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Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Kief

What is Kief?

Cannabis Kief refers to the sticky and powdery crystals that collect on the leaves and buds of the late-stage marijuana plant. These crystalline powders can be removed from the plant and processed to provide cannabinoid.

Often referred to as the “pollen” or “dry sift”, Kief contains the highest concentration of cannabinoid of most cannabis concentrates. For this reason, it is a favorite of the individuals keen to increase their cannabinoid intake. The term “Kief” was coined by the Moroccans.

How to collect cannabis kief

The best and easiest way to collect Cannabis Kief involves the use of a clean three-chamber herb grinder. The Kief grinder comes with stainless steel screens designed to flawlessly separate and collect the delicate and sticky Kief crystals. When there is a need to crush a little number of the plant’s flowers and collect all of its Kief, the second chamber is opened to collect all the escaping plant matter from the herb. The highly cherished crystals are passed through the screen before being collected at the bottom of the grinder.

Remember to keep your Kief in an airtight container stored in a cool dry place to preserve its potency and quality. To prevent the crystals from sticking together, stir them once in a while (after 3-4 days) with a comb.

Do not attempt to collect the Kief crystals with your fingers because doing so will result to the crystals sticking on your hands; you’ll lose most of the crystals.

High-quality Kief is blonde or light tan in color and has a strong potent aroma. Green-looking Kief is likely to be contaminated with plant matter and, therefore, is not concentrated or pure enough to produce maximum results. Such Kief requires further processing to improve its quality but is advisable to avoid it altogether if you would love to only consume the purest forms of the cannabis concentrate.

How to use your cannabis Kief

There are several ways to consume cannabis Kief and all of them require it to be exposed to heat to activate the cannabinoid. Here are three popular ways to consume Kief:

1. Sprinkling kief on your marijuana flowers before smoking or vaping

Before rolling your marijuana flowers or vaping, lightly sprinkle the Kief on them and enjoy. Kief burns much faster than the plant materials and produces an immediate yet intense euphoric high when inhaled.

2. Add Kief in the morning tea or coffee

Start your day on a high by sprinkling a teaspoonful of Kief into your mug and stirring it. The heat in your beverage will activate the cannabinoid as required to enhance the effects. Sadly, Kief taken this way tends to be digested before reaching the bloodstream. Although the effects are delayed, they tend to be stronger and long-lasting.

3. Blend Kief in your butter

You can infuse Kief in butter and use to it in various baking recipes to make an array of highly-potent cannabis edibles. Begin by melting the butter into a crockpot. Remember to set the crockpot to a medium heat. Add the Kief and stir the mixture every 10 minutes for 4 hours. Thereafter, use the butter to bake cannabis edibles.

Benefits of Kief

Unlike most other cannabis concentrates, Kief is easy to collect and does not require costly extraction equipment. Kief also turns out to be convenient to use than a plethora of other cannabis concentrates. Thanks to its elevated concentration of cannabinoid, Kief gives a more powerful high compared to other cannabis products. Although its potency varies greatly depending on the cannabis plant of origin, it tests 50% or more THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a bump from marijuana’s average of 12-15% THC. Therefore, Kief enables you to easily and quickly get CBG (cannabigerol), THC, and CBD (Cannabidiol). Better yet, Kief can be used in a variety of lung-friendly ways to avoid the toxins and dangers of combustions.

The legality of cannabis kief

Cannabis Kief is legal in varying capacities in over half of the American states where marijuana is legal. While it may be legal in most states permitting the use of recreational marijuana, it is still prohibited in other states where the use of marijuana is restricted to medical use. It is advisable to inquire about the legality of marijuana in your area before purchasing and using marijuana Kief.

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