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Problems with Canada's Cannabis Legalization

Weed is going to be legalized in Canada. It's an exciting moment to witness the legalization process that will take place in 2018. The idea that every adult would be able to smoke weed in the privacy of their home and to as much as their heart's content is what makes it a dream come true. Unfortunately, there are some issues regarding the bill that pushes forward the legalization of weed. The bill emphasizes that cannabis should be treated similarly to alcohol and tobacco. There are some debates and speculation that the Canada marijuana legalization may lead to some areas of concern that we should explore.

Cannabis Edibles

According to the Health Canada, the sales and strict regulations of edibles should be authorized no later than 12 months. Unfortunately, this will get rid of a huge segment of the market. Research has shown that 28% of marijuana users use edibles and make it their alternative ways of getting high. The strict regulations and potential banned on edibles may cause some stress to marijuana smoker. Some stoners find that smoking or vaporizing might be too expensive, so they turn to the edible market as a more affordable way of reaching a comfortable high.

Implementation Inland

Some provinces in Canada will severely limit you as to where you can smoke weed. This can be troubling if your home is located in any of this providence. Some providence like British Columbia and Alberta will allow you to smoke cannabis along with cigarettes, but other places will say to keep that activity in your own home. However, places like Ontario, the country's largest province decided to play with the idea of space and smoking. They are thinking about creating a space dedicated to smoking cannabis. Some find this offensive, while others find it a brilliant idea.

Growing Marijuana Plant At Home

Even though growing cannabis is allowed in your home, but the C-45 bill grant you the right to grow a limit of four plants. Other places like Quebec and Manitoba states that it's illegal to grow cannabis in your home. There are people challenging Quebec officials to encourage legalizing the growth of marijuana at home.

Amnesty: Mitigation Of Punishment

The main issue is whether or not the government will allow amnesty to thousands of Canadians who have a criminal record to engage in marijuana consumption. This can be a major issue because blacks have the most criminal charges for possession and other issues, so would that mean only banning them. This does raise a controversial issue.

Cannabis Dispensaries In Canada

Marijuana can only be purchased in government regulated stores. Unfortunately, the government is very slow at expanding its stores and movements towards legalizing the drug. For example, Ontario has a population of 13 million, and there will only be 40 stores that will sell marijuana. Not a convenient number to make a huge population happy. Plus one of the stores has received negative reviews for opening near a public school. That definitely can send the wrong message to kids. Ottawa has definitely failed completely, they don't have a store because the mayor was not up to date on these legalization process.

As for Quebec, the second largest province in Canada will only have 20 stores to accommodate 400,000 residents. Alberta on the other hand desires freedom from government regulation will release 250 private dispensary license. The government has made it clear that they are not fond of the weed legalization, but if the government wants people to stop buying from illegal dealers, then wouldn't it make sense to have more stores, and not fewer.

Clothing Styles, Fashions & Nonsense

There will be a banned on promotional items like shirts, hats, toys, and anything to supports weed. It has caught the attention of weed observers that they spread information and jokes about the whole advertisement banning on social media. Let's be serious who would want to wear a pot-leaf t-shirt, that's just so unfashionable. The problem is not legalizing marijuana, but the whole system doesn't make sense. What they are saying is that it is legal to buy and sell pot, but illegal to wear a t-shirt that has a picture of a pot. Isn't that the same as saying selling pot is ok, but doing it openly is unacceptable. This can definitely raise a lot of controversial debates and rumor flying back and forth. Pot smokes on social media are already making fun of this at the speed of light.

Issues And Answers

Based on what's going on, the Canadian government is in the process of legalizing marijuana, but they are uncertain about the future. They are fearful about side effects, repercussions, and societal behaviors once the drug is legalized. Because of all these uncertainties, the process has become very slow and gradual. This is different from the United States where the legalization has occurred very rapidly. As time goes by, the government will have to unclench their fist to fully accept the idea and to expand the market so people can have quick access to cannabis.

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