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Ultimate Weed Costumes for Halloween

Each year there comes a time when the air is filled with Halloween and it pricks you to move on looking for a Halloween costume. Weed costumes come in mind and it really doesn’t matter whether it is trick-or-treating but listed here for you are the best weed-themed-costumes. From the stoner couples costume to superb ideas for the man and woman you’re thinking of, nothing won’t be missed. Get your ideas into action and get spooky.

1. The Giant Pot Leaf

You may set yourself in a simple outlook of the cannabis international symbol. It will not sound that bad if you risk being the only leaf at the Halloween party and actually promote a smoke-off. The Pot leaf outfit provides a good outfit as it will stand out.

2. Nurse High and Dr. Rohl Doobie

This outfit includes shorts with garters, top, neckpiece, mask, and headpiece. The Dr. Rohl A. Doobie sells for only $30.50 and includes a lab coat with cannabis details. An outfit for the Halloween that merges well with Dr. Doobie’s outfit is the Nurse Anita Reefer’s that is available for purchase at the Amazon at $ 47.90.

3. Rasta Banana Costume

The Rasta banana outfit is 100% polyester and is hand wash. You can actually do a Rasta gear and dress in the banana outfit. The costume also includes a piece of tunic with a head in.

4. Bluntman and Chronic

The pleasant characters from the famous ‘Chasing Army’ and ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’ won’t miss in the collection of Halloween costumes. Pick your Bluntman baseball hat and T-shirt topping it up with the Silent Bob and Jay wigs, and get your blunt master custome!

5. Bong King

One of the greatest Halloween costumes is the Bong King that hits at the party. The costume is spectacular printed on either side made of foam backed fabric. The wonder costume is readily available for only $ 29.99.

6. Men’s Rainbow Hippie Costume

The Men’s Rainbow Hippie Costume includes a headband, a tunic shirt, vest, and pants. The costume is perfect for concert, movie, play or a party. With exorbitant flowers, color and fringe the costume can be merged with novel shoes, hats, canes, weapons, and wigs to complete the Halloween look of preference for less.

7. Cops From Super Troopers

Are you prepared for shenanigans? Grow your mustache because this Halloween costume is ahead of the wave and a throwback since the 2001 film ‘the sequel’. Be an actor and recap the parts of this hit film during this Halloween season.

8. Hippie Pet Suit

The Hippie Pet Suit includes a tie and dye shirt that has a fringed vest, a dark wig exclusively with a tie and dye accent and a necklace with a peace sign. If your dog is 15inch neck to tail and 17inch around the neck then this will perfectly match. The dog breeds focused here include the French Bulldog, Jack Russel Terrier, Pug, Boston Terrier, and Maltese.

9. Joint Venture Suit

You will be crafted as a weed businessman with the Joint Venture suit. The costume includes pants, tie and a jacket printed with marijuana leaf. The suit is readily available in different sizes on Amazon and prices vary depending on the vendor and the sizes available from $ 45 to $ 75.

10. Spliff

The Spliff costume can be purchased online on Amazon if you’ve got a prime membership. The costume need not spiking up as it may sound and look like burning clothes.

Remember to one-up your friends or relatives this Halloween and spike up the party with one of these amazing weed-themed-costumes that are over the top. Halloween outfits enable you to bring out your personality and innovativeness to stand out. Although they may at times become strenuous to look for the perfect match, it is fun to run up and down the stores to look for the perfect match of preference. Be careful though because the Halloween accessories can either break or make a costume to go along with them. Hopefully the compiled list will aid you come up and find the perfect Halloween costume you have been longing for. There are stoners in the modern pop culture but you have little to worry about and so many inspirations to choose from.

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