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The Ultimate Master Course to Cannabis Rolling for Beginner

Welcome to the 420 smokers rolling master class.

The rolling master course will see you through learning to roll the perfect joint and move on to blunts and end with artistic spliffigami or the designer joints. Rolling is an art and the more you do it, the better you get at it.

The secret to being a top class roller is practice and it is fun because no matter how you roll, you can light it and get high! So don’t be discouraged if your first joint falls apart or looks like a creeper, all crooked and out of shape. Keep rolling and you will get there.

So let us begin with the mission of rolling our first joint.

Things that you will need

  • WEED (you can use rolling tobacco to practice, but it is recommended to use marijuana as the texture and mix is different in consistency than tobacco)
  • Rolling papers (You can use rolling papers of any size. But it is easier to learn using a regular sized one)
  • Roach or filter (You can buy roach booklets or use cardboard or empty cigarette boxes)
  • Scissors (You can also use your hands, but having a scissor makes things easier)
  • A pen or matchstick to stuff the mix into the joint

Let’s Roll

Crush the weed and mix it with tobacco if necessary. We will not be teaching you how to grind and mix, that can be left for a future tutorial. After preparation of the mix, take out a regular sized paper. Tear a roach from the booklet or use your scissors to cut out a small piece from the cardboard or empty cigarette packet. We will go into a bit of details about making the perfect roach for the perfect joint.

The Perfect Roach

Cut out a piece approximately about the size of 2 cm x 3 cm from the cardboard. The size of the roach can be increased if you are rolling with a large sized paper. Take the roach and make a ‘M’ shape fold at one end. That means if you lay it horizontally on a plane, you will be able to see a ‘M’ shape at one end.

To do this, fold a little part of one end of the roach inwards. Then fold the whole of it to the other side and repeat the process in the other direction. Now hold this part and start rolling the roach in a cylinder. It will be like rolling a chart paper. Roll the roach between your fingers few times to make it retain its shape.

1. Rolling a Joint

So, how do you roll the perfect joint? The first thing to remember is that you need to rhandlethe joints gently. So not have wet hands. Also, it is a good idea to roll out a number of joints at once instead of doing each individually. This ensures that you can enjoy smoking on the go and don't have to waste time. Rolling a joint is easy and you would be able to master the art in a few times.

Step #1

Put the weed mix on the paper and lay it evenly. You can put a part of the mix and leave the rest to be filled later to make things easy. Take the whole thing up with your fingers (the paper with weed placed on it) and make a ‘U’ shape with the weed in the curved portion of the ‘U.’ The gum gum stripe on the paper should face upwards and be on your right side. The two sides of the paper will be raised in both sides with the weed placed in between.

Step #2

Now hold the paper with your fingers and put the roach from the end (the end of paper towards your body) using the fingers of the other hand. Ideally for a right handed person the paper should be held with the left hand and the roach should be inserted using the right hand fingers. Hold the roach and paper with your right hand fingers at the end and use left hand fingers to hold the upper part of the paper. Slowly move the paper between your fingers and bring the left side down to match the height of the roach. Slowly start from the roach end and try to put the left side of the paper over your mix.

Hold the roach end and the upper part firmly but gently and use your nail or fingertips to cover the mix with paper and get it inside so that you can roll it upwards with. The process is similar to tucking your bedsheet under your mattress. More neatly you can tuck the paper, the better will be your joint.

After you have tucked it, slowly roll the whole thing upwards towards the gum stripe. Keep the gum stripe free and remove your left hand from the joint. Keep holding from the roach end and lick the gum evenly. Now roll the joint again holding the roach end so that the gum end gets psted with the paper. You can use the free finders of your left hand to smoothly stretch out and attach the gum side to the paper.

Step #3

Put the joint between your fingers and tap it few times on a firm surface like a table. It will make the joint tight and the mix will settle down evenly. Fill any additional mix left over like you fill weed in a empty cigarette and use the pen or matchstick to push it down. Fill it to the end leaving a little space to close the top of the joint.

Now you have rolled your first joint successfully! You can smooth it out a few times by rubbing your fingers up and down gently on the joint and tapping it few times. Then light it and puff away to the moon!

Handy Rolling Tips

Here are some tips that you would love. It would make your experience a whole lot better and what's more, is pretty easy as well.

  • The joint should be tight, but not too tight so that you have to puff your lungs out to get a decent drag
  • You can apply some water or your saliva on the burning end of the joint so that it burns smoothly and slowly
  • The key to be a perfect roller is to keep rolling. Everyone can and will learn to roll good joints if they keep at it. So keep rolling and don’t give up! And getting stoned before rolling helps you to concentrate and makes it fun!

