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Moon Rocks take over the Cannabis World

Moon Rocks are mind blowing and are taking over…

Have you seen them? Heard of them? Have you tasted them? So recently there are these two guys called Kurupt & Dr.Zodiak who have presented to the cannabis market an incredible new product which, without a doubt, blows the competition away. For those who have never heard of them, they are both American rappers,artists, and businessmen(Indeed!). Kurupt’s & Dr. Zodiak Cannabis Brand shocked the world with a unique product in existence: Moon Rocks!

What are Moon Rocks?

People say “The starting point of all achievement is desire.”
Imagine yourself sitting in a room, trying to figure out how to create the strongest bud in your galaxy. You have already smoked and/or vaporized hash oil and kief, but there is a growing urge for the next big
thing to appear in the limelight. So why don’t just take some of the best strains out there, dip them in hash oil and then roll ’em in a heavy layer kief? How does that sound to you? It sounded pretty good idea for Kurupt and Dr.Zodiak as this is the exact way Moon rocks are made. After the process, Moon Rocks typically end up containing
more than 50% THC! They’re also extremely CBD rich and tasty! What a time to be alive!

Moon Rocks Medical Applicability

Due to this unearthly percentage of THC, Moon Rocks are a great option if you’re looking for a strong body high to relieve insomnia, lack of appetite and muscle sourness.The product is also effective in pain reduction as well as combating anxiety issues.There is no certain way of consuming Moon Rocks. You could smoke it using a pipe, a bong or the marijuana vaporizers, which are getting really affordable these days. It all comes down to what your favorite tool is.We strictly suggest you shouldn’t use a grinder. The amount of kief you would loose during the process is heart braking, considering all that hard work for the world’s strongest bud to be created. However, you should be definitely “cautious” with Moon Rocks. In larger amounts, it will put you into deep sleep faster than a horse anesthesia. On the other hand, maybe that’s the effect you’re after anyway.

Moon Rocks – The evolution of cannabis according to the rapper, Kurupt…

 Price and Availability of the Moon Rocks

According to CannabisReports.com, Kurupt’s & Dr. Zodiak are available for sale only in California’s dispensaries.  In other words, you can’t buy it anywhere else legally. What an inconvenience for the rest of the world!

The next question which would normally pop up in your head is: “How expensive is this product? Should cost an arm and a leg”. Well, you’re not right, but you ain’t wrong. Moon Rocks are cataloged in dispensary websites ranging from $25-$30/gram. However, the price seems reasonable considering the high quality of the product. After all, you get the strongest bud in your galaxy! Moon rocks are top quality medicine,made with the strongest marijuana strains in existence,
rolled in kief and hash oil derived from some of the strongest weed strains available as well. Tempting, right? Although the done deal looks decent,In the next lines we’re going to share with the cannabis enthusiasts how to make your own Moon Rocks at home.

How to make Moon Rocks at home?

At the present time, you are probably reading this stoned, thinking “How on Earth I could possibly make myself some damn Moon Rocks?!” Well, guess what? It’s not that hard at all. You just have to get the proper ingredients and produce it like the genius stoner you are! Everybody has the spark of genius within. Light it up people!

First of all, you going to need some weed,kief,hash oil, dropper or small brush and last but not least: tweezers or chopsticks. Note: The better the starting ingredients the better the finished product. Therefore make sure you’ll get the best strain available to you,accompanied by some dank kief as well. In conclusion: Don’t forget that quality of the initial products defines the quality of the blend. Now, when we have everything we’re ready to proceed:


Weed –

Important to realize is that you’ll definitely need the strongest and the most potent strain you could find. Moon Rocks were originally created with Girl Scout Cookies(GSC), which is a Durban Poison hybrid and Og Kush cross. GSC have won numerous Cannabis Cup awards because of its incredible THC heights. Therefore we suggest you follow the classic recipe, still experimenting would never hurt.

Kief –

Put your hands on the best kief you could find! Kief is a concentrated form of cannabis,made by removing the trichomes from the cannabis plants. Trichromes are the tiny,shiny, crystal-like balls that form on the leaves of the herb, and these little guys contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids compared to any other part of the cannabis plant.Therefore they are the ones who deliver that intense psychoactive experience every stoner loves so much. No wonder why Kief means pleasure in Arabic, according to Wiki. Most of you will have a grinder that collects kief at the bottom,so extracting your own won’t be a problem.

Hash Oil –

is produced by solvent extraction of marijuana and hashish. As a result, a sticky resinous dark liquid with a very strong herbal odor remains. The odor is remarkably different from the distinctive odor of hemp. You can use any sort of hash oil,CO2 extraction, honey oil etc. you can find.

Dropper –

All you have to do is spread the hash oil onto the weed bud.

Chopsticks –

We have to use them, cause we don’t want our precious kief to stick on our hands, right?
Now that we’ve gone trough the Product’s list let’s get down to business! Here’s what you have to do to make:

Homemade Moon Rocks in 5 simple steps:

  1. First of all take a nice medium-sized bud.The more compact the bud is, the easier it would be for you to operate.
  2. Since you want your bud to be fully covered with hash oil, without dripping, 420Smokers gladly present you the dropper. We’re going to use it for maximum perfection while we sprinkle our bud.
  3. Almost there! Make yourself a nice kief pile, where you’ll drop the oil-coated bud into. How do we do that without our hands getting in kief? The chopsticks!
    Remember: Greatness is simple! Check for the bud from side to side. Coat it evenly with a nice layer of kief.
  4. You have a come a long way and you deserve a rest while you wait! Leave you bud aside to dry.
  5. Finally seems like everything is ready! Once your Moon Rock is dry, smoke it and enjoy!

Alright, we already shared with you the most important things you should know about the Moon Rocks.  Let the fun begin! However, don’t forget to enjoy responsibly. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section.

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