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Six Reasons Why Yoga and Cannabis are a match Made in Heaven

09/30/2019 | Jhonny Vick | Lifestyle

The only difference between yoga and other gym activities is that yoga does not require vigorous lifting or a lot of energy as all you need to do is to be relaxed as it requires total focus and involves a lot of breathing with fewer movements.

So it is crucial that you invest in good diets that help you relax and be in the best mood to have fun in your yoga classes. Well, this is where cannabis comes in.

Since marijuana was passed to have various health benefits such as healing inflammatory diseases and other symptoms such as anxiety and stress, a lot of people have resulted in using the product as a way of preparing their bodies before they have their yoga classes.

Yoga and cannabis can be used to help improve your body in the following ways.

1. Marijuana helps you start your yoga routines quick.

As I said earlier, yoga exercise requires you to focus on your methods entirely, and this requires you first to sit down for some few minutes to unwide all the negative energy that may be in your mind.

Well, note that this moment takes time depending on how someone’s brains can let out the content to allow for a new experience.

On the other hand, if you take a dosage of marijuana, you may have an entirely different experience whereby it helps your mind relax and be able to get into your yoga routines quick.Marijuana works by helping you relax quickly for your yoga sessions.

2. Inside connection development.

One thing about marijuana is that once you take a puff, your inner being relaxes and you can connect with the outside world to allow a new experience.

The same case is required in yoga classes.

The main aim of having yoga classes is for you to have a connection with your inner being to create that great relaxation of the body and the mind.

So if you combine yoga and cannabis, the results are even far much better. Just like yoga cannabis helps you to open up even more and every yoga move you undertake enables you to have better focus and feel the impacts as well.

3. There is more energy felt.

This is a testimony by a yoga practitioner who realized that after using marijuana before her yoga class, she felt more energized and could just go on and on.

Remember yoga is a form of exercise and long hour practices cause your body to get tired as well. In such a case marijuana works by fueling your body muscles and joint to be able to work for an extended period.

You are also able to practice the most challenging techniques such as leg extensions and don’t be surprised when you see yourself performing the techniques in an exaggerated manner. So if you would like to go for a longer time, take some marijuana to get energized.

4. Boosts the body and the mind.

One trick to a successful yoga career or exercise is knowing how to connect the body and the mind.

Remember what you invasion in your mind is put into a practical form by the body and that is the reason you can perform the yoga exercises. The boost is achieved through relaxing both your mind and body without forgetting the spiritual connection that is required between the two.

So with a puff of marijuana vapor, before you start your routines will work miracles as medically, cannabis is known to help the mind to relax and relief it from stress and anxiety attacks which in return helps you to have excellent focus in your yoga routines.

With a clear mind and well-relaxed body, you will be able to do your yoga routines for a long time and be able to focus too.

5. Excellent focus for a yoga beginner.

For a new yoga beginner, one way to get you on top of the practices is by having full focus on what you are taught. Therefore with a healthy dosage of marijuana, you can achieve this since marijuana is known to be a real booster for better focus.

Also, it is important to know the right dosage to take before you head to your classes as we all know too much of something is poisonous. To get more information on how to use marijuana and yoga, read the ganja yoga book to guide you on how to use it and how often.

6. Improves your meditation sessions.

It is recommended that you have a meditation session after you are done with your yoga practices as it helps your mind calm and body to relax. To bring about more relaxation and calmness after your yoga classes, consider having some marijuana puff.

This is an essential part of your yoga practice as relaxing helps your body muscles to get back to their usual form and helps get your mind free from various symptoms such as stress and anxiety.


It is always important that you consult the right dose of marijuana you need per session from the well-experienced users.

If possible don’t make it a habit of taking the substance as you may end up becoming addictive which is not healthy.

There are so many ways of having your marijuana such as the vapor or in the form of smoke. So be careful in selecting either of the methods. If you feel smoking is not doing good to your throat, consider switching to vapor.

Water is essential after taking yoga classes to keep your body hydrated, and water also helps in compensating the water lost in the form of sweating. So make water a part of your ganja yoga practices.

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