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Saber Vape

Saber Vape

Saber Vape


Stylish and slim in design, the Saber is discreet and portable. A reliable vape pen that strikes a balance between affordability and quality, the Saber Vape might be what you need.

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  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Novel design elements


  • Using the controls can take a little to get used to

Stylish and slim in design, the Saber is discreet and portable, allowing you to enjoy your concentrate of choice wherever you please. One of our favorite features of the Saber Vape is its magnetic coupling system that makes taking it apart and reassembling it simple and straightforward, without the need for sticky screws. The charger is also magnetic, eliminating the potential for breakdown or wear on the charge port (we think all electronics should charge this way).

The body of the vaporizer is classic in design, which we tend to prefer. While there is something to be said for novelty wax vapes that stand out among the traditional pens, we like the discretion afforded by the simple, elegant design of the Saber. The satin black finish of the vape battery offers the best of both worlds, with the easy cleaning and longevity of glossier finishes along with the discretion of a matte.

For all intents and purposes, the Saber looks like your average e-cigarette, with an elongated battery body attached to a chamber. It’s easy and discreet to use, even in crowded settings like concerts or on a trip to the park. It is specially designed to be used with wax concentrates and will produce the best quality vapor and taste when coupled with a wax chamber.

Perhaps the best features of the Saber Vape are its variable voltage and optional Auto Bake setting. The Saber allows you to customize the heat setting via simple controls to produce the best quality hit for your particular concentrate. You can then use the Auto Bake setting to bake the wax at a consistent temperature, preventing the unit from overheating and making your wax taste bitter.

These settings make for reliably smooth, delicious hits of vapor across every concentrate we tried. Once we found the “sweet spot” for the best taste and vapor quality, it was easy to maintain with the Saber Vape. For the price, the Saber offers excellent temperature control and customizability.

If you have vaped wax or dabbed before, you likely know that it can get a little messy -- those silicone mats and dab tools are popular for a reason! This presents a potential problem for waxes used in traditional vaporizers that use screw mechanisms to attach the components. Melted wax residue can seep into the threads of the screws, making it difficult to take the unit apart.

The Saber Vape eliminates this issue with magnets. With the Saber, you will never have to take a pair of pliers to your vape pen to unscrew a stuck chamber or mouthpiece. The unit is designed with strong magnetic connections where the threads would normally be: the mouthpiece, the heating chamber, the battery, and the charger are all held together using strong internal magnets.

The magnets are strong enough that you will never have to worry about your vaporizer falling apart on you during use or transport, but not so strong that they require superhuman strength to take apart, even if some wax residue does find its way into the connections. The Saber Vape would make an excellent option for consumers suffering from arthritis or other painful joint conditions, as well as those with tremors or other symptoms that make gripping and performing repetitive fine-motor functions difficult.

To use the Saber Vape, simply attach the chamber loaded with your chosen wax concentrate, then set the temperature to your desired level (it heats in less than a minute). Once the device has reached temperature, press the button to draw in your vapor, then release it when you are done.

The Saber includes the vape pen itself, a replacement wax coil (we should note here that the included coil is a dual quartz rod coil, while the replacement coil is a ceramic donut coil), a dab tool, a magnetic USB charger, and the User Manual. Standard US shipping is free for this product, and Priority, Signature Priority, and Worldwide shipping options are available as well. Manufactured by Dark Side Vapes, the Saber Vape is reliable and should last you for many, many vape sessions to come.

The battery capacity is 650 mah and will last a good length of time, even if you vape regularly: we were able to go about two days in between charges with very regular use. The Saber Vape measures 4.5 inches tall and is 0.5 inches in diameter, the perfect size for travel and portability. We really like the magnetic coupling mechanisms the Saber uses -- not only is it easier to clean, it makes dis- and reassembly easy between cleanings, even if wax residue seeps into the joint.

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