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Top 10 Best Cannabis Tattoo Ideas for Stoners

Cannabis, more commonly known as weed, is one of the most used drugs in the world; for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Although the drug is illegal in some states, it is still popular mainly because it relaxes people, relieves and manages chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, and so many other healing properties.

Nonetheless, weed plays an integral role in the culture of so many people. This has led to most users taking pride of the herb by wearing weed-themed outfits with some even put tattoos in their bodies.

If you want to put the word out there for your love of weed but lack inspiration of the best stylish tattoos to consider, take a look at this list of 10 cannabis tattoo designs.

1. Four Twenty (420)

It is customary that you should light up a blunt at exactly 4:20 pm or am. Thus, getting a four twenty tattoo is a literal agreement with the growing and use of weed and the general lifestyle of cannabis. It is one of the most common tattoos in the weed culture as a nod to the acceptance of using pot and accepting its culture. Four twenty (420) designs encompass the numbers “4, 2, and 0” denoted in various forms of numbering like the Roman numeric or the actual numbers 420.

2. Leaf Tattoo

What’s the best way of showing love to the weed culture if not some ink of the weed plant on your body? The leaf of the weed plant is the most iconic element of this culture. It is very easy to recognize and is done on any part of the body: ankle, back, shoulder, wrists or chest. Apart from the relaxing properties of weed, people also refer to its users as peaceful because of the resemblance of the weed leaf that looks like fingers spread out in the form of a peace sign.

3. Bob Marley

Are you a reggae fan? Obviously, you can’t help yourself not to like this music genre if you love weed. Tattooing Bob Marley's face on your body is one way of showing acceptance of weed heritage since he is believed to be one of the strongest proponents of weed that ever lived. Through his music, Marley even advocated that marijuana is much safer compared to substances that are actually legal like alcohol, which has a whole host of adverse effects. The Marley tattoo is usually large, realistic, and often with him smoking a joint.

4. Script and words

Other people prefer to have words written as tattoos in acknowledgment to the weed culture, usually slogans or texts that could be related to weed. The most common phrases include synonyms of weed like ‘grass,’ ‘Mary Jane,’ or slogans like ‘high life’, ‘one love’ and ‘love weed.’ The font and style of script depend solely on your preferences.

5. Plants (Tattoos of the entire plant)

Other tattoos could be those of the whole cannabis plant, maybe growing from a vase or pot, or a budding part from the plant. These are often colorful and also popular with young people, and always end up looking very delightful and real.

6. Cigarette

For weed to be effective for the user it needs to be hot, which is why most people prefer to take it through smoking. As such, several of these people choose paraphernalia for smoking as tattoo inspirations such as smoking pipes, bongs, and joints, usually with smoke blowing out of one end.

7. Chemical Formula

A large percentage of weed users are high achieving individuals with high-pressure jobs that take a hit once in a while to be able to relax. The tattoo of the chemical formula for cannabis is not the most common, but it is a creative one and rather subtle in subtext as opposed to the likes of the leaves or the bong.

8. Full Sleeve Weed Tattoo

Tattoo sleeves are when you choose to get the whole arm filled with tattoos; random or one continuous tattoo. For weed lovers and supporters, you can get a tattoo sleeve with a weed design like a full weed plant with the leaves to spread out, weed slogans, bongs, and pipes or different variants depending on taste and preference – the choice is yours.

9. Flower Weed Tattoo

This one is a unique and trendy type of design for a weed tattoo: it could be large or small on any part of the body, with any flower design you like and slogans of weed under or around it. The good thing is that you can customize the design to your liking because it is permanent and yours to keep.

10. Money and Tree

This tattoo loosely translates to the phrase about working hard and getting paid. Working hard is an exhausting feat, and once in a while all you want to do is sit back chilling and enjoy the fruits of your labor, after all, you cannot enjoy weed without having to buy it; call it an entertainment expense. You will most likely spot this tattoo on men for some reason, but it is a pretty good one.


Pulling off a tattoo takes courage and brevity, especially if you want to express an opinion regarding a controversial subject. Weed may be illegal in some states, but having a tattoo professing your love for the culture is not. It’s not a crime letting people know where you stand. All in all, wear your tattoo and consequently your opinion on weed with pride and live life to the fullest.

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