2. Rolling a Blunt

Above you've learned how to roll the perfect joint. Now we are going to make things a bit advanced and teach you to roll a blunt like a pro. If you're going to smoke weed, you need to look good. Or else, you just wouldn't get the experience other smokers love. So, what are the common mistakes that you need to avoid? Let's get down to the basic things.

Things to get Hold Of

Here are some of the important things that you would need.

  • Tobacco blunt wrap / Cigar paper / normal cigar
  • Weed
  • Knife or blade

How to Roll the Perfect Blunt?

Tobacco blunt warps or cigar wraps are ready to be rolled. But if you are using a normal cigar then you have to cut it open. Take the knife and start from the smoking end of the cigar and start cutting down in a straight line till you reach the end. Then open the cigar and slowly empty the tobacco.

Important Tips

What should you remember when rolling that perfect joint? Here are some tips that you would love.

  • Moisten the cigar if it is too dry, otherwise it may tear. You can use a wet hanky or tissue to rub the outer side of the cigar before cutting it open.
  • You can also use your hands to tear the cigar but you have to be extra careful not to damage the wrap.
  • Lick the cigar wrap to moisten it and seal any crack that developed during cutting it. Moistening also helps to roll the blunt making it flexible.

Rolling the Perfect Blunt

Take the crushed weed and lay it out evenly on the emptied cigar wrap. Now wrap one end of the wrap over the weed and tuck it over the other side, making it a cylinder shape. We will concentrate on the tucking process that we discussed while learning to roll the perfect joint. Keep in mind that blunts are rolled straight and not conical.

After the successful tucking, start rolling the wrap upwards with the fingers. Lick the free edge of the wrap and slowly press it against the blunt. Use your fingers to stick the wrap evenly. It is easy to light that perfect joint if you're focusing on the basics. Do not light up a joint that is wet. Ensure that you've the joint perfectly made up with the weed evenly distributed.

You can let the blunt to dry for a while before you light it. Else take a lighter and use it to dry the blunt by rolling it over the flame. Then light away to glory!

3. Rolling Art Joints

Now we are going deep into the art of rolling. We will teach you how to roll various artistic and unique joints that would awe and amaze your friends along with proving you the best roller! We will concentrate on rolling the perfect tulip joint and the cross joint.

Things You require

 Here are some of the things you would need for this exercise.

  • Weed
  • Large rolling papers
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • String / rubber band
  • Cello tape (can be altered with large papers)

Roll the Perfect Tulip

Stick two large papers to form a square leaving the gum stripe on one side. Take one corner and fold to form a triangle leaving the gum stripe exposed. Fold the paper just beneath the line of gum. Now wet the gum and cover it over the paper to make it a cone.

Take the weed mix and put it inside the cone. Spread one layer evenly, make it firm by pushing with your fingers and repeat the process till the cone is almost full. Leave some space on the upper part of the cone free so that it can be wrapped around the roach.

Making the Roach

Take cardboard and cut it out to make a long roach. Make it long (about the size of a standard pen or pencil) so that it can hold the weight of the tulip. Cover it with long rolling paper or cello tape to keep it in place and seal it.

Creating the Perfect Tulip

Now take the cone and wrap the free end over one end of the roach. Make the end of the roach touch the weed inside the cone. Now wrap the paper tightly and use the rubber band or string to tie it firmly. Make sure there is no air gap left in the process. Your tulip is ready and waiting to be lit eagerly!

How to Roll the Holy Cross Joint?

The cross joint resembles a cross and is made up of two joints. It is the perfect show stealer in any party and guaranteed to win you a lot of appreciation.

Things to Arrange

  • Large and regular rolling papers and roach
  • Weed
  • Paper clip

Roll Thy Perfect Cross Joint

Roll two joints, one with a large paper and roach at the end. Prepare another joint with small or regular paper without any roach. We will light both ends of the joint.

Take a paper clip and make it go through the middle of the large joint and come of the other end. Twist the clip around to maneuver a hole big enough to make the small joint pass through it. Take the small joint and make a small hole same way as the large joint.

But do not make it big, leave it just as it is after piercing with the clip. This will allow the air to pass while smoking. Take the small joint and insert it through the hole of the big joint and make out of the other. Keep the hole in the small joint in line with the holes of the big joint. The small joint’s hole should be within the big joint.

Tear out the gum stripe from a large paper and use it to seal the holes of the cross joint. Wrap it over the ends and use multiple strips to make the thing air tight. Let it dry a bit and behold! You have created another marvel in the realm of rolling!

Now, that you've learned that rolling cannabis isn't difficult. Get started and try the tips & tricks that we've showed you above to become a master in rolling.

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