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Things All Stoners That Have Ever Made Edibles Can Relate To…

Cannabis edibles, more recently termed “medibles”, have been launched onto the tongues of many stoners since the Green Wave has begun flooding the world.

Making edibles is not just for stoners who want to smuggle cannabis into an outdoor rave, or for grannies making tea at home to alleviate the pain in their backs. Bakers, chocolatiers, chefs, and investors have hopped on the bandwagon and are turning the edibles market into a multi-million dollar industry. This article, however, is about the way stoners relate to making edibles at home.

The popularity of edibles/medibles has grown so rapidly that there are probably more locations starting to supply the demand for these, and we may soon be experiencing the kind of market flood that fast food joints currently enjoy.

It’s Easy to Make “Space Cakes”!

If you have spent time in the kitchen making edibles, you know that making good quality cannabis food products is a labor of love. While it is easy enough to throw your shake in a pan and blend it up with the muffin mix, it really does take trial and error to make a delicious cannabis-infused dish – whether this is a dessert, a starter, or any one of the thousands of other delicious stoner delights possible.

What Was That Laced With?

Yes, sometimes that batch of cookies can feel like an LSD trip straight out of the 70’s -one has to be careful of edibles, and, if you are not a seasoned medible maker, take caution when cooking up your first batch.

One must also realize that ingesting cannabis will have it take longer to be absorbed than smoking it would do, so don’t be too hasty with going back for seconds. Give yourself at least an hour before eating another cookie. This will allow you to gauge the effects it has had on your body and mind.

Dude, Did You Decarb?

Have you ever eaten a green space cake gifted to you from a friend and nothing happens? Well, weed needs to be decarboxylated.

Cannabis in its raw form is not psychoactive, and the flower matter needs go through a chemical process called “decarboxylation”. This process converts THCa to THC, giving it a variable potency, and, effectively, making you high. If you do not decarb your bud, however, don’t despair – all is not lost. You will simply be upping your intake of fibre and enjoying all the other goodness found in cannabis. You just won’t be getting high.

You Can (…Almost) Overdose on Cannabis Edibles.

Eating too many edibles has never been proven to cause a fatal overdose, but it can make you pass out, feel dizzy, or cause a loss of co-ordination. It cannot cause permanent damage, but the high can last up to four hours or more. Overdoing anything in life is not a good idea however -so eat your edibles, but just do so consciously and cautiously.

Let’s Get Cooking.

Food and stoners go hand in hand, and eating THC-infused cannabis cuisine has been keeping us on a buzz for decades. There is really no limit as to what you can make with cannabis, and this herb adds a totally unique flavour to your foods, with the added bonus of the high! A good place to start with edibles is learning about cannabis butter, or “cannabutter”. It’s very easy to make once you have a basic recipe.

Things All Potheads That Made Weed Edibles Can Relate To!

These are all the things that stoners that ever made cannabis edibles before can relate to. Let us know in the comments below if you know any other things that potheads that made edibles before can relate to.

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