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You Haven’t Seen This Stoner Hairstyles List on Buzzfeed!

When you think of Stoner hairstyles you may think ‘Rasta’ but that’s not all there is.

Stoners are a diverse bunch and it is hard to stereotype a stoner look in the 21st century. Despite that many get flack for having their hair tied up in dreadlocks or even having long hair as a guy wether they are stoners or not. Thankfully culture is moving forward and you don’t even have to smoke to rock these stoner hairstyles in most parts of the world.

Tattoos, crazy haircuts, outrageous clothing and a society on the brink of accepting cannabis as a medicine and safe recreational drug have all helped society accept these stoner hairstyles as the norm. Lets take a look at some classics.

Bearded Stoned Hipster.

The bearded stoned hipster normally has short hair and well groomed beard. You almost would not think he was a smoker as he blends in with the other hipsters. Only thing setting him aside from the others are the droopy eyes that sink into his deep bushy eyebrows and the smell of dank coming from his pockets. One thing for sure is that the bearded stoner always has one rolled and carries a stash case any smoker would be proud of.

Weed Leaf Braid Art.

You ever wanted to just shout it out that you a stoner? Well, these braid stoner hairstyles will do just! The weed leaf braid has been featured on pintrest and have made their rounds on Instagram. Great for a party or celebration but be careful rocking this stoner hair style in public as you may get a few looks or be searched by the police. If you ever encounter someone with braids like these be sure to smoke them up!

Long Haired Young People.

Young people all over the globe have been given slack time and time again for having long hair. Long hair is stereotypically associated with rebels and stoners that hang out at malls and do not contribute to society. These days you will find the long-haired stoner skateboarding, listening to wiz and smoking up joints while doing deliveries or working at a dispensary as a bud tender.

Boho Hippy Hairstyle.

The boho hippie stoner hairstyles are generally worn by young women in their 20’s. Natural looking hair that is almost touching on dreadlocks with a crystal tied in is the look you will normally see. This stoner hairstyle is becoming a phenomenon as boho became the fashion trend in 2016. For these stoner hairstyles, no cut or grooming is really required. Just let your hair grow naturally and every known again add a braid or two for extra style.

Rasta Color Stoner Hairstyle.

While dying your hair green or blue might be popular amongst gamers and YouTubers stoners have their own color sense. A style for stoners that want to stand out in the crowd. The vibrant colors will show all those around you that you a stoner. So next time you want to change your look consider this one. These stoner hairstyles truly show your true colors.

Shaved Signs.

Getting a symbol or word shaved on a person’s head may not be new, but shaving a weed leaf across your whole head and then dying it green might be! You do not have to go all out as the guys in the image above and could subtly shave it in by a professional barber. A great way to show your support at a weed rally.

Rasta Dreadlocks.

One of the most famous people that had Dreadlocks has to be Bob Marley. Popularizing the rasta movement and millions of fans and followers, Bob Marley rocked his dreadlocks most of his life. Dreadlocks have become a symbol of stoners everywhere and will come with more hastles than they worth in most countries.

I have never met anyone with dreadlocks that did not smoke weed and so it stands as the top stoner hairstyle of all time.

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