faster than similar products.

Different Sizes and Prices of Vape Pens:

When looking at wax vape pens it is best to think about the amount you smoke and where you will be using your pen most. A lot of wax pen vaporizers require consumables such as wax pen coils and vape batteries.

Some are better for stealthy situations and others more suited to comfortably puffing at home. Make sure to get a pen you are comfortable with, that gives you the required hit you desire. If you do not want to deal with consumables make sure you go for a titanium bowled vape or grab some backup coils if you go with a quartz model.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Wax Pen Vaporizer:

When looking for a weed wax pen it is important to remember a few things such as:

  • wax smoke pen size
  • best dab pen price
  • best wax pen under 50
  • product quality
  • best wax pen
  • disposable wax pens or not

Other things to remember are:

  • checking which cheap wax pen suits your needs
  • choosing a marijuana wax pen that is good value for money

Reasons to buy a wax smoking pen:

Here are a few awesome reasons why you should purchase yourself a cannabis wax pen:

  1. Healthy - Smoking wax in a vape pen is a lot more healthy than blazing in a dab rig, bong or smearing on your rolling papers. While most vapes still combust the wax it is still not at the extreme temps of other smoking methods.
  2. Stealthy - One of the stealthiest and most discrete ways to smoke cannabis oils and wax. Easily stash your wax pen in your pocket or hold it as if you are just smoking an e cig. The sleek design of cannabis wax pens are perfect for any occasion where you may need to be extra stealthy.
  3. Efficient - Thc wax pens are extremely efficient. They allow for using small amounts of cannabis wax without any wasting while being vaped. All the thc vaporizers and is consumable leaving very little waste.
  4. Save Money - Smoking your waxes and oils through a vape pen will save you money as you will use much less wax to achieve the desired high.

Some wax pen vaporizers will give massive dab like hits while others will be more discrete and give more subtle draws. Read the rest of our guide to find one that suits you perfectly and allows you to vape wax when and where you want to without the stress or hastles that go along with dabs.

Vape For Wax F.A.Q's:

Are cheap dab pens any good?

For the cost of them, they are pretty good. Look for companies that have a good social media following and have plenty of happy customers posting pictures and reviews of the pens to see if you like them.

How do vaporizer wax companies make vapes for under $50?

The technology surrounding vaping and wax has come a long way in recent years with quartz becoming the norm and cheap to manufacture. 

How long will does a wax pen vaporizer last?

If you treat your pen well it can last a good few years of daily smoking, though you may have to replace the coil, depending on the wax you use, every month or more, and the rechargeable battery every 6 months.

Are vape pens legit?

While desktop vapes and electronic dab rigs are better and more reliable, vape pens are pretty legit for the portability and price. 

What is the popular and best vaporizer for wax brands?

The leading wax smoke pen manufacturers are Grenco Science (Gpen), KandyPens, Dube, Dr Dabber and Honey Stick.

Why should I buy a cheap wax pen?

Apart from the savings, stealth, and portability, a cheap vape is a handy way to smoke wax without too many downsides or serious investments. 

What can I smoke in my vape pen?

Depending on the pen, but usually you can smoke any THC concentrate or CBD products concentrate. . 

Where can I buy one?

You can buy one directly from their respective website. Simply follow the links in this review.

So which is the best concentrate pen?

We recommend the Dr Dabber light as our best cheap vape pen. They a trusted name and create their bowl out of titanium. It does not require consumables and smokes like the bomb!  

Cheap vape pens for wax are an affordable way to smoke your concentrates easily, safely and stealthy. A good cheap pen is a must have for any serious stoner that wants something to smoke on the go or in public.