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High Yielding Strains For Your Cannabis Garden

The main objective of any cannabis farmer is to grow and produce a high yield with of course a potent fragrant bud. Your yield’s garden is determined by genetics, nutrients, growth mediums and climate. The genetic factor dictates which type of plant you need to grow. Environmental factors also help in the growth process.

For a bigger harvest, you need to consider the following five strains with genetics that predispose them to heavy yields:

White Widow

This is a crossbreed landrace strain from Southern India and Brazil. It’s a highly famous Amsterdam hybrid. Growers celebrate white widow’s large yields while consumers welcome its effects. For its impressive resin production and powerful euphoria, white widow has now become popular worldwide.

Since its first production in the 90s, this hybrid has remained extremely popular. This is because it’s not only a heavy yielder, it’s also resilient towards molds and pests. It also flowers in only eight to nine weeks and very good in indoor gardens.

Cheese Quake

This hybrid is a combination of genetics from cheese and Quarke. It’s created by TGA subcool seeds. While saddling the body with relief, its effects balance between cerebral and physical while elevating the mind. With sweet fruity undertones, the aroma is sour and funky like cheese.

Cheese Quarke grows fast and big while grown indoors. Help it grow into a bushy shape by topping this plant early on in vegetation. Make it grow towards a high yield of quality buds by giving it low stress training (LST) and pruning.

Purple Trainwreck

This outdoor California classic is famous for its ease in growing and its high yields. It’s a cross breed of the long time Trainwreck with Mendocino Purps created by the Humboldt Seed Organization. For consumers looking for a mellow experience, Purple Trainwreck offers a euphoric and uplifting high. It does excellently indoors with a favorable flowering time of only 8 weeks.

Critical Kush

This is a creation of critical mass and OG kush. Critical Mass is the parent strain, known for its citrus flavor. The combination brings about potency flavor and heavy yields. Growing indoors or inside a green house is highly recommended because any moisture influx causes critical kush buds to mold from inside out. For buds to grow dense, healthy and heavy, heavy feeding is necessary.

Blue Dream

This is by far the most popular strain in the U.S.; at least going by the opinion of some folks. It brings with it a calming effect. The strain is easy to find, flavorful, mildew resistant and heavy yielding. While Blue Dream is highly famous among novice consumers, many connoisseurs and heavy consumers have moved past its hype.

It’s bred outdoor in California and reaches its full potential under the sun. it does well in a Mediterranean climate growing lanky and tall. It has exceptional yields due to its dense buds.

Most growers look at this strain as a cash crop without giving attention to its quality. That informs the reason why many connoisseurs settle for other genetics.


  • Northern Lights – This strain is popular because of its ability to consistently produce not less than 8 ounces of high-quality cannabis. That makes it famous among growers that desire reliably good yields.
  • Big Bud – This pot variety is popular for its extremely large flowers. The big flowers make it among the highest yielding strains of pot you can ever grow.
  • Jack Herer – What is for sure is that this marijuana strain is not the easiest variety to cultivate. Nonetheless, the high yield of flowers it produces is certainly worth the effort. That is for sure.
  • Super silver haze – The tall heights plants of this strain help make it one of the highest yielding marijuana strains you can grow.

In summary

When growing pot either commercially or for yourself, it’s prudent to know which are the highest yielding strains. The above are just some of the most popular high yielding strains. Plenty of others exist out there or are waiting to be discovered, grown and celebrated. As technology and farming tactics improve, yields will certainly continue to increase. However, you shouldn’t forget that behind successful high-yielding crops are capable farmers that pay attention to the needs of their plants.

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