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What is THCA crystalline? - Strongest hash in the world.

What exactly is THCA Crystalline and why the hype? 

THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is a nonpsychoactive precursor of THC. THC is a product of decarboxylation of THC, a process that lowers the concentration of THCA and converts it into the psychoactive version of THC we all know when consuming cannabis. Raw and live marijuana contains huge quantities of THCA. The process of drying significantly reduces the concentration of THCA in cannabis by converting much of it to THC. Heating your cannabis (Like when you smoke it in a bowl, blunt or vape) further speeds the rate of THCA to THA conversion.

While if you looking to get high you will need THC, The fact that THCA is non-psychoactive makes it less potent and won’t make you high even if it is consumed in huge quantities. This makes is ideal for those looking to treat ailments and get large doses of THCA into their system without effecting their mental state.

THCA Crystalline is composed of close to 99.997% THCA and most THCA in the wild has 50-80% purity (because of removal of the acidic atom during the decarboxylation process). As a result, THCA achieves a whitish crystalline appearance and close resemblance to cocaine when, in fact, it is a recreational drug. This purified cannabinoid has proved useful to users in need of a potent medical THC. Better yet, THCA Crystalline isn’t as overly psychoactive as THC but still presents an array of medical applications. It can be easily ingested or placed in a meal or drink without causing an alteration in the user's mental functioning. 

Various ways to consume THCA Crystalline 

Consuming THCA

Ingesting by placing in a drink or meal is the most preferred way of consuming THCA. The crystalline nature of TCHA allows it to dissolve readily in drinks and integrate quite easily in almost any solid food. Ingesting THCA does not produce much side effects and so the dosage can be high enough to reap the medical benefits without getting stoned, paranoid or greening out.

You can also quite easily make a THCA oil by dissolving the THCA crystalline in olive, hemp or coconut oil. Be sure not to heat up the oil as it can lead to decarbing the THCA into THC. Keep the oil in a cool place out of direct heat.

Smoking THCA methods 

You can smoke THCA crystals just like any other solid cannabis concentrate by sprinkling it on a clean bowl or add it to a joint to improve its potency. However the crystals do change into THC once heated so take care with dosage. Adding a dab rig or a portable vape pen helps in vaporizing the THCA crystals. This is the preferred method as dosages can be easily monitored in a decent wax or vape pen.

Dabbing can be used to consume almost every solid cannabis extract including THCA Crystalline. You can choose to purchase a specialized rig to vape or a nab nail or their mods. Either way, you’ll get more concentrate for your few bucks compared to simple buds. 

Of all smoking methods, vaping is more effective. Vaping serves to efficiently vaporize the THCA Crystals over its coils thus creating a rich vapor at push of a button. Also, unlike the dab rigs, the vaping method doesn’t require additional equipment, yet it allows the user to pre-fill its chamber with other concentrate varieties and use it any time thereafter. 

Effects of THCA and research 

Researches on the kind of ailments that can be treated by THCA Crystalline and its degree of efficacy are scanty and insufficient. However, anecdotal evidence and preliminary research suggest that THCA plays an essential role in the larger cannabis medicine. Here are the potential benefits of THCA Crystalline:  

  • Anti-inflammatory properties pivotal in the treatment of lupus and arthritis
  • Anti-emetic properties essential for the treatment of an array of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Neuroprotective properties pivotal for treating appetite loss and nausea
  • Anti-proliferative properties found in prostate cancer studies

According to Leafy, a renowned cannabis review site, other medicinal properties supported by patient testimonies include potency against pain, muscle spasms, and insomnia. These benefits, however, are unsubstantiated and remain to be a placebo for the time being. 

In a research published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information, researchers found THCA crystalline to be highly unstable in due to the removal of the essential acids and its crystalline nature. As a result, the exploration of its pharmacological value is hampered. 

Final Hit: THCA Crystalline 

The team at Guild Extracts has been commended for introducing THCA Crystalline a few years ago. THCA Crystalline’s popularity has grown rapidly ever since because of two benefits; low psychoactive effects and provision or new highs through dabbing. If the psychoactive influence of THC throws you into a panic, you are better off ingesting THCA Crystals. Cannabis users seeking new highs get it through dabbing THCA Crystals. Although there is an ever growing interest in THCA Crystalline both in recreational users and clinicians, the effects of this extract are still unclear and contamination with THC has been found to be unavoidable. 

Certain users with sensitivity to THC can’t consume sufficient THCA crystalline to relieve their signs and symptoms. However, they find greater or equal relief from ingesting raw cannabis. 

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