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Stoner Memes From Around The Web

09/30/2019 | Jonathan Hunter | Lifestyle

Stoner memes are everywhere

Memes have become a huge part of internet culture. And stoners being the type of people we are, love a great stoner meme. Memes can make us laugh at the best times and are shared amongst stoners every day. We look at 420 stoner memes from across the web starting with the classic Stoner Stanley dank meme to Good Guy Greg.

Stoner Stanley AKA [10] Guy

Originally posted on reddit/r/trees entitled “Being at a [10] is not always pretty“, Stoner Stanley has taken the world by storm and is a stable dank weed meme that is a classic amongst stoner memes. Used to descripe any moment when you ultra high or want to express soemthing stupid you would say baked.

Stoner Dog

The image of a dog smiling can be found floating around the web from as early as 2006 but in Funny Junk published the dogs face cut out with weed leaves behind it, entitled “Totally man“, instantly shooting the dogs smile to stoner memes sites across the web.

420 Blaze it

The 420 Blaze It meme started out when welcometothedankside posted a doctored image of a comic from Belgium Magazine, Humo. The original comic is about a father explaining to his daughter that you cannot get AIDS from a mosquito bite unless the mosquito is homosexual. The comic went viral and soon after ‘420 Blaze It’ was a staple amongst stoner memes.

Rasta Science Teacher

The original Rasta Science Teacher stoner meme was uploaded Reddit in April 2011 featuring “Lights His Joint / With a Bunsen”. The meme is a successful 2 liner, that plays on a ‘bait and switch’ style of comedy. You expect one thing, but the second line is anticlimactic.


@ConcernedMom420 is on a serious mission. A mom from Utah with a vendetta against weed. Many suspect @concernedmom420 of  being a troll because of her outlandish statements on twitter. Becuase off all that she has become her very own meme.

Smoke Weed Everyday

A phrase that comes from Snoop Dogs Hit Single : The Next Episode , ‘Smoke Weed Everyday’ has been used by all of us at some point in our stoner lives. The phrase has been used in remixes and dozens of comedy youtube videos solidifying it as a stoner meme.

Faces of Marijuana

A parody on Anti-Marijuana campaigns, ‘Faces of pot’ is a series of ridiculous images to make people think how bad drug PSA’s really are. With extremely over the top images and descriptions the faces of pot become a great series of stoner memes and people have been adding to the series ever since.

Stoner Comics

A MS Paint style of comics involving common situations stoners find themselves in has been rumored to have started and spread on sites like 4chan. These stoner memes are easy enough to make and are very popular amongst stoners everywhere.

Hits Blunt

A now widely known catchphrase, ‘hits blunt’ normally depicts a stoner thinking about something crazy after getting high. The original two-panel version featuring a guy in a hoodie that originally went viral from @JimsJones’ Tweet. ‘Hits Blunt’ is still extremely popular on sites like instagram.

Dude Weed LMAO

The trolls love ‘Dude Weed LMAO’. It is often used to mock or depict stoners from a trolls perspective. This stoner meme is often used to make fun of Seth Rogan and his cannabis jokes. So even though not used by many stoners this has still become a widely known meme to many. The origins of most shitposting memes of this nature is naturally 4chan.

We Get it, You Smoke Weed

Exactly as the phrase sounds, We Get It, You Smoke Weed started out as a mock towards stoners. As a double mock stoners got hold of this on Instagram and now use it with comic relief by inserting a fictional or nonfictional character wearing green as someone that smokes weed.

Stoner Sloth

Remarkably stoner sloth is an Anti Drug PSA set up by the global creative firm Saatchi & Saatchi. The videos depict a stoner unable to complete simple tasks and finishes with the words ‘You worse on weed”. Hilariously brilliant and over the top made stoner sloth and instant meme in Austalia. It is now well known worldwide as a stoner meme worth checking out.

Dit is Een Jonko (This is One Joint)

The original above shows a teen smoking a joint at a train station late at night in the Netherlands. In the beginning of the vid the guy pronounces “Dit it een jonko” which means “this is a joint” and then proceeds to smoke it. A high pitched cough follows with him passing the j back to the person filming. Originally posted on the dutch site Dumpert, the video soon became viral on Youtube with many remixes following shortly afterward.

F*ck I’m High

The origins of this stoner meme are unknown, though it is thought to have originated with the meme above, it is mostly used on 4chan to troll a post or thought another user has.

Faux Stoner

The ‘faux stoner’ meme is largely unknown but pops up every known again on Reddit and /r/saplings. Used to describe those type of stoners that are not really stoners, this meme often users a very hippie looking child or wannabe stoner.

Good Guy Greg

One of the most classic stoner memes is ‘Good Guy Greg’. The origins and real identity of ‘Good Guy Greg’ are unknown but in 2011 ‘Good Guy Greg’ was everywhere.

Snoop Memes

Snoop Dog has been the celeb face of weed for so long it goes without saying there are thousands of snoop memes online. From the infamous “Smoke weed everyday” to memes about his “izzle”, Snoop Dog stoner memes will carry on and immortalize our favourite stoner rapper.


More than just a meme, ‘420‘ is the internationally recognized term for smoking weed and a time all stoners love. Also known for being the day in April everyone in the states gets blazed. ‘420’ has become more of a pop culture reference and icon for cannabis.

B*tch High as F*ck

Another unknown stoner meme often depicting animated humans talking to animals. We not sure who came up with these and where they keep spreading too, but they sometimes pop up to mock someone that is talking shit on 4chan.


“You wanna get high?”. I bet you just try to say it in Towlies voice.  Towlie became a cult hit after appearing on SouthPark. Towlie has become an awesome stoner character that is known by all.

…On Weed

The guy in the movie half baked that asked if you have done a serious of events always ending with “… on weed?”. This classic depicts stoners that just love asking you if you have done something baked.

A Dab Will Do

Originally an ad slogan for Brylcreem in the 50’s, a little dab will do ya has taken on a whole new meaning in the dab world and memes about how one dab is all you need to get really high is starting to take off this year.

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