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Over time marijuana has been grown and cultivated in some weird places to grow marijuana due to it being illegal.

Marijuana producers have found weird places to grow marijuana by converting uncommon places into grow facilities to remain under the radar of law enforcement. Some strange conversions are places such as basements, attics, and spare rooms in houses. Even hidden in farmer’s crop fields, and storage and/or green houses.

But now in this day and age, citizens are actually beginning to see the several benefits marijuana has for medical use and treatment. Several states within the United States have legalized marijuana. States such as California legalized marijuana for the numerous medical benefits that it provides only. But other states such as Washington and Colorado have legalized marijuana for both medical and recreational use.

Since the passing of these laws, the uncommon places to grow marijuana have become more creative and weirder than ever before!

Past Operations When Marijuana was Illegal

When marijuana was illegal people looking to grow and produce the product were limited in the places that could be used. Places that were appropriate to produce high quality marijuana while also staying hidden from law enforcement were prime conditions. Thus weird places to grow marijuana where born. 

Essex in the United Kingdom

Growers created a grow facility by converting an underground chamber beneath a local pub in England. They then concealed their secret marijuana production by hiding then entrance door behind an average wooden bookcase. In this case police discovered and busted the organization. they ended up finding approximately 250 marijuana plants in all different stages of growth.

Correctional Facility in northeastern Colorado

Another different example happened more recently in the year 2014. A man named Nicholas Erker purchased the High Plains Correctional Facility in northeastern Colorado for $150,000. Erker plan was to convert the unused facility into a grow operation. By creating this grow operation this would benefit the community. It would replace jobs that were lost when the prison closed down. When Erker took his plan and intentions to the city council there was a difference in opinion. After greatly considering the benefits to the community. As well as the operations and products that would be produced from it. The city council remained at a split decision. To decide fairly what should be done a vote was taken. The plan was finally rejected after a close vote of 4 to 3.

Ohio Bunker

The last example is focused on an area in Ohio. A man in Ohio decided to convert an underground bunker into a grow operation. He created a functional operation with all the necessary equipment and chemicals. Unfortunately, the police finally discovered his operation and destroyed the facility along with the grow equipment and growing chemicals. In the end, approximately 19 plants were found and confiscated by police to later be destroyed.

All this destruction of marijuana grow facilities and operations in the past is quite sad in my opinion. It has taken a great deal to make city councils and state representatives to understand the true benefits of marijuana. It was even harder to convince citizens within the states that marijuana was not just a “gateway drug”. One that could later lead to harder, more dangerous drug use.

The federal government is still highly against the legalization of marijuana and continues daily to try and stop it. The “War on Drugs” is still working heavily to find and destroy as many marijuana grow facilities and operations as possible. Marijuana campaigns and conventions helped to explain and show how marijuana helps with certain medical illnesses and disorders, such as epilepsy, other types of seizures, and post-traumatic stress disorder along with any others.

Much more will need to be done to try and convince the Federal Government of the tons of potential benefits that medical marijuana can provide to the many Americans that suffer from ongoing illnesses on a daily basis. Hopefully over time the Federal Government, along with the states that are currently against the thought of medical cannabis, will eventually come around and accept that marijuana is actually more of a benefit to society.

New Strange Converted Facilities After Marijuana Legalization

A strange discovery by Kaitlin Whitney

Whitney discovered a weird places to grow marijuana operation in the middle of a cornfield. Walking through 10ft tall corn stalks and having to step over sharp corn leaf edges creates a lot of pain. This location would make most people avoid walking through these conditions. This would help to ensure the grower that no people would just happen to stumble across it and prevent thieves from attempting to steal the product. Placing marijuana grow facilities in the center of fields has been a common location even before the movement of legalizing began.

The city of Coalinga and the Custody Center

Another great example of weird places to grow marijuana resides in Coalinga, California. The city council of Coalinga voted 4 to 1 in favor of an ordinance to allow commercial cannabis cultivation at the empty Claremont Custody Center. The custody center is vacant. So it would make a create location for a grow facility. Especially one to be constructed and produce top quality marijuana for the town.

The city council also voted to allow for citizens to decide if the town should have cannabis dispensaries and whether these dispensaries should be taxed.

The purpose of this operation is to restore freedom and more forward in medical advancements while at the same time generating revenues for the town. Since the legalization of marijuana in California for medical use in 1996, residents and patients from Coalinga have been driving over an hour to the nearest marijuana dispensary to purchase what they need.

By creating a grow facility and local medical marijuana dispensaries, Coalinga is hoping to relieve this burden and provide the highest quality medical cannabis to locals and close surrounding towns. While providing to local patients, they are also hoping to generate revenues for the town while also creating more jobs.

The legalization of medical cannabis use is becoming more abundant as more states are beginning to pass the proposition.

Since more states are legalizing marijuana use people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As well as seizures, and a number of other treatable illnesses are now being able to be treated.

The number of benefits of medical cannabis are becoming more recognized and accepted. Soldiers that have served in the military have come home and found that they cannot seem to cope with regular life. Especially outside the war zone and can never fully forget the horrible events they witness during their service. Due to this struggle there have been many suicides of soldiers that have given up and feel they will never be able to be normal again. But a study has been done in relation to war soldiers and the consumption of medical cannabis. This study showed that war veterans that began consuming a daily dosage of medical marijuana were more calm and able to better cope with the traumatic events in their past.

This then allowed the veterans to have the ability to live more normal and stress free lives.  As times goes on, in my opinion, more states are going to start participating in this movement. Along with the medical benefits that marijuana provides, the legalization has allowed for grow operations and dispensaries to be constructed. By creating these operations and dispensaries it has generated revenues and provides more job opportunities for the people of the towns. And more and more people are finding weird places to grow marijuana.

Marijuana serves the people

In conclusion, marijuana serves many benefits. Both the states that are allowing its usage and to the patients that really need it. In people that have seizures, the everyday consumption of cannabis oils, or the plant itself, have greatly reduced or completely stopped their seizures all together.

Also in people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Caused from military service or other severely traumatic events have found relief in using medical cannabis. Many cases with soldiers that suffered many traumatic events during their times in service have turned to using medical cannabis. Rather than taking the handfuls of pills given to them by the Veterans Association (VA) Hospitals.

By using medical cannabis daily soldiers have found that they no longer need to take the number of prescriptions prescribed by the Veterans Association (VA). When illness such as these can be treated and handled as simply as smoking and/or consuming a daily dose of medical marijuana, more patients have chosen this type of treatment. Overall the movement of medical cannabis has made a big impact on the United States. It is widely becoming the chosen method of treatments for certain illnesses.

As time goes on more weird places to grow marijuana will come out and states are going to recognize the several benefits of marijuana use. Perhaps along with the increased revenues and job creation. Eventually, in my opinion, we will be living in a world where marijuana is looked at as a benefit. It will not be a concern and will be used to its full potential in medical treatments.

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