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Pax Era

Pax Era

Pax Era


Here's the full review and all the details you would like to know about the Pax Era vape pen and cartridges. These pod mods are gaining popularity these days, and the Era is one of the best pod mod for cannabis users.

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About THC Cartridges


  • Portable
  • Hybrid pods
  • No leaking
  • Discrete
  • Variable temperature


  • Only available in California and Colorado
  • Non-refillable pods

Pax Labs, a California-based company given the nickname “Apple of vaping” is known for reinventing the electronic cigarette with JUUL, which became its best selling device. It also introduced the Pax Era cartridge which aims to make it easier for marijuana smokers to use a vaporizer similar to what the JUUL did to tobacco smokers. The following Pax Era review will give you details on many of the things you would like to know about the Pax Era.

Pax Era Review

The Pax Era is a vaporizer for THC oil. The vape pen functions by heating up the liquid form of marijuana concentrate that is contained in small, Keuring-cup-like canisters. You only need to inhale in order to activate the vape pen.

The Era is portable and lightweight. Its selling price is $59.99 at the Pax website.

The Pax Era pods price is $40 a pop at The Labs and Bloom farms.

Select vendors sell this vaporizer in Colorado and California where cannabis is legal in a certain form. The Pax Era empowers on-the-go, discrete extract dosing and stands out as a stylish and high functioning vaporizer.

The Era offers a unique experience to marijuana users.

It is obvious that to be worthwhile, the vape pen has to have has to have more than just nice aesthetics. Apart from being button-free and feather-light, it is cost effective.

Its battery lasts for four hours before it needs to be recharged. Therefore, the device will not die after a few pulls.

The Era looks simple at first, but looks can be deceiving. This vape pen works seamlessly with the Pax mobile app that enables precise temperature controls so that users can actually discern and experience the flavour profiles of various pods.

The Pax Era pods cannot be refilled. If you attempt to refill them, your battery may get damaged and your warranty will be automatically become void.

Trying to refill the pods with your own cannabis oil concentrates will also leave your hands wet with a lot of liquid.


The Pax Era delivers satisfying flavor. Many of the THC liquid concentrates available on the market come in tanks, and an eGo-threaded battery powers them. The battery screws onto the tank.

The Pax Era is different since it offers pre-filled pods, rather than the conventional clearomizer that contains liquid cannabis extracts. You will appreciate the Era if you love the idea of pod mods. It works similarly to the JUUL, with the exception being that the liquid gets infused with THC rather than nicotine.

Pod mods are better than a conventional vape pen when it comes to vapor production and flavor.

FAQs about the Pax Era

Stoners have many concerns about the Pax Era. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Will Pax Labs every sell empty pods for the Pax Era?

It is probably not likely that Pax Labs will sell empty pods for its vape pen. However, third-party companies can create aftermarket pods, which can fit in the Pax Era.

Is the Era compatible with JUUL pods?

The official site does not state anything about JUUL pods being compatible with the Pax Era.

Will there be an attachment for dry herb or solid/wax concentrates?

No, the Pax Era does not have an attachment for dry herb or solid/wax concentrates. It is strictly for liquid concentrates pre-filled by certain manufacturers.

Who is the target market for the Pax Era?

This vape pen is for specific cannabis users. It is for the cannabis users who live in the U.S.A, specifically Colorado and California and want a convenient and discrete way to vape oil. It is also ideal for users who do not have an issue with spending money on a high-quality vaporizer.

What are the pros of the Pax Era?

The advantages of the Pax Era include:

• Portable• Lightweight• No leaking• Discrete• Hybrid pods• Variable temperature

What are the cons of the Pax Era?

The disadvantages of this vape pen include:

• Pricey• It can be annoying to change heat settings• Only available in California and Colorado• Non-refillable pods

Pax Labs has shown itself as a firm that can adapt to a fast-changing market and is confident enough to do new things. Pod mods are gaining popularity these days, and the Era is one of the best pod mod for cannabis users.

Bear in mind that The Lab and Bloom Farms are two of the first firms to collaborate with Pax, but it is very likely that other vendors will follow their lead.

This has the potential to make the Era widely available. It is surprising to see that Pax has not introduced a CBD oil cartridge for individuals in states where cannabis is not yet legalized.

Apparently, Pax Labs is not concerned with substances that do not get people high. In any case, the era of getting high is here with us and you are welcome to it.

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