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Is it a Good Idea to Smoke Moldy Weed?

Cannabis use has been proved to have a lot of benefits to the users. However, the existence of moldy weed has been realized. With this raising issue, the question for many cannabis users is whether or not smoking moldy weed is dangerous to one’s health.

Of course, the answer is yes.

Anything associated with molds and mildew releases harmful toxic chemicals referred to as the Mycotoxins. These chemicals in different ways will affect your health negatively. Nevertheless, if you are a cannabis smoker, you can worry less now.

In this article, I will give you a guide on how to identify moldy weed, how to tell you have been using moldy weed, and what you can do in case you have been smoking moldy marijuana.

What are the causes of moldy weed?

Moldy weed is as a result of excess moisture in the place of storage. In case the harvesting was done when the cannabis was wet and then stored without proper drying, it creates a perfect environment for molds growth.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that you follow good MMJ processing practices. Take all precautions that will prevent molds growth when doing the packaging. Make sure that the weed is properly dried using recommended desiccant agents. Make sure that the package is sealed using nitrogen gas, and ensure that you use just nontoxic agents.

How to tell you have been smoking moldy marijuana

There are different ways that you can tell whether you have been smoking moldy weed. This include;

1. The smell

If you have been smoking weed, you can effortlessly recognize the natural musky sweet scent from natural weed. However, with moldy weed, a damp and a little odd smell is good enough to make you suspect the quality of your weed.

In case you have a smell of freshly cut grass from the dried buds, this is a sign that the buds were not professionally dried and cured. When buds are not properly dried, it is most likely for them to be infected with molds when in stores. Moldy weed can also produce a urine-ish catty smell.

2. Color

One sign of molds and mildews on your weed is the speckled white color powder like substances and grayish green fuzz. Identifying this signs will be of great help in controlling molds and mildews on the crop. Make sure you take control measures before your farm gets completely infected with molds. Black and dark green sports on the dried bubs also mean the presence of molds and mildews on your already dried weed.

3. Developing allergic signs

In case you have been using moldy weed, there is a high tendency that you will develop allergic signs. This will include inflammation, itchy throat, and with time this signs can extend to your mouth. Make sure you visit a doctor in case the signs are severe.

4. Chest pains

One sign that you have been smoking moldy weed is when you start experiencing severe chest pains. When this pain starts, make sure you see a doctor immediately.

What you can do if you have been smoking moldy weed

If your immune system is competent enough, smoking weed with molds may not have extreme effects on your health. However, in case you have a compromised immune system, it is likely that you will face severe health challenges. When you face any of the discussed signs such as chest pain, bleeding nose, severe coughs, fever, and dizziness, it is good that you see a doctor. Pay attention to the symptoms as they are an alert on some underlying health problems.

Access properly tested mold weed

In order to protect yourself from consuming moldy weed, it is good that you buy weed from a licensed supplier. This will include recognized dispensaries and cannabis clubs that have been permitted to supply weed.

In conclusion

Consuming moldy weed can result in a variety of negative effects on your health. It is mainly linked with different respiratory diseases. If you experience severe chest pain, allergy signs, unexpected nose bleed and fever, it is likely that you have been smoking moldy weed.

Consider visiting a doctor if you experience these symptoms. It is good that you pay attention to the way of harvesting and packing your weed. This way, you will be able to keep out the dangers of smoking weed that has mold.

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