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8 Stoner Pick-Up Lines You Never Thought Of

Getting stoned and not knowing what to do or say is probably one of the greatest feelings. However, there is a thrill that comes with trying out stuff while at it, like flirting, talking or just sitting back and watching how people behave. Flirting can be successful if you are composed, but it can be better if you are funny, a little crazy or just “off the book.” Are you chilling there with your stash of the good stuff but do not know what exactly to say to that girl you have been eyeing?

A stoner’s mind is one thing that could make you laugh yourself off if you could get a glimpse at their thoughts. The following stoner pick-up lines could actually work depending on not only how you present yourself, but also most importantly how you speak your mind out. An impression is very important, whether you are talking to someone for the sake of it or you are flirting. Remember that they first have to like you and what you are saying. Otherwise, everything that comes out of your mouth could as well be a waste of time. Think outside the box and be a little crazy every once in a while.

1. 1. I don’t need a lighter because you are lit

Girls naturally like to be complemented. However exaggerated the complement could be, what they really want to hear is how their looks excite you. So, this is probably the first pick up line you would want to use on her. Knowledge to all stoners, a lighter is your closest friend after a blunt. Let her know how lit she is, or how hot that outfit makes her, and be guaranteed to have her blushing all the way to your bedroom after an ‘high-deal’ conversation which she will let you have if you start off well.

1. 2. Can I marry-you-Anna?

Consider yourself a lucky stoner if you have an “Anna” in your life because this is just for you! “Will you marry me?” has often be reserved for marriage proposals. But have you ever thought of it as a pick-up line with a little twist? I can assure you that you do not need to begin perfectly to have her attention. Go down on one knee with your baked eyes and slow-paced tone and shoot that question, not as the first step towards getting a ring in her finger, but one at getting her attention and a few smiles accompanied with, “Oh, my god!” The fact that “…marry you Anna,” almost sounds like ‘marijuana,' is what makes this “proposal” hilarious.

1. 3. You’re smoking, could I take a puff?

Do not just compliment how pretty she looks. Go an extra mile to get her smiling about it. Do not mince words with her because she has had several others before you, trying the same old-fashioned way. Tell her how smoking she looks and she will get you. Tell her how you would like to take a puff from her and she may want that illustration, and of course, you will have her attention in return.

1. 4. I am so baked, come take a bite

Sometimes your last puff just has you feeling like you’re in cloud 9. You are so baked; your eyes shrink and redden like a hot metal and you are just that chill. You see this pretty girl and you want to make a move on her. Take her hand and slip it through yours. Crane a few inches forward and whisper into her ear if it is safe to do so. Tell her to take a bite, “Baby, I’m baked.”

1. 5. Did you say your name is, Angel?

Beauty is always something to marvel about, and a beautiful lady can guarantee your high self a lively night. A stoner would understand that after a 3 minutes pause, the words that come out your mouth should either be as crazy as you are or as attractive as they could ever sound.

Of course, there is beauty, and there is beauty. There is that kind you would feel is not earthly; the kind of beauty you can only relate to celestial beings. Pretend to have forgotten her name and call "shawty" an ‘angel’ and see how she will light up.

1. 6. Do you want to get uplifted?

You feel so high and “in your zone,” then you see her beautiful smile. Use a line on her which will impress the guts out of her. Make her think twice about walking away or going back home with her number. Asking her if she wants to get uplifted is not offering her highness on weed, but is a gesture of impression and could as well bring her your way if she actually wants to light a blunt with you and get uplifted like you are.

1. 7. It’s like I’ve been waiting on you 4-20 years

This is probably the most hilarious pick-up line you will ever use on someone. Known to all weed smokers since this is basically the most used code term in marijuana, 420, for Aril 20th is a kind of a celebration for stoners. However, written out without the forward slash, it appears as ‘four hundred and twenty,’ which in this line, could be used to mean, "for twenty years." Making someone believe that you have been waiting on her all those years is just the way to get them laughing themselves off with you.

1. 8. I’m getting high on your smile tonight

Sometimes, all you need to tell the lady with whom you are flirting is how toxic she is; the interesting kind of toxic. The kind of toxic that makes you want to light another blunt with her at a quiet place and just talk, laugh until you roll on the floor or do whatever it is that comes up to your minds. Stoner pick-up lines could be funny, and they also could work if you “bake” your words well.

